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Repeated calls for essential, identified & known long term social benefit through the provision of additional Mental Health Counselling have constantly & deliberately being ignored by the State & Federal governments of all persuasions.
Seems governments are happy with hospitals, prisons, & juvenile detention centers fully occupied to over full, so the point where dangerous detainees are bailed.

Maybe this is a way they can justify their existence, Ministries & of course salaries & over generous Superannuation perks & continuing retirement business connections.
This situation has been deteriorating for years generally as sugar, alcohol & gambling Mafia have provide more alluring & persuasive benefits where we build casinos on public land whilst the poor live on sugared up drinks  & cheap processed take away to advance national obesity as we try in general ignorance to distract ourselves from residual, unaddressed childhood trauma.

Now fermenting from beneath the outpouring of worldly accolades we see & identify justifiable criticism to the tragic Sydney siege with suggestions that the situation may possibly have been “blown” because Prime Minister Abbott refused or was ‘supposedly advised” not to speak with the deranged, cornered, desperate gunman.

Half Mast Canberra
I do understand & would like to respect his office of Prime Minister however
when the entire matter was captured & continues to be run for all its worth by the very same man & his media entourage as they cynically attempt to prop up an equally deranged ideological mob of fundamentally set minds, who supposedly are keeping us safe from such politically motivated terrorism by “stopping the boats” whilst simultaneously overlooking & apparently condoning torturous investigations in detention and incarcerating children against official United Nations sanction for refugees, we need to ask for & are entitled to better results.

“Be assured people, Yes people need to be reassured” so we are repeatedly informed, that whilst ever there is political advantage to be gleaned there will be an in depth inquiry to get to the bottom of this matter to ensure it never occurs again.
So we are repeatedly advised. “That we need to know & learn how to protect ourselves from these wicked people.”

Considering, now in hindsight, that the nations emotions for many people had already been accessed, aroused & elevated immediately following the tragic & unquestionable shock & media reinforced empowerment of Philip Hughes’ death. A shock which rightfully ensured postponement of a test match for Philip’s funeral, team building, holding, support & statements galore held many in a suspended, heightened & disturbed state of their being.
From the depth of our national pride our spirit had been awakened by such a shock. An accident virtually beyond belief.

Then with our emotional magazines filled with national pride & burdened grief the team went on to win the Adelaide test against horrendous odds.

Regular honour & individual tributes were paid by the players (& the media) reconnection to the incredible spiritual aroused presence of their departed 408 team mate.
We all cried together releasing amazing joy, delight. Shared laughter with tears of sorrow giving relief from that withheld contained pain filled place of denied sadness.Hat on a Bat
Reinforced by confirmation the world over showed us all that we had been deeply influenced by the “Hat on a Bat” outside our front door in absolute respect & acknowledgment for the fallen one Philip Hughes.
The media persisted in highlighting access to the freely offered, available & touching emotional penetration & in this situation it all seemed so acceptable.
Acceptable until the Martin Place siege erupted & the Prime Minister jumped on the band wagon & continues to drive it whilst ever his horses can gallop rough shod across our land where “shit happens too”.
Big Wreath

Evidence to support this situation is seen before our very eyes with the ever expanding non political wreath of spiritual connected remorse & expressed solace to be found by laying flowers & messages to acknowledge the loss of innocence Australia once knew & shared at the city’s heart in Martin Place, on internet sites, social media & distant spontaneous shrines across the land.

Regrettably there was no accident to the Martin Place tragedy.
We all knew it was brewing, it was simply a matter of when & where. Stirred & generated into reality by political preparation, hence the cynical “go getting” media presence mentioned.

Please do not think for one minute that I do not respect all those involved in rescuing the hostages, they are brave & heroic as are all the military personnel who are sent to risk their lives overseas. I sincerely do respect & I thank them & their accepted call to duty for our country.

I admit & own my own upset, my pain & my egotistical anger.
Here I am making this call to high light the need for additional awareness of the desperate need & untold social benefit available for support about all forms of stress, worry & unresolved troubles available through professional Counselling.
Our gradual eroded loss of innocence has been percolating from deep within us all as our wonderful land & our people have been ravaged by an increasing, progressive lack of respect for earth and all creatures including their fellow men as we have been psychologically dragged by advertising & corporate sponsorship principally by alcohol & gambling. Those that know me understand that like most Aussies I enjoy a beer or even two so I don’t come here as a wowser.

Those known to be peddling fundamental ideology of materialistic ignorance, for excessive individual greed, power and unconscionable material gluttony in Murdoch styled media manipulated minds need to be exposed as to what they do to our naive innocent children & people generally with & through the powerful influence of media.

These perpetrators are immature, under developed, deranged, narcissistic psychopaths who pay homage to the lifeless spirit of their corporate $$.

These recent tragedies have shown that the peoples spirit cannot be purchased, or tricked & is not for sale to “snake oil selling politicians” or media barons of any persuasion.
Deep within the heart of heats people feel know, recognise and appreciate love.

Ducklings in Cup

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How do you know you’re a narcissist ?


