We wrote to the Honorable New South Wales Ministers Duncan Gay & Adrian Piccoli in hope that their influence may be persuaded  to take positive action when it comes to the continuing, unwelcome expansion of socially erosive, deliberately explicit & sexually suggestive advertising that is festering our streets, roads, high ways, railways, & state transport buses.

As a Counsellor In a recent conversation with a bus operator I was told he just ignores these ads., “That stuff is for the weak minded, who can be influenced by any advertising for alcohol, sex, or gambling, its everywhere” he scoffed in a rather dismissive manner.

However in another Counselling situation that I was called in to support a bus operator refused to drive buses depicting such advertisements & was effectively forced to resign supposedly because of the revenue gleaned from advertising.

If this type of advertising is primarily aimed at & intended for  “the for the weak minded, who can be influenced by any advertising for alcohol, sex, or gambling, the surely the state government does carry a duty of care with the responsibility to over see the weak, wounded & humble from the deliberate, insidious subliminal psychological penetration used in this mode of advertising to grab attention & arouse avoidant temptations to gamble, get sex, suck on alcohol, chocolate bars or cigarettes as a consequence of these manipulative, intellectual perpetrators within the advertising world.

To this end I offer here this photo taken of the side of STA bus 1317 carrying the advertisement for the low grade movie Vampire Academy exaggerating the words “They suck at school” which to my mind is deliberately  sexually demeaning women, children, the education system & society in general. The other side of this grab is in the multi million dollar promotion theme for this movie.
We do not need this type of sleazy advertising parading our cities on government buses, or for that matter being peddled by the government.
We need to start some where & getting this trash off government buses is a great place to start.

There are numerous other sexually explicit demeaning advertisements exaggerating, exposing, parading women & occasionally the man lump in Budgie Smugglers, in alluring modes & expressions to surreptitiously promote, the mouthing of alcohol, ice cream, chocolate bars etc., used in like manner to carry brand names of numerous other products triggered by such sexually evocative allure.

If this order of double entendre advertising was removed from the market it will not be missed by the public & we might be able to enjoy more mentally stimulating, humorous, uplifting, educational creativity.

Carrying of non demeaning, non sexual, advertising for education, services, health, sport, events, food, etc., within reason is tolerable however we must draw a line to what is acceptable to turn the behaviour of this immature sibling society back towards adulthood.

Ministers at our age we are all well versed with the inevitability of gradualism so we would be very pleased to assist in any way possible to address this wanton under hand progressive erosion of respect & civil decency within our society.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Looking forward to other views about this advertising litter which continues to pollute our bodies, minds, souls & national spirit of respect & decency for the young developing minds of our children.

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Transitional Process Sibling To Adult


Many years ago I wrote the above poem with the intention of helping young men recognise the separation that occurs between a little boy’s life sensing skills, which he denies & hides to avoid the dangerous self considered exposure of his fear, instead he seeks his safe survival by holding onto any emotional expressions which are mostly adopted from the model under which he evolves.
Monkey see Monkey do etc.
Young women in contrast are, by nature, given initiating life maturing stages through which they pass to adult enlightenment, young boys seldom move beyond the excitement of sparrows flying around their nether regions.

Such exciting sensations may also be activated with thrills of peer group conquest through drugs, any perception of winning, gambling, racing, speed, guns, rockets, & war.

In similar vein to my poem I also see Bette Middler’s song “The Rose” which tells the same beautiful awakening story in music.

Unfortunate  the Ego’s desire to control tends to take many of our young men over and we completely loose touch & feeling towards our emotions, such habitually adopted behavior happens unconsciously as such behaviour is modeled, cloned, by the environment in which we are raised, hence we develop what I have named “accents of behaviour” to avoid the discomfort of being emotionally hurt.

We effectively shut ourselves down completely, & so we live life lost, disassociated, stagnating in absolute emotional denial under the corporate control of one’s own Ego.

That is until we experience a “peak moment”  a physiological & psychological moment with “rainbow energy ” from within, an explosive moment of self realisation, of inner beauty in the moment when our being becomes flooded with previously denied Oxytocin to release the sensational experience which sets ones entire being “aglow” so to speak.

