Well Darling Peoples Good day to you.

Its really important that none of you dare go into a Queensland Pub in your Roosters Club colours or else you , the publican & the attending staff might end up in Premier Campbell Newman’s  slammer with a $11k fine.

I really do think we need to see that such legislation as this from Campbell Newman the super right wing premier of Queensland does get stopped in its tracks as in my opinion such pressure will only give rise to further aggravation of the wounded, dismissed, maltreated, neglected & abused.

Have a really good look at the pantomime of this evil legislation delivered from behind the “Eyes Wide Shut” mask, I’m positive that Stanley Kubrick was leaving many many messages for us to see & hear so that “when we are ready willing & able we shall understand ”

When we actually listen to Russell Brandt story we see Russell is offering similar information about the destructive & dangerous manipulation of the people by megalomaniac political psychopaths & their influenced ideologically brainwashed followers.

Society in general has the capacity to tolerate such constrictive practices for a year or two but be assured that there will be a massive shift in consciousness as good honest decent people continue to “hit the wall” & are dismissed from honorable worthwhilw service as was the case for Professor Tim Flannery & many other professional academics presently being dismissed without notice, apparent reason or explanation.

When such cosmic alignment of dark forces such as Rupert Murdoch, Cardinal George Pell, Prime Minister Abbott dismisses our Minister of Science & when needed well fare grants across the Nation are withdrawn we must ask whats this all about?.
When we hear Murdoch praising a Catholic Prime Minister it certainly does sound as though Opus Dei  has succeeded in ruling the Liberal party.

Now such men as these have stepped in to stoke the fires around the “stakes” in preparation for the “burning of the supposed ” witches”, (witches it seems are any one of either gender who challenges them with alternate logical belief once again,including public xervants & Police. This verbal portrait also features the mincing “Flitter brain” Christopher Pyne,  Judas I guess might be taken up by Barnaby Joyce.

Irregardless of individual political persuasion we are able now in this light of consciousness to see & understand why Prime Minister Julia Gillard was treated with such absolute disrespect by Murdoch, Liberal politicians & the media inciting such despicable & vitriolic spurts from the gutter mouths of 2GB’s shock jocks Jones, Hadley & others.