Narcissism is broadly defined as an exaggerated, yet fragile self-concept of one’s importance and influence. Most of the work on narcissism to date has explored the negative implications of the phenomenon for individual-level functioning and leadership. However, prior research also indicates that many chief executive officers who are perceived as narcissistic lead highly successful companies.
How might this be so?
ImageOur world is progressively suffocating, now being led by undeveloped siblings, a flock oft highly pretentious corporate individuals, they are the ultimate nightmare as parents & guardians, now totally out of touch, following the unintentional conditioning away from natural psychological & environmental cognitive evolution by the insanity of endless growth & fierce corporate competition over the past 60 years as electronic technology has moved faster than the overall capacity of fellow man ability to maintain cognitive growth.Families have broken down, single & shattered families pretend to play “happy families” but the children know, kids cannot be fooled they take everything on board & learn just what they need to do to stay safe, so we conform, after all this is how we learn to speak the language of that which we are exposed, whilst absorbing all the other forms of modeled behaviour.

In like manner as a society we have been progressively led to ravenous competition, by advertising played through & feeding into the electronic media, carried into ever home & school by commercial television which thrives on leading its way up the market by indoctrinating the populous to believe in self nourishment avoidance by adorning themselves with endless quantities of “silk, gold, trinkets” magic forms of sugar & emotional numbing electronic gadgets which directly intercept the senses, poker machines, mobile phones, & Facebook &  Twitter etc.

Such homage of false idolatry to these images progressive leads to cognitive & social devolution with ever increasing degrees of psychopathic insanity as a consequence of endlessly chasing the psychological sense of ravenous inadequacy, obesity &  the dis-ease of attempted self nourishment through Insatiable compulsive occupation.

These people have been inflicted with the burden of never feeling they are sufficient, never perfect enough. Simply never enough.

They are incapable of playing the parent role. Their children become chess pieces in a high stakes game. They don’t give a damn about how their small child is responding to them as long as the parent is in complete control of them.
Some of these sociopaths discard and ignore their children, sending them off to full time nannies, boarding schools and military schools as early as possible.
They want nothing to do with children other than using them to build up their image of a great Father. In some cases these sociopaths choose a favored child that is groomed to become a part of his echo of perfection and power—this child becomes a strong source of narcissistic supply.
The sociopath has huge bragging rights about the high achieving child he has created.
Children who are not chosen for these special roles are thrown away, psychologically imprisoned, treated with extreme cruelty. If his children are not performing at the level he insists. Some sociopath parents abandon the entire family and re-constitute themselves with a new adoring spouse who has no clue about this form of psychopathology. See Australian Story A Complicated Life: Kerry Packer – Pt 2 where Kerry’s Father was seen to be cruel, abusive, bad tempered, yet Kerry thought he only got what he deserved as he struggled for his Fathers approval until his own death.
Dr Frank Yeomans a leading US expert on Narcissistic Personality Disorder pointed out that we commonly think narcissists are egotistical and stuck up, basically that they are nasty people. And it is true that narcissists can be entitled, arrogant, condescending, devaluing, often exploitative and sadistic.
So, according to Dr. Yeomans there’s more to narcissism than just being plain nasty.
There is a profound underlying problem that causes severe difficulties.
How do you know you’re a narcissist?
“If you feel empty and like you’re never good enough, and your social relationships turn sour periodically, and you can’t develop true intimacy.” answers Dr. Yeomans.

 ImageSimilarly our tender young “Duckling Selves” floating on life’s pond where we might be all ‘Chirpy & Smiling’ up top, whilst being super busy maintaining inner sense of balance with plenty happening in the waters of our body beneath the “feathers” & our protective human safety rail of psychological armour.
Sounds like a good time to seek Counselling treatment and deal with what’s underneath.

Always welcome & safe with us.

Listen,…….. Hear Neil Diamond Here….  “Be”        ( Skip the Advertising )

Violence is a left over from prehistoric survival.


This link about men’s abuse of women  came bye this morning & naturally evoked the sense within me of just how much I react negatively to this near impulsive survival sense & weakness within my conditioned self which has been hyper activated by life abuse as a child. This virtual instantaneous reflex response has been unconsciously filed sorted & stored by some well intended part of my being with the belief that I must avoid experiencing any further sensations or else some part suggest I might risk my life, I think we call this feeling fear.

Any sense of threat to life triggers our Ego’s belief to this sensation. Because this experience lives within virtually all species we either fight or fly to avoid any sense of threat. Supposedly respectable, socially acceptable, people often find themselves experiencing shame filled experiences of abusive “wall punching, door kicking, window smashing, blood getting, violent behaviour”. Such uncontrolled violent behaviour is not acceptable in our society. Violence is a left over characteristic from pre-historic evolutionary survival.
It is in this weakness of response management where we all have the propensity for our Ego to resort to such aggression when we are challenged & natural fear for survival activated the defender. So Ego wants to throw rocks, spit & use bitter words or worse as a form of protection so that we do not get any more exposure to discomfort.

An absolutely primal DNA borne stimulus response, a primal reaction straight out of the cave of environmental survival, which probably explains why many men still enjoy Australia’s Funniest Home videos, Paint ball, Killer games, War, Playing soldiers, Cow boys & Indians, The Flintstones, & Rugby league.


This aspect of my being may even explain why we always have a soft spot for the “under dog”, & thoroughly appreciate & enjoy the feeling of  assisting people find their way back into the freedom of self realisation as a Counsellor whilst also enjoy giving attention to tall poppies & call out societies ugly narcissistic psychopathic bullies.