We certainly do have a very serious situation within our international culture which through the process of corporate domination has in a span of some 70 years, has deteriorated to the old rules of the jungle where 12 year old boys take guns to school and actually use them whilst escapees from war & torture are held in concentrated detention centers.

Yes in our Counselling Service at Bondi Junction this is the work we aim to share to help all men find & recover that place of self realisation.

In earlier civilised societies such progress from boy child, through adolescence, and on into adult hood formed part of our tribal initiations, unfortunately the teachers have left the class room and the whole world is being run by immature siblings who receive their lessons from TV & violent games promoted by the corporate benefactors.

Escape to self freedom is up to the individual to seek self actualisation & adult maturity.

Here we support & practice that transition.

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Noli_me_tangere “Do Not Touch Me”

A rather interesting post board is running on LinkedIn about the issue of “hugging” clients to which I have added my two bobs worth.



There is absolutely no question that “therapeutic touch” or “big touch as in a hug” does carry with it the propensity for reassuring support, however the best intention of the therapist in relenting to give a client a hug is fraught with immense danger so absolutely no touch is acceptable under any circumstances in Counselling therapy.

It is understood that there will be many body sensitive therapists who will challenge this “no touch” dictum as being extreme, however should they continue to ignore this warning they shall be doing so at their own risk, as the day will come when suggestion is made of touch being inappropriate, regardless of how well intended the therapist was in the delivery of their professional duty.   As the following Linkedin discussion will reveal there are varied opinions around this particular aspect of our Counselling work.

Here below follows my comment on the LinkedIn site:  Is it ok to hug a client at the end of a session?

I have been following this topic closely & see and understand the comments clearly, what is more, I believe that touch can certainly contribute to healing, however as a practicing professional therapists I declare that I shall never touch my clients, it is simply too dangerous & as much as we may want to show our empathic understanding with a gentle touch, that may well be a demonstration of our own need which simply must be contained.
This is my second post on this topic, & after some really heavy Supervision on this matter I state here emphatically that hugging is most definitely OUT, along with any inkling to touch our clients.

Whilst some clients may actually seek physical contact after therapy having “warmed” to a healed sense of awareness, the Counsellor’s professional contract with the client is for psychological therapy on deeper unseen levels of our being and so effectiveness to this element of our work maybe seriously & permanently jeopardized by crossing or merging the etheric boundary. Furthermore we never know at that time just how this client may or may not react regardless of our best assumptions, even more the case they may or may not reach full recovery, or relapse, so we as therapists whilst remaining in the mindful state of loving presence must also maintain a slightly aloof self state from complete connection.

Where as, when clients contract to have acupuncture, massage or such similar hands on medical & physical treatments we enter an entirely different contract to work with infinite levels & layers of physical stress & tension held within the conditioned body. Even so when the treatment is complete the original aloof distance between client & therapist must be immediately & professionally reestablished to effect closure for that session.

Bondi Junction Counselling Services is within the Bondi Junction Massage & Float Centre  Our professionally qualified Counsellors & Massage therapists know, respect, & thoroughly understand the dignity & absolute confidence expected by & given to our clients.

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Violence is a left over from prehistoric survival.


This link about men’s abuse of women  came bye this morning & naturally evoked the sense within me of just how much I react negatively to this near impulsive survival sense & weakness within my conditioned self which has been hyper activated by life abuse as a child. This virtual instantaneous reflex response has been unconsciously filed sorted & stored by some well intended part of my being with the belief that I must avoid experiencing any further sensations or else some part suggest I might risk my life, I think we call this feeling fear.

Any sense of threat to life triggers our Ego’s belief to this sensation. Because this experience lives within virtually all species we either fight or fly to avoid any sense of threat. Supposedly respectable, socially acceptable, people often find themselves experiencing shame filled experiences of abusive “wall punching, door kicking, window smashing, blood getting, violent behaviour”. Such uncontrolled violent behaviour is not acceptable in our society. Violence is a left over characteristic from pre-historic evolutionary survival.
It is in this weakness of response management where we all have the propensity for our Ego to resort to such aggression when we are challenged & natural fear for survival activated the defender. So Ego wants to throw rocks, spit & use bitter words or worse as a form of protection so that we do not get any more exposure to discomfort.

