Womens Trust of Victoria Work Done by those Who Turn Up.



Yesterday 10.11.13. we watched this live to air presentation by The Women’s Trust of Victoria

You may know by now that I actually supported Julia Gillard’s government primarily because I/we were blessed to know Tony Windsor for nearly 30 years & he remains without doubt a man of sincerity, valour, & honour one who who epitomises his strength with his catch phrase about “work being done by those who turn up”
On a personal level Tony Windsor most certainly did turn up & speak on my behalf at Enough is Enough, a  meeting organised at Barooga by local grain trading, transport operator Ray Brooks in about 1985.

A really good cover of Tony Windsor was produced & presented on ABC Australian Story
So yesterdays meeting which featured former Prime Minister Julia Gillard & Tony Windsor put much into perspective, it was a genuine, house cleaning, spring dusting, bringing a breath of fresh air in light of the dastardly shut in, curtains drawn moulder, rancid behaviour of the now elected Abbott government. Tony Windsor in supporting Julia Gillard to form a government for all Australians did so based on sound character experience & as he so rightly determined then that if “Abbott can’t lead he won’t go on the paddock.”
There also was the great you should be disgusted in yourself speech Tony made when he exposed Tony Abbott as one so desperate to “get the job” that he would do anything…..anything to get the job.
So here we are at remembrance day 2013 paying tribute to all those who like Tony Windsor’s Father & Julia Gillard’s Father and too many thousands of other great men & women who have fallen & gone before us in love of this wonderful country.

We certainly are proud of them and sincerely thank them for “turning up to do what needed to be done” & we are proud of both Julia & Tony to borrow words from staunch supporting fellow Independent


Rob Oakeshott, himself the Father of daughters who we hear here in his parting speech from Windsor’s “greasy pond’ of Canberra  calling for a clean out of the vile sexist demeaning abuse inflicted upon Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Rob closing words suggested that “the fringes have invaded the centre”.