GINA IN A RickshawWhilst I am fully aware that the above reference is to an article specifically in reference to men I do know & have worked with many couples where abusive behaviour is practiced by women who knowingly & deliberately manipulate situations, often “getting back” at their men or by seeking special favors, with “rewards” for erratic spending, or by denying access to children, secretly gambling, publically flirting & even having sexual affairs, simply because they know it will gut their man to the core. Such behaviour is driven by the Ego’s disconnection from the life & consciousness which is all that we are.

Ego is nothing more than the collective manifestation from our environmental exposure. Individual sound & accents of voice is the example we use to explain the environmental absorption by the developing child’s mind, we learn like magpies, p[arrots & cockies to talk, whistle & make the sounds & languages we hear.

Ego is not who we are.

Ego simply comes ashore when we are babies & from then on continues to invade & pollute social consciousness. Ego takes hold of those images & grows into an adult believing that what we see is all there is between right & wrong.

When consciousness & mind work together, in harmony, as One there is no barrier, no Ego domination, in this state of mindfulness we allow our spirit of life itself to mingle, sharing mutual intuitive sensitivity.

So it also is in relationship situations if & when we misunderstand each other that is exactly what it is, a mis-understanding which, when carefully considered & understood within the safety of in a non judgmental Counselling environment  both or all parties are therapeutically encouraged to look at the situation from a different perspective & so often become able to understand each others views of the glass.
To discover that the other party is not necessarily wrong , & that we are not necessarily right, we simply have different opinions that’s all that the disputes are & have been about. Simply realizing the different ways of interpreting the level of the water in the glass. The old glass half full story once again.Glass half fullSo, I sincerely believe that which would effect me might also also touch you, but not necessarily identically, as your life experience has left you with your ideas & interpretations of how & what you understand.
That is exactly why our logo says “If we change the way we look at things the things we look at can change.”LogoSmallerWe all share this magnificent propensity of One life, some people are fortunate enough to know this place, others have been misled as children & need to exercise behaviour re-adjustment to alter indoctrinated thinking processes & in so doing old conditioned beliefs often find great peace in an enlightened sense of awareness.

Just be yourself.  Don’t go trying to be yourself, that would be Ego playing a part. Besides which you are great just as you are, your real self, the person who built the body in which life resides for the time being.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to sort through any of your personal stresses or worries or simply to consider the views expressed in this article.

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Well Darling Peoples Good day to you.

Its really important that none of you dare go into a Queensland Pub in your Roosters Club colours or else you , the publican & the attending staff might end up in Premier Campbell Newman’s  slammer with a $11k fine.

I really do think we need to see that such legislation as this from Campbell Newman the super right wing premier of Queensland does get stopped in its tracks as in my opinion such pressure will only give rise to further aggravation of the wounded, dismissed, maltreated, neglected & abused.

Have a really good look at the pantomime of this evil legislation delivered from behind the “Eyes Wide Shut” mask, I’m positive that Stanley Kubrick was leaving many many messages for us to see & hear so that “when we are ready willing & able we shall understand ”

When we actually listen to Russell Brandt story we see Russell is offering similar information about the destructive & dangerous manipulation of the people by megalomaniac political psychopaths & their influenced ideologically brainwashed followers.

Society in general has the capacity to tolerate such constrictive practices for a year or two but be assured that there will be a massive shift in consciousness as good honest decent people continue to “hit the wall” & are dismissed from honorable worthwhilw service as was the case for Professor Tim Flannery & many other professional academics presently being dismissed without notice, apparent reason or explanation.

When such cosmic alignment of dark forces such as Rupert Murdoch, Cardinal George Pell, Prime Minister Abbott dismisses our Minister of Science & when needed well fare grants across the Nation are withdrawn we must ask whats this all about?.
When we hear Murdoch praising a Catholic Prime Minister it certainly does sound as though Opus Dei  has succeeded in ruling the Liberal party.

Now such men as these have stepped in to stoke the fires around the “stakes” in preparation for the “burning of the supposed ” witches”, (witches it seems are any one of either gender who challenges them with alternate logical belief once again,including public xervants & Police. This verbal portrait also features the mincing “Flitter brain” Christopher Pyne,  Judas I guess might be taken up by Barnaby Joyce.

Irregardless of individual political persuasion we are able now in this light of consciousness to see & understand why Prime Minister Julia Gillard was treated with such absolute disrespect by Murdoch, Liberal politicians & the media inciting such despicable & vitriolic spurts from the gutter mouths of 2GB’s shock jocks Jones, Hadley & others.



Work place war zone.
Traumatic stress is a physiological condition brought to general public attention following the return home of soldiers from the Vietnam war in that instance it was branded as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Today we are re-branding this war zone identified  wound as Present traumatic stress. Such condition is extremely well understood within the corporate world yet they continue to replace the fallen front line soldiers with cannon fodder brought in from unemployed forces, under the pretentious enticement of financial carrots.
Now days with the advantage of experience, observation, knowledge & scientifically proven hindsight it is obvious this normal condition of physiological over load has certainly been present within society for ever, however the sheer concentration of individuals experiencing identical symptoms & degree of emotional & physiological incapacity to manage & hold stable domestic & social relationships on return from war service was exemplary. There was a break through to the cultural lies of keeping a “stiff upper lip”. The establishment simply had to take some responsibility for the care & rehabilitation of those bitterly scarred by repetitious exposure to the carnage & atrocities experienced in front line war fare.