An absolutely primal DNA borne stimulus response, a primal reaction straight out of the cave of environmental survival, which probably explains why many men still enjoy Australia’s Funniest Home videos, Paint ball, Killer games, War, Playing soldiers, Cow boys & Indians, The Flintstones, & Rugby league.


This aspect of my being may even explain why we always have a soft spot for the “under dog”, & thoroughly appreciate & enjoy the feeling of  assisting people find their way back into the freedom of self realisation as a Counsellor whilst also enjoy giving attention to tall poppies & call out societies ugly narcissistic psychopathic bullies.

GINA IN A RickshawWhilst I am fully aware that the above reference is to an article specifically in reference to men I do know & have worked with many couples where abusive behaviour is practiced by women who knowingly & deliberately manipulate situations, often “getting back” at their men or by seeking special favors, with “rewards” for erratic spending, or by denying access to children, secretly gambling, publically flirting & even having sexual affairs, simply because they know it will gut their man to the core. Such behaviour is driven by the Ego’s disconnection from the life & consciousness which is all that we are.

Ego is nothing more than the collective manifestation from our environmental exposure. Individual sound & accents of voice is the example we use to explain the environmental absorption by the developing child’s mind, we learn like magpies, p[arrots & cockies to talk, whistle & make the sounds & languages we hear.

Ego is not who we are.

Ego simply comes ashore when we are babies & from then on continues to invade & pollute social consciousness. Ego takes hold of those images & grows into an adult believing that what we see is all there is between right & wrong.

When consciousness & mind work together, in harmony, as One there is no barrier, no Ego domination, in this state of mindfulness we allow our spirit of life itself to mingle, sharing mutual intuitive sensitivity.

So it also is in relationship situations if & when we misunderstand each other that is exactly what it is, a mis-understanding which, when carefully considered & understood within the safety of in a non judgmental Counselling environment  both or all parties are therapeutically encouraged to look at the situation from a different perspective & so often become able to understand each others views of the glass.
To discover that the other party is not necessarily wrong , & that we are not necessarily right, we simply have different opinions that’s all that the disputes are & have been about. Simply realizing the different ways of interpreting the level of the water in the glass. The old glass half full story once again.Glass half fullSo, I sincerely believe that which would effect me might also also touch you, but not necessarily identically, as your life experience has left you with your ideas & interpretations of how & what you understand.
That is exactly why our logo says “If we change the way we look at things the things we look at can change.”LogoSmallerWe all share this magnificent propensity of One life, some people are fortunate enough to know this place, others have been misled as children & need to exercise behaviour re-adjustment to alter indoctrinated thinking processes & in so doing old conditioned beliefs often find great peace in an enlightened sense of awareness.

Just be yourself.  Don’t go trying to be yourself, that would be Ego playing a part. Besides which you are great just as you are, your real self, the person who built the body in which life resides for the time being.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to sort through any of your personal stresses or worries or simply to consider the views expressed in this article.

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Womens Trust of Victoria Work Done by those Who Turn Up.



Yesterday 10.11.13. we watched this live to air presentation by The Women’s Trust of Victoria

You may know by now that I actually supported Julia Gillard’s government primarily because I/we were blessed to know Tony Windsor for nearly 30 years & he remains without doubt a man of sincerity, valour, & honour one who who epitomises his strength with his catch phrase about “work being done by those who turn up”
On a personal level Tony Windsor most certainly did turn up & speak on my behalf at Enough is Enough, a  meeting organised at Barooga by local grain trading, transport operator Ray Brooks in about 1985.

