Transitional Process Sibling To Adult


Many years ago I wrote the above poem with the intention of helping young men recognise the separation that occurs between a little boy’s life sensing skills, which he denies & hides to avoid the dangerous self considered exposure of his fear, instead he seeks his safe survival by holding onto any emotional expressions which are mostly adopted from the model under which he evolves.
Monkey see Monkey do etc.
Young women in contrast are, by nature, given initiating life maturing stages through which they pass to adult enlightenment, young boys seldom move beyond the excitement of sparrows flying around their nether regions.

Such exciting sensations may also be activated with thrills of peer group conquest through drugs, any perception of winning, gambling, racing, speed, guns, rockets, & war.

In similar vein to my poem I also see Bette Middler’s song “The Rose” which tells the same beautiful awakening story in music.

Unfortunate  the Ego’s desire to control tends to take many of our young men over and we completely loose touch & feeling towards our emotions, such habitually adopted behavior happens unconsciously as such behaviour is modeled, cloned, by the environment in which we are raised, hence we develop what I have named “accents of behaviour” to avoid the discomfort of being emotionally hurt.

We effectively shut ourselves down completely, & so we live life lost, disassociated, stagnating in absolute emotional denial under the corporate control of one’s own Ego.

That is until we experience a “peak moment”  a physiological & psychological moment with “rainbow energy ” from within, an explosive moment of self realisation, of inner beauty in the moment when our being becomes flooded with previously denied Oxytocin to release the sensational experience which sets ones entire being “aglow” so to speak.

We certainly do have a very serious situation within our international culture which through the process of corporate domination has in a span of some 70 years, has deteriorated to the old rules of the jungle where 12 year old boys take guns to school and actually use them whilst escapees from war & torture are held in concentrated detention centers.

Yes in our Counselling Service at Bondi Junction this is the work we aim to share to help all men find & recover that place of self realisation.

In earlier civilised societies such progress from boy child, through adolescence, and on into adult hood formed part of our tribal initiations, unfortunately the teachers have left the class room and the whole world is being run by immature siblings who receive their lessons from TV & violent games promoted by the corporate benefactors.

Escape to self freedom is up to the individual to seek self actualisation & adult maturity.

Here we support & practice that transition.

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