Now highly apparent in the war zone where higher command demands soldiers to do battle & dodge the vitriolic bullets & charges of vile abuse inflicted upon them with the intention of defending the status of the represented product. Concentration of expectation to such exposure is now highly apparent on the front line of duty in customer service for every day occupations from teachers to bus operators to front line product support teams in the world biscuits & chips.

Yes these front line service people from teachers & bus operators, to call centre individuals to our former Prime Minister are being endlessly exposed to tirades of the most disgusting unacceptable abuse, in the endless drive for higher performance with increased personal tolerance & so the front line take their toll.

Mankind is everything but kind, “IT” has become utterly unconscious, impersonal, denying IT’s insatiable unsustainable egotistical lust to be king of the castle.

Modern day castles are the corporate models which have the currency of money flowing through its heartless technological nerve centre to such degree that it has lost all sense of connection to emotional sensitivity to the very conduit through which the impulses travel, just as this overload occurs within molecular structure, the conductor progressively breaks down, crystallizes, or ruptures & needs to be rewired or replaced like a blown light globe or flickering florescent tube. People treated like Old “blown globes” are “let go”, dumped to the bin & replaced.

Fortunately humans are not light globes, they are all unique individuals with varying degrees & tolerance capacity, like all bright young soldiers, however when they are exposed to extreme & repetitious voltage shocks for an extended period our & their adrenal system overloads our auto immune capacity for tolerance & dis-ease resistance & so we are seeing the increase in collapse to varying conditions of disease, which burden the medical & penal system to overload.

In the past three weeks we have attended work places to support numerous employees who have been shock, threatened  & consequently traumatised by by five supposedly “inexplicable deaths”, two suicides, 28 redundancies & or outright threats of dismissal of fellow employees.

So you will see that modern day corporate workers have joined with soldiers in an insidious “hidden cold” war zone and as this wonderful Sally Sara ABC Foreign Correspondent article proves, helpers & carers playing Simpson in the battle field of social welfare must be aware of the cumulative influence of exposure in their duty to the nefarious influence of vicarious trauma.

If you, members of your work team or family identify with these sentiments then seeking regular Professional Supervision from experienced & registered independent Supervisors is essential for self care maintenance to deal with,  release & further avoid this unconscious accumulation & dangerous health threatening tolerance of vicarious trauma to insure against overload & burnout.

For further self help information, articles, body therapy, & meditative float tank relaxation we recommend you visit this PH Duck’s Pond.

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What’s not mankind.

Pigs confined in metal and concrete pensCORPORATE PIG:::::GALL CENTER.

Micro chipping of pets & animals has largely been accepted by the populous just in case your Great Charles Spaniel or Cheeky little bag sniffing  Fox Terrier may loose obedient concentration, & break his leash, dig under the fence, or climb through a key hole to follow the natural wafting scent of an inviting pheromone from distant suburbs. Only to possibly becoming so ultra exhausted in his service he must take a rest & drink in the park on his homeward return journey, only to be nabbed by the ever vigilant local council Dog Catcher.

                     “Yes madam, we do have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalier-King-Charles-Spanielanswering your description here at the Pound the recovery fee for all the compulsory vaccinations, & overnight food & accommodation is $750, unfortunately as our office closes at 3.00 pm, if Sir Lancelot is not collected within the next hour there will be another days fees of $250 payable before release.”
“However if you are prepared to have Sir Lancelot microchipped we will only charge you $50 for the chipping & his registration in case he should freely wander up or down wind in the future.”
Initially tested on animals as are most like inventions, drugs & cosmetics for the monitoring of prisoners on day release we now understand that all of Sir Lancelot’s future adventures become monitored by NASA’s automatic GPS tracking network which reports directly to FBI, ASIO, Interpol, Assad, & the United Arab Emirantes in case Sir Lancelot may decide to pay visits to any embassy residents without his registration & implanted, safe, individual, identification dog tag.
Laugh if you must, because this is where we are today, each & every one of us are under constant surveillance with our many fold scopes of registration, credit cards, vehicle GPS,  Smart  phone, iPad, Kindles, computers, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, bank accounts, doctors, dentists, mechanics, insurance & on infinitum.

Well that’s ok you say, until your performance fails to deliver 45 liters of “milk” each 24 hours.
Surely you must have  noticed the discussion about same sex marriage & marital  relations, sexism in politics, sexism & inequality in general, about deliberate attempts of  misogynistic patriarchal domination, about abuse to fellow men & women, about abuse & violence inflicted upon animals, well it’s certainly not before time.

We all do understand it has been this way for many generations.  caveman-photographerGenerations who have unwittingly passed down & accepted such modes of apelike, wall punching, behaviour as acceptable, normal & to be expected in a supposed progressive 2013 Australian society, not so we say.
Well folks it never will be & it never has been acceptable. Man has completely lost his ability for the kindness part of his society. Mankind certainly is not kind. Recent behaviour has publicly demonstrated to all that man remains emotionally undeveloped & is lost to egotistical intentions.

As Mother’s forever love, nurture & protect their male progeny regardless of their idolatrous self worship & repetitive hopelessness. Even so Mother never gives up, she never stops loving her son, constantly showering him with sincere chest hugging forgiveness in the vain hope that he will learn from these repetitive consequential lessons of nigh disaster.