A really good cover of Tony Windsor was produced & presented on ABC Australian Story
So yesterdays meeting which featured former Prime Minister Julia Gillard & Tony Windsor put much into perspective, it was a genuine, house cleaning, spring dusting, bringing a breath of fresh air in light of the dastardly shut in, curtains drawn moulder, rancid behaviour of the now elected Abbott government. Tony Windsor in supporting Julia Gillard to form a government for all Australians did so based on sound character experience & as he so rightly determined then that if “Abbott can’t lead he won’t go on the paddock.”
There also was the great you should be disgusted in yourself speech Tony made when he exposed Tony Abbott as one so desperate to “get the job” that he would do anything…..anything to get the job.
So here we are at remembrance day 2013 paying tribute to all those who like Tony Windsor’s Father & Julia Gillard’s Father and too many thousands of other great men & women who have fallen & gone before us in love of this wonderful country.

We certainly are proud of them and sincerely thank them for “turning up to do what needed to be done” & we are proud of both Julia & Tony to borrow words from staunch supporting fellow Independent


Rob Oakeshott, himself the Father of daughters who we hear here in his parting speech from Windsor’s “greasy pond’ of Canberra  calling for a clean out of the vile sexist demeaning abuse inflicted upon Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Rob closing words suggested that “the fringes have invaded the centre”.



Well Darling Peoples Good day to you.

Its really important that none of you dare go into a Queensland Pub in your Roosters Club colours or else you , the publican & the attending staff might end up in Premier Campbell Newman’s  slammer with a $11k fine.

I really do think we need to see that such legislation as this from Campbell Newman the super right wing premier of Queensland does get stopped in its tracks as in my opinion such pressure will only give rise to further aggravation of the wounded, dismissed, maltreated, neglected & abused.

Have a really good look at the pantomime of this evil legislation delivered from behind the “Eyes Wide Shut” mask, I’m positive that Stanley Kubrick was leaving many many messages for us to see & hear so that “when we are ready willing & able we shall understand ”

When we actually listen to Russell Brandt story we see Russell is offering similar information about the destructive & dangerous manipulation of the people by megalomaniac political psychopaths & their influenced ideologically brainwashed followers.

Society in general has the capacity to tolerate such constrictive practices for a year or two but be assured that there will be a massive shift in consciousness as good honest decent people continue to “hit the wall” & are dismissed from honorable worthwhilw service as was the case for Professor Tim Flannery & many other professional academics presently being dismissed without notice, apparent reason or explanation.

When such cosmic alignment of dark forces such as Rupert Murdoch, Cardinal George Pell, Prime Minister Abbott dismisses our Minister of Science & when needed well fare grants across the Nation are withdrawn we must ask whats this all about?.
When we hear Murdoch praising a Catholic Prime Minister it certainly does sound as though Opus Dei  has succeeded in ruling the Liberal party.

Now such men as these have stepped in to stoke the fires around the “stakes” in preparation for the “burning of the supposed ” witches”, (witches it seems are any one of either gender who challenges them with alternate logical belief once again,including public xervants & Police. This verbal portrait also features the mincing “Flitter brain” Christopher Pyne,  Judas I guess might be taken up by Barnaby Joyce.

Irregardless of individual political persuasion we are able now in this light of consciousness to see & understand why Prime Minister Julia Gillard was treated with such absolute disrespect by Murdoch, Liberal politicians & the media inciting such despicable & vitriolic spurts from the gutter mouths of 2GB’s shock jocks Jones, Hadley & others.



Work place war zone.
Traumatic stress is a physiological condition brought to general public attention following the return home of soldiers from the Vietnam war in that instance it was branded as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Today we are re-branding this war zone identified  wound as Present traumatic stress. Such condition is extremely well understood within the corporate world yet they continue to replace the fallen front line soldiers with cannon fodder brought in from unemployed forces, under the pretentious enticement of financial carrots.
Now days with the advantage of experience, observation, knowledge & scientifically proven hindsight it is obvious this normal condition of physiological over load has certainly been present within society for ever, however the sheer concentration of individuals experiencing identical symptoms & degree of emotional & physiological incapacity to manage & hold stable domestic & social relationships on return from war service was exemplary. There was a break through to the cultural lies of keeping a “stiff upper lip”. The establishment simply had to take some responsibility for the care & rehabilitation of those bitterly scarred by repetitious exposure to the carnage & atrocities experienced in front line war fare.

