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Repeated calls for essential, identified & known long term social benefit through the provision of additional Mental Health Counselling have constantly & deliberately being ignored by the State & Federal governments of all persuasions.
Seems governments are happy with hospitals, prisons, & juvenile detention centers fully occupied to over full, so the point where dangerous detainees are bailed.

Maybe this is a way they can justify their existence, Ministries & of course salaries & over generous Superannuation perks & continuing retirement business connections.
This situation has been deteriorating for years generally as sugar, alcohol & gambling Mafia have provide more alluring & persuasive benefits where we build casinos on public land whilst the poor live on sugared up drinks  & cheap processed take away to advance national obesity as we try in general ignorance to distract ourselves from residual, unaddressed childhood trauma.

Now fermenting from beneath the outpouring of worldly accolades we see & identify justifiable criticism to the tragic Sydney siege with suggestions that the situation may possibly have been “blown” because Prime Minister Abbott refused or was ‘supposedly advised” not to speak with the deranged, cornered, desperate gunman.

Half Mast Canberra
I do understand & would like to respect his office of Prime Minister however
when the entire matter was captured & continues to be run for all its worth by the very same man & his media entourage as they cynically attempt to prop up an equally deranged ideological mob of fundamentally set minds, who supposedly are keeping us safe from such politically motivated terrorism by “stopping the boats” whilst simultaneously overlooking & apparently condoning torturous investigations in detention and incarcerating children against official United Nations sanction for refugees, we need to ask for & are entitled to better results.

“Be assured people, Yes people need to be reassured” so we are repeatedly informed, that whilst ever there is political advantage to be gleaned there will be an in depth inquiry to get to the bottom of this matter to ensure it never occurs again.
So we are repeatedly advised. “That we need to know & learn how to protect ourselves from these wicked people.”

Considering, now in hindsight, that the nations emotions for many people had already been accessed, aroused & elevated immediately following the tragic & unquestionable shock & media reinforced empowerment of Philip Hughes’ death. A shock which rightfully ensured postponement of a test match for Philip’s funeral, team building, holding, support & statements galore held many in a suspended, heightened & disturbed state of their being.
From the depth of our national pride our spirit had been awakened by such a shock. An accident virtually beyond belief.

Then with our emotional magazines filled with national pride & burdened grief the team went on to win the Adelaide test against horrendous odds.

Regular honour & individual tributes were paid by the players (& the media) reconnection to the incredible spiritual aroused presence of their departed 408 team mate.
We all cried together releasing amazing joy, delight. Shared laughter with tears of sorrow giving relief from that withheld contained pain filled place of denied sadness.Hat on a Bat
Reinforced by confirmation the world over showed us all that we had been deeply influenced by the “Hat on a Bat” outside our front door in absolute respect & acknowledgment for the fallen one Philip Hughes.
The media persisted in highlighting access to the freely offered, available & touching emotional penetration & in this situation it all seemed so acceptable.
Acceptable until the Martin Place siege erupted & the Prime Minister jumped on the band wagon & continues to drive it whilst ever his horses can gallop rough shod across our land where “shit happens too”.
Big Wreath

Evidence to support this situation is seen before our very eyes with the ever expanding non political wreath of spiritual connected remorse & expressed solace to be found by laying flowers & messages to acknowledge the loss of innocence Australia once knew & shared at the city’s heart in Martin Place, on internet sites, social media & distant spontaneous shrines across the land.

Regrettably there was no accident to the Martin Place tragedy.
We all knew it was brewing, it was simply a matter of when & where. Stirred & generated into reality by political preparation, hence the cynical “go getting” media presence mentioned.

Please do not think for one minute that I do not respect all those involved in rescuing the hostages, they are brave & heroic as are all the military personnel who are sent to risk their lives overseas. I sincerely do respect & I thank them & their accepted call to duty for our country.

I admit & own my own upset, my pain & my egotistical anger.
Here I am making this call to high light the need for additional awareness of the desperate need & untold social benefit available for support about all forms of stress, worry & unresolved troubles available through professional Counselling.
Our gradual eroded loss of innocence has been percolating from deep within us all as our wonderful land & our people have been ravaged by an increasing, progressive lack of respect for earth and all creatures including their fellow men as we have been psychologically dragged by advertising & corporate sponsorship principally by alcohol & gambling. Those that know me understand that like most Aussies I enjoy a beer or even two so I don’t come here as a wowser.

Those known to be peddling fundamental ideology of materialistic ignorance, for excessive individual greed, power and unconscionable material gluttony in Murdoch styled media manipulated minds need to be exposed as to what they do to our naive innocent children & people generally with & through the powerful influence of media.

These perpetrators are immature, under developed, deranged, narcissistic psychopaths who pay homage to the lifeless spirit of their corporate $$.

These recent tragedies have shown that the peoples spirit cannot be purchased, or tricked & is not for sale to “snake oil selling politicians” or media barons of any persuasion.
Deep within the heart of heats people feel know, recognise and appreciate love.