Expanding this model metaphorically to the greater society we see how the patriarchal  division survives because women never allow men to actually hit rock bottom to have their vessel destroyed, needing to save himself alone by swimming to shore.

No, Mother, women forever step in providing “Rubber Duckies” to ferry these spoilt brats to shore.

Rather than tolerating such severe castigation & abuse which these great female creators & bearers of life have endured in recent times with vile, disgusting, derogatory language women should immediately withdraw from offering any sense or form of recovery. Yes forget the rescue, so that when these jerks do hit rock bottom, & get washed overboard they leave man there to swim ashore, to climb the rock face & learn a lesson or several by enduring his self inflicted pain. Repetitious failure to adopt this practice prevents man from ever evolving to develop his natural potential & so he remains as ignorant as the Fathers before him. Modern day man has become lame & lost touch with his true self. In this regard a pair of outstanding exceptional men are to be found in retiring politicians Rob Oakeshot & fellow brave Independent Tony Windsor. 

Of course there are other thoroughly decent men who have experienced the good fortune of wise tutelage & who have enjoyed the benefit & guidance of self actualized emotional & intellectually developed parentage. Very few of these men actually bother about the corporate success as they have the capacity to gratify their individual needs without dependence on their fellow man. Here I immediately refer to Nelson Mandela who after spending 27 years incarcerated in prison for seeking freedom from oppression of his fellow man has positively influenced the entire world in his life time & to whom we shall remain forever grateful.

By my returning here to the Sir Lancelot analogy some will be able to join threads to the influence of the woven corporate facade or face of today’s corporate & politic society where women once more are left on the outer shores of upper management only to be used as fringe supporters of the ever consuming black hole, the devouring vortex of the CEO & the voracious never satisfied financial share market. Yes career women in today’s world generally remain left to do the majority of the hunting & gathering work dictated to them from deep within that ever vanishing materialistic black hole.

So in keeping with animal rights & abolishing cruelty we have arrived back at Nelson Mandela’s childhood freedom, with free range chooks, pigs, sheep & cattle without hormone stimulation. In many cases cages, intense battery housing, rota-lacting dairy cows, & confining pig pens are being decreased & marketed in favour of free range production, well that is for animals. Boxes hmi_1However the corporate office is building large office cages for humans because now they all carry the predecessor to futuristic “blue tooth” (RFID) microchips. Not a great deal of difference to the pig shed.

Individuals must all log in & out with the ID card & computer pass word log on, to be constantly monitored for highest performance or else they are sent straight down the chute like a shorn sheep or off to the slaughter house to become meat pies.

So much for understanding, love kindness, compassion for our fellow man & human kind.

You get this? If you need help to free yourself from this insanity Counselling is a way.

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Amidst all the confusion &  controversy around the media challenging Senator Conroy’s attempts to introduce legislation about the way Rupert, Gina & Kerry Stokes are using their economic power & pressure to dominate journalists and hence the concentration of economic forces now brought to light by the introduction of the NBN digitally bringing with it the death of print media.

As we know Rupert desperately wants to hold the NBN fibre optic connection out of our house & businesses so he can still bleed the public dollars from the node up the road with his Foxtel & News empire influence & control, whilst he screws the advertising world & force feeds the public with commercials they do not want to see, especially the wicked promotion of gambling played to all ages during sport programs.

All is good with the NBN, its happening & being installed thanks to Rob Oakeshott & Tony Windsor negotiating this amazing benefit for constituents beyond Sydney Newcastle & Wollongong (in short NSW). Remember Bradfield’s Harbour bridge, the state & national rail network or Parliament house Canberra were all too big, unnecessary & all cost “motzas” at the time of construction.
In this instance Rupert has Abbott “up his trousers leg” so to speak & this is why Abbott says he will save money &  interfere with or even roll back some parts of the NBN in so doing he is  denying the people direct connection to the world where we will have free press without being filtered by Rupert”s mob when the fibre is connected to our houses & businesses.

Well Australia does not need a PM who will be a puppet to the US dictator Rupert or his in house parliamentary director of Abbott (remember after all Murdoch renounced his Australian citizenship to become American.) Yes this US citizen Rupert has played his game through England & had shut down a few of his rags, after his mobster/gangster journalists entourage finished hacking the phone of murdered  Milly Dowler …….then Rupert tried his hardest to roll Barack Obama in the USA & now you see Rupert, with vested interest support from Gina, & Kerry engaging identical Big Brother tactics here in Australia in dishonestly driving Abbott’s campaign by directing journalists with editorial policy……..journalists who like Abbott are now selling their arse ….because they have kids & a mortgage or rent to pay also & have basically sold their journalistic ethics to the highest bidder.

Mean time hospitals are closing down beds & our prisons are over full.

Last man standing wins the fight eh!.

Well same clever logic applies when the shark eats the last fish. Or the last tree was felled on Easter Island.

Of course that maybe so if you believe that Virginity & Bombs have something in common.ImageWhere or where are we going with all this?

You maybe assured that as a Councellor & Psychotherapist I experience daily situations & events of ever increasing frequency of  violence, anger, depression, anxiety, with panic attacks, relationship break down & general victims of trauma & abuse.

Why would this be?