Now highly apparent in the war zone where higher command demands soldiers to do battle & dodge the vitriolic bullets & charges of vile abuse inflicted upon them with the intention of defending the status of the represented product. Concentration of expectation to such exposure is now highly apparent on the front line of duty in customer service for every day occupations from teachers to bus operators to front line product support teams in the world biscuits & chips.

Yes these front line service people from teachers & bus operators, to call centre individuals to our former Prime Minister are being endlessly exposed to tirades of the most disgusting unacceptable abuse, in the endless drive for higher performance with increased personal tolerance & so the front line take their toll.

Mankind is everything but kind, “IT” has become utterly unconscious, impersonal, denying IT’s insatiable unsustainable egotistical lust to be king of the castle.

Modern day castles are the corporate models which have the currency of money flowing through its heartless technological nerve centre to such degree that it has lost all sense of connection to emotional sensitivity to the very conduit through which the impulses travel, just as this overload occurs within molecular structure, the conductor progressively breaks down, crystallizes, or ruptures & needs to be rewired or replaced like a blown light globe or flickering florescent tube. People treated like Old “blown globes” are “let go”, dumped to the bin & replaced.

Fortunately humans are not light globes, they are all unique individuals with varying degrees & tolerance capacity, like all bright young soldiers, however when they are exposed to extreme & repetitious voltage shocks for an extended period our & their adrenal system overloads our auto immune capacity for tolerance & dis-ease resistance & so we are seeing the increase in collapse to varying conditions of disease, which burden the medical & penal system to overload.

In the past three weeks we have attended work places to support numerous employees who have been shock, threatened  & consequently traumatised by by five supposedly “inexplicable deaths”, two suicides, 28 redundancies & or outright threats of dismissal of fellow employees.

So you will see that modern day corporate workers have joined with soldiers in an insidious “hidden cold” war zone and as this wonderful Sally Sara ABC Foreign Correspondent article proves, helpers & carers playing Simpson in the battle field of social welfare must be aware of the cumulative influence of exposure in their duty to the nefarious influence of vicarious trauma.

If you, members of your work team or family identify with these sentiments then seeking regular Professional Supervision from experienced & registered independent Supervisors is essential for self care maintenance to deal with,  release & further avoid this unconscious accumulation & dangerous health threatening tolerance of vicarious trauma to insure against overload & burnout.

For further self help information, articles, body therapy, & meditative float tank relaxation we recommend you visit this PH Duck’s Pond.

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What’s not mankind.

Pigs confined in metal and concrete pensCORPORATE PIG:::::GALL CENTER.

Micro chipping of pets & animals has largely been accepted by the populous just in case your Great Charles Spaniel or Cheeky little bag sniffing  Fox Terrier may loose obedient concentration, & break his leash, dig under the fence, or climb through a key hole to follow the natural wafting scent of an inviting pheromone from distant suburbs. Only to possibly becoming so ultra exhausted in his service he must take a rest & drink in the park on his homeward return journey, only to be nabbed by the ever vigilant local council Dog Catcher.

                     “Yes madam, we do have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cavalier-King-Charles-Spanielanswering your description here at the Pound the recovery fee for all the compulsory vaccinations, & overnight food & accommodation is $750, unfortunately as our office closes at 3.00 pm, if Sir Lancelot is not collected within the next hour there will be another days fees of $250 payable before release.”
“However if you are prepared to have Sir Lancelot microchipped we will only charge you $50 for the chipping & his registration in case he should freely wander up or down wind in the future.”
Initially tested on animals as are most like inventions, drugs & cosmetics for the monitoring of prisoners on day release we now understand that all of Sir Lancelot’s future adventures become monitored by NASA’s automatic GPS tracking network which reports directly to FBI, ASIO, Interpol, Assad, & the United Arab Emirantes in case Sir Lancelot may decide to pay visits to any embassy residents without his registration & implanted, safe, individual, identification dog tag.
Laugh if you must, because this is where we are today, each & every one of us are under constant surveillance with our many fold scopes of registration, credit cards, vehicle GPS,  Smart  phone, iPad, Kindles, computers, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, bank accounts, doctors, dentists, mechanics, insurance & on infinitum.