Ducklings in Cup

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“If we change the way we look at things the things we look at change”


Responding to @MajewskoSofia appreciation of our rainbow logo we offer the following.
Our logo represents planet Earth & the energetic radiance of all life, where colour Red (DO) is seen & heard at the base of the music scale (Do) & also indicates Acidic body conditions promoting Anger & Depression.

Rising through Orange (Ra), Yellow (Me) in the stomach region from the umbilici connection which sends out safety Warnings & Gut feelings.

Green radiates from our Chakras HEART (Fa) with Ph7 =

Balance neutral on chemistry charts, being the Equator of life at our Heart & with our Lungs is the Green belt rain forests of Earth’s lungs at the Equator.

From the Equator we move up to Blue, (So) at the Throat where air passing through the voice system at the larynx generating sound. Here our Thyroid controls energetic usage, (So) we scream or remain silent. (Should we hold back too much by not expressing emotional energy one may readily become emotionally constipated, not good or recommended.)
The higher frequency Indigo (La) is the Pineal gland other wise known as the 3rd eye (some times referred to as the key stone the builders forgot) which was buried beneath, with Pharaohs army when the red sea which Moses had metaphorically opened with his Rod closed over encasing the entire Central nervous system within our Crown (Te)
Here at the higher level of visibility  we see Violet (Te) the radiance of Alkalinity, living in this state of mind may see one behave in a Manic state. Unstable body chemistry therefore may swing from Mania (Te) to Depression (Do)

Completely our of harmony with one’s self.

Unfortunately too many wounded damaged souls are treated with Anti depressant medication with the best intentions to return patients to a healthy mental balance. Unfortunately in too many instances it matter not, how many times you drench your horse or what you drench him/her with Frogunless you remove the stone from the frog in his/her foot he/she will remain lame.

So within our Counselling logo & our Counselling work being aware that there is a whole world of sensitive energy from which we discover explanations & meaning for good health to calm the body’s waters & support the words :

“If we change the way we look at things                     The things we look at change.”

In Body sensitive psychotherapy We only use love to help others help themselves discover their own stones within, stoney habitual mental blockages, which obstructs natures healing divinity within. Exactly as Moses did when he led his people from the ravages of Pharaoh’s materialistic world of imprisoned slavery to the promise land of self freedom.
Here is an interesting visual to show some of this energy which is available to all of us, “If we are prepared to change the way we look at things”.

For Counselling call 02 93877752 or Mob 0412 777303 Email Rod or Carol

Now as Ducks do I’ll head on back to the Pond & calm some disturbed water.

Occupy Wall St “Canaries in the Mine.”

As I read the market from the comfortable state of no debt I see lots of uncertainty bringing lots of opportunity, lots of risk for lots of adventurous wild “cow boys” and gamblers to ride the Aussie stock market as it ducks dives and gyrates, most will loose their hat, get smashed into the rails and become in firmed with broken bones. The odd one will make his time and win the cow girl as he limps on home in his F100 with a hangover.

Mean time the employed media “spinners”, focused on their own “hot dogs and fairy floss” (al la Alan Jones) are not reporting that side show alley ( Mr & Mrs with the children or the struggling single Mother) has a diminishing presence in the thinning crowd as more home owners and renters through out Australia and especially in the USA end up with “underwater loans”, that is their loans are greater than the value of their properties.
Unless a 5 year moratorium is initiated very soon, with dramatic debt write off for these drowning home owners and debt burdened businesses, the property market and hence the international economy will not recover, that’s a depressing situation, however this is a much better solution than the normal correction employed by the market of bringing the world to war or starvation as they have done with previous depressions.
Depressions have disastrous and lasting social impact but carry with them a generational dominating principles for re- establishing “austerity measures”.

The Greeks populous are correct in their judgment about the “world market” where the rich  through their infliction of austerity measures over the peoples hard won liberation, get richer. This form of materialistic domination empowers resistance, resistance leads to fighting and the Occupy Wall street demonstrators across the world are our “canaries in the coal mine”. This situation is an international crisis and the “underwater loans” euphemism is used to disguise a sea of debt once again bring to our attention that “the last thing the fish discovers is the water.”

Debt write off does not hurt those with affordable loans or those who have held their cash, even though many will cry foul, their asset will remain in “real estate” existence, cash at hand will be rewarded with greater purchasing value, banks will reward cash with better returns. Unlike the trillion dollar losses suffered by the Superannuated whose savings have already poured down the gurgling black hole and into some bank director or CEOs prize water front home or yacht or casino which maybe held through a trust in his wife’s or mistress’s maiden name.

When you have cash you don’t need to wait in the auto teller queue.

Is this all SPIN or IS there some truth in disguise, what really is the colour of your money, is there any money at all?

Today 23.10.11. here is Australia we read

NSW State Premier Barry O’Farrell establishes festering resistance with this insane attempt to control peace with Police domination.

History repeats itself and Gandhi’s brilliance is too easily dismissed by fear, ignorance, political ego and greed. Just ask Gaddafi    Mr Premier.

Blessings One and All.