I believe it is principally due to unresolved & unattended childhood trauma, which establishes an “accent of behaviour” & is left brewing & fermenting as a debilitating psychological time bomb in this confusing abusive society which is being modeled by the hideous dishonest behaviour of our parliamentary representatives where the conduct of some Parliamentary & their entourage of side kicks play the game of intimidation with vile verbal harassment. Such example provides permission & adds to the deliberately created parliamentary confusion to then become a social manifestation in volcanic proportions of outrage, drunken violence, & gang & racial conduct. Street behaviour easily spotted in road rage incidents.

Known avoidance behaviour of excessive alcohol, aggression, sex, drugs & especially in poker machine gambling where flashing lights, music drinks, & private sense of isolation, specifically entice & psychologically capture those who try to avoid their endless aching scarred need by becoming even further social disconnection when their money & all available loans & credit expire. All lost, eventually alone & entirely desperate & homeless.

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Extract from 60 Minutes with Abbott & Liz Hayes


Peter Robert Garrett AM MP is an Australian musician, environmentalist, activist and politician. Garrett was lead singer of the rock band Midnight Oil from 1973 until its disbanding in 2002.

In the full knowledge that Peter Garrett’s  Mother was incinerated in their family home Tony Abbott resorted to the lowest of the low by viciously & dishonestly attacking Peter Garrett in the parliament by using the most vile accusations in a wicked & scandalous attack on the Minister after the unfortunate death of some installers of ceiling insulation in a programme designed to conserve energy and employ hundreds.

Here below is a part extract of Liz Hayes 60 Minute interview with Tony Abbott if you ever need to be convinced that Abbott deliberately lies just view the above link from the parliament where the attack dog reveals the Tony that we all know and will not trust.

As Liz suggest he can loose the election & Australia really does need Abbott out of Canberra & out of our lives completely. Displaying such psychopathic behaviour Abbott is a danger to himself and all of Australia & Australians.

Should you doubt this just check the company he keeps when he is not dining with Rupert Murdoch’s mob.:

Abbott & Hadley Cut

LIZ HAYES: Jay Leno, the comedian in America, said that “politics is show business for ugly people”.

TONY ABBOTT: Yeah – that’s right.

LIZ HAYES: You think so?

TONY ABBOTT: Well, it’s more than show business.

TONY ABBOTT IN PARLIAMENT: These are people’s lives at stake and you show no remorse, you show no concern, and you show no urgency about anything except saving your own hide.

LIZ HAYES: In the last few weeks, Tony Abbott has relentlessly attacked the Government’s failed insulation program, which cost the lives of four people.

TONY ABBOTT IN PARLIAMENT: He’s not worthy of their continued confidence.

LIZ HAYES: You’ve hounded Peter Garrett almost to the grave. When you’re deciding on that strategy do you ever take into account the human being?

TONY ABBOTT: You try to. I don’t think Peter Garrett is a bad man. I just think in this very important respect he’s been a bad minister

LIZ HAYES: I understand that, but when you’re determining your strategy, you know that Peter Garrett’s mother died in a house fire yet you get into Parliament and you say, “You have no remorse!” You know that he must.

TONY ABBOTT: But he hasn’t shown it. That’s the problem.

LIZ HAYES: Could you see not the hurt in his face?

TONY ABBOTT: In his heart, I dare say he has been tortured, but politicians have to be judged on what they say and on what they do, not what may be going on in their guts.

LIZ HAYES: Tony Abbott has never stepped back from a fight. He was a champion boxer at Oxford University. For a short time he trained to be a priest and dabbled in journalism before being elected to Parliament. But his life’s greatest challenge – to be prime minister – lies ahead. GINA IN A Rickshaw

Yup lies ahead & lots of lies at that.

His body language, mental paralysis  & darting tongue are dead set give away’s of his dangerous spiteful reptilian ancestors.

“Network” The movie that said it all.


Well Folks 2GB Jones created a water shed for those of us who do have a reasonable understanding of just what is happening to our world. Some folk claim to be caring for the citizens and the workers when really “they” and us have all just been sucked into the very same whirlpool of materialistic fascism, call it what you like, but we are most definitely all in this together.

Some are perceived to be doing much better than others on the scale of materialism, wealth,  but how are they doing on the happiness scale, well that’s a different sense of the soul all together.

A classic case in point without making any judgement is the potentially unfortunate break down in relations with Daniella Spencer, Russell Crowe and their sons, which we consider giving Russell’s movie successes, shows well and truly that money and success is not the answer to self actualising fulfillment.

However when some comedian dude like this George Carlin tell a story we laugh.
Yes we laugh, because we do know the pain and emotional discomfort of truth, so we laugh to avoid pain. Even though the comedian  is being deadly deadly serious;
and is relating the truth of the situation.

Today we are suffocating in our own un-gratified endless pursuit of consumption in a society where homage is repetitively paid to false images of “Fatted Calves”, not even a fat calf, generally they are just TV images, stimulating endless desire for possessions and consumption.

You are absolutely entitled to say where the hell is Moses when you want some one to lead the people out of the ravages of this un-gratifying mind state of Egypt to the freedom of the promise land.

Yes where is Moses?

Most definitely not behind the microphone at 2GB.

Gotcha Back

In similar fashion Peter Finch told the story in the movie Network where he instructed everyone to get up from their chairs and go to their windows and scream “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more”, and to keep doing it until your whole neighborhood gets the message.

Well such is the case with the diatribe of Jones. Yes we have rushed to our screens and windows of social media and continue to scream “We have had enough” and if you choose to support this social vermin, be it at the loss of business from people who request Jones be silenced for the good of our society, he is infested with vile energy which pollutes the national psyche.

Yes some do understand, others believe they are incapable of influencing change.
There are others also who don’t want change because they simply have no awareness , compassion nor understanding and see the poor and disenfranchised as self deserving of their lot as just reward to their laziness.

Urmm, In my line of work I can assure you that very few people are free of “the family trance” into which, as innocent children we were unintentionally indoctrinated, conditioned or self molded to become someone other than the kind self who we were born to be.
How else do we learn the language of our parents?

But through absorption of the environment in which we are raised and so do we also develop other “accents and traits of behaviour”.

Gun Slinger

Why else would Tony Abbott walk with his robotic strut and advanced pelvis, like a wounded tin man, unless he as a child he was trying to look bigger and stronger than he really was, possibly to impress his all mighty father, might even be that he watched lots of John Wayne gun slinging movies.

However it occurred, his walk does not appear to be a comfortable natural gait, its more like a roosters strut, even so, like his distinctive aggravating voice, it became so set in his system that John Wayne walk became a habit about which he now has no sense or knowledge, as he stiffens up to meet his life challenge. The same applies to the accent of voices and most other behaviour absorbed from the “family trance” they all become set in a way, before we are seven we are told.

Sensitive Indonesian welcome to rest my foot.

Again he showed us that lack of sensitivity when he went and put his filthy foot on an Indonesian dining table where children were eating, and again when he again “para phrased the shame words” at Prime Minister Julia Gillard before running home to get his wife when she had the washing done, dinner prepared and had finished the ironing.

So where exactly is Moses today?

From this you may rightly gather that we are individually responsible for our own happiness, the spirit of Moses resides as the life force within each and every one of us and so, once we drop the conditioning of our Ego which has been handed down to us from many lost generations we may attain self liberating enlightenment, that is a state of self freedom where there need be no walls but self awareness to do no harm to our fellow man and to love and protect our children.

I thoroughly appreciate the opportunity offered to me to break the shackles of the family trance, and invite all to take advantage of the opportunity of self reflection and psychotherapy to open new avenues and pathways to personal freedom from the constriction of former false beliefs.

Many people benefit from Counselling & Psychotherapy and I do wonder if those sad lonely, politicians and shock jocks ever consider therapy as an option to the ugly practice  attention seeking of Foot in Mouth.

Devoid of wise adult mentors champions often run a muck.


On the eve of Clover Moore and Malcolm Turnbull’s meeting about cleaning up the Kings Cross I restate earlier writings about this deadly serious matter which is manifesting across the city, state and nation. Readily evidenced in road rage, street thuggery, to violent physical assaults upon the operators of our public transport system.
Displaying such blatant ignorance to suggest that the non running of public transport in late evening early mornings is sheer and utter baloney regardless of how thin one slices it, it remains baloney.
After Counselling alcoholics, gamblers, particularly problem gambling and compulsive behaviour clients for the past 15 years I see virtually no progress to these very sad social indictments being knowingly and deliberately thrust into and upon the community by the evil merchants perpetrating abuse veiled beneath and behind the shroud of entertainment.
Gambling and alcohol lobbies are culpable organisations festered with slothful individuals who benefit from the pain and loss of psychologically wounded people, from whom they take massive financial benefits from the very flesh and blood of these traumatised individuals who are seldom if ever supplied the essential therapy to attend to the inborn psychological turmoil from which the poor souls find refuge in alcohol and gambling, especially poker machines.

If advertising did not sell cars and drinks and hamburgers then Toyota, Coke,  McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Woolworths Coles & Co would not advertise would they?

Just look at the Clubs deceitful advertising claim about them being part of the solution (to the problem they created) with improved self exclusion programs. Excuse us for seeking your attention but when one already is infected by the HIV virus no amount of exclusion will treat the patient. Identical situation for the treatment of psychological traumatised gamblers who have been snared by the insidious sensory penetration of electronic stimuli activating false hope.
Therefore of the two vices we see GAMBLING is the most wicked and destructive avenue because it is condoned as acceptable by governments who have themselves become dependent upon the taxes there to be gleaned. A gambler may spend all day and night at their vice and walk out into the street “appearing “ to be sober, mean while innocent families, children and society as a whole are penalised. Where as if a person spends the day drinking they will generally fall over or go to sleep.

STOP PRESS : August 6. 2012. Clubs NSW & Clubs Australia do a deal to get the Salvation Army to roll the wheels to pretentiously trial having a Chaplin present in the Pokie dens of the clubs. Almost as if we have turned full circle and the money changers have invited Jesus back into the temple. This reeks.

Of course anger and testosterone does often swell more than the ego of the dumbed down minds, and here is where the responsible service and supervision of alcohol and gambling is not being attended to by the licensee who repeatedly turn blind eyes to their already influenced victims.

For a moment consider the tobacco industries influence in sport, when evidence of smoking damaging health was proven and repeatedly denied, we had tobacco companies pumping sport eg The Winfield Cup in rugby league and any where else they could possibly raise a bill board.
With the outing of tobacco we saw the same criminal minds and desperate organisations capture the joy of youthful exuberance with alcohol, through the addictive patronage of the Toohey’s Cup for under 21s, and Carlton United as major sponsors of rugby’s Queensland Reds and promoting Bundaburg Rum as “the spirit of rugby league”.
Now in 2012 we cannot attend or view a game of football without being bombarded with prices from the board, how to lay a bet, on line, over the phone, or by text from your mobile.
Look at Penrith’s “Have a Bet stadium”, South Sydney club sponsorship, and where latest up to the minute prices have actually become part of the callers “fillers” for which we presume there would be “cash for comment” back handers paid to some willing behind the scenes hand a la the Jones-Laws sagas which led to significant fines being issued by the Federal Court for repetitive breeches of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.
You see from my comments I am incensed by the pretensive behaviour of our law makers, politician, police, and sports corporate executives who choose to close their eyes to the real problems within our society.
 For these supposed authorities to then denigrate and destroy the occasional “starring” or identified individual such as Sonny Bill Williams, Willie Mason, Ben Cousins, Andrew Johns, Tim Smith, Bret Stewart, Benji Marshall, Todd Carney, and hosts of other well known business men and sporting individuals through out the world including the late Kerry Packer, Bill Clinton, Rupert Murdoch, Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, and even John Singleton to name just a few, is utterly wrong and more evil than any behaviour mis-demeanor any of these individuals may ever commit.
Deliberate wickedness, dishonesty on behalf of the “minders” of society is unconscionable, culpable and derelict behaviour of the first order and simply must stop.
We need to deal with the dead, the wounded and dying before any more shots are fired. Then we need to review just what makes these super champions of sport and business tick.

Todd Carney give up as lost and unloved  by the Sydney Roosters

Proving to be a champion as always now playing for NSW & Cronulla

Whilst these named sporting champions concentrate their attention on their sport or business talent they are empowered, not at all aware or conscious of any psychological disturbance. However when their gaming and working days are over their psyche is aggravated by an unidentified dis-ease, they sense an “empty aching need” (an unidentified psychological disturbance to be gratified) so they obsessively distract themselves through avoidance activities such as golf, alcohol, drugs, gamble, live racing, fancy cars, TV, computer games, face book, twitter, internet pornography, wives and sex too.
 Whilst ever mentally occupied and engaged by such “pleasures” they avoid sensing the burning emptiness within.
Hence many of these highly competitive, starring individuals can never get enough of their medicine to adequately satisfy that endless aching need.
 Maybe because that sense leaves them somehow “never feeling good enough”, lying, buried deep within the unconscious of the psyche.
This unconscious founding, is an unidentified psychological “hitch hiker” which evolves with time to become virtually an “accent of behaviour”, established within the being of the individual as a consequence of some child hood wounding absorbed into schemas’ survival patterns as a consequence from any of multiple avenues of early life insecurity.
Devoid of secure adult mentors champions often run a muck.
Such sense of insecurity maybe transferred and established in the womb, in premature or difficult birth, from instinctual maternal separation, domestic or school yard intimidation, abuse, abandonment, exposure to or sensing violence, or outright cultural and emotional ignorance and neglect.
Vigilant awareness born from this sense of stress, or possible failure becomes a powerful motivator forever seeking attention.
It is in avoiding this disease (sense of stress) through concentrating on their special sport that most champions rise to the height of sporting brilliance during their early adult years.
Devoid of mature adult mentors these champions occasionally run amuck to have their identity torn apart by the ever willing critics and festering media moguls. The super rich manage the media as we know only too well.
Dis-ease (negative inborn stress) ultimately becomes disease, so society in ignorance labels these individuals as champions when their team is winning or drug addicts, gamblers, alcoholics or sex addicts depending on the media blaze of the day when life runs a muck.
Repeat offenders will be found cast out, filling the prison the hospital or cemeteries for those wounded champions prematurely left behind by this derelict society.
As we see in todays society with politicians directing the highly publicised, intermittent foray into “cleaning up the crosses” of wounded souls, arresting violent drunken louts yet they forever do nothing to actually address or counsel the child born trauma of these intoxicated wasted individuals.
Q. Does the law have sufficient care and courage to rein in the zealots of alcohol and the purveyors gambling casino culture?
A. Not likely too much money at stake there.
This certainly does pose a question for political consideration:
If one cannot safely operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol reading in excess of .05% alcohol then why would that responsibility not also apply to decisions about responsible gambling.
By turning a blind eye to the alcohol and gambling lobby it is obvious that politicians choose to ignore this club of gangsters and so just as the legend of yore taught us, the King still has has no clothes and the band plays Waltz in Matilda as the wounded soldiers and champions returned from war.
We build more hospitals, we build more jails, but we do absolutely nothing sincere about the TOXIC UNSUSTAINABLE psychological pollution of endless alcohol and gambling outlets destroying our society and taking over family lounge rooms and sporting stadiums.

A war hero who played high stakes stopping Sydney’s traffic.

No wonder veteran SAS Dad Michael Fox, recently had the courage to climb the Sydney harbour bridge because he desperately needed an opportunity to be heard and expose the fools of bureaucracy and their choking law.
He obviously is another champion who has never been understood.
Yes and like saviors before Michael and Todd Carney the mob wants to lynch them both for their effort.
If you would like to speak with me I would be happy to meet you and provide constructive avenues to recovery.

At Bondi Junction Counselling Service we believe that:
“when we can change the way we look at things
the things we look at change.”
Rod McClure JP

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