Well that’s ok you say, until your performance fails to deliver 45 liters of “milk” each 24 hours.
Surely you must have  noticed the discussion about same sex marriage & marital  relations, sexism in politics, sexism & inequality in general, about deliberate attempts of  misogynistic patriarchal domination, about abuse to fellow men & women, about abuse & violence inflicted upon animals, well it’s certainly not before time.

We all do understand it has been this way for many generations.  caveman-photographerGenerations who have unwittingly passed down & accepted such modes of apelike, wall punching, behaviour as acceptable, normal & to be expected in a supposed progressive 2013 Australian society, not so we say.
Well folks it never will be & it never has been acceptable. Man has completely lost his ability for the kindness part of his society. Mankind certainly is not kind. Recent behaviour has publicly demonstrated to all that man remains emotionally undeveloped & is lost to egotistical intentions.

As Mother’s forever love, nurture & protect their male progeny regardless of their idolatrous self worship & repetitive hopelessness. Even so Mother never gives up, she never stops loving her son, constantly showering him with sincere chest hugging forgiveness in the vain hope that he will learn from these repetitive consequential lessons of nigh disaster.

Expanding this model metaphorically to the greater society we see how the patriarchal  division survives because women never allow men to actually hit rock bottom to have their vessel destroyed, needing to save himself alone by swimming to shore.

No, Mother, women forever step in providing “Rubber Duckies” to ferry these spoilt brats to shore.

Rather than tolerating such severe castigation & abuse which these great female creators & bearers of life have endured in recent times with vile, disgusting, derogatory language women should immediately withdraw from offering any sense or form of recovery. Yes forget the rescue, so that when these jerks do hit rock bottom, & get washed overboard they leave man there to swim ashore, to climb the rock face & learn a lesson or several by enduring his self inflicted pain. Repetitious failure to adopt this practice prevents man from ever evolving to develop his natural potential & so he remains as ignorant as the Fathers before him. Modern day man has become lame & lost touch with his true self. In this regard a pair of outstanding exceptional men are to be found in retiring politicians Rob Oakeshot & fellow brave Independent Tony Windsor. 

Of course there are other thoroughly decent men who have experienced the good fortune of wise tutelage & who have enjoyed the benefit & guidance of self actualized emotional & intellectually developed parentage. Very few of these men actually bother about the corporate success as they have the capacity to gratify their individual needs without dependence on their fellow man. Here I immediately refer to Nelson Mandela who after spending 27 years incarcerated in prison for seeking freedom from oppression of his fellow man has positively influenced the entire world in his life time & to whom we shall remain forever grateful.

By my returning here to the Sir Lancelot analogy some will be able to join threads to the influence of the woven corporate facade or face of today’s corporate & politic society where women once more are left on the outer shores of upper management only to be used as fringe supporters of the ever consuming black hole, the devouring vortex of the CEO & the voracious never satisfied financial share market. Yes career women in today’s world generally remain left to do the majority of the hunting & gathering work dictated to them from deep within that ever vanishing materialistic black hole.

So in keeping with animal rights & abolishing cruelty we have arrived back at Nelson Mandela’s childhood freedom, with free range chooks, pigs, sheep & cattle without hormone stimulation. In many cases cages, intense battery housing, rota-lacting dairy cows, & confining pig pens are being decreased & marketed in favour of free range production, well that is for animals. Boxes hmi_1However the corporate office is building large office cages for humans because now they all carry the predecessor to futuristic “blue tooth” (RFID) microchips. Not a great deal of difference to the pig shed.

Individuals must all log in & out with the ID card & computer pass word log on, to be constantly monitored for highest performance or else they are sent straight down the chute like a shorn sheep or off to the slaughter house to become meat pies.

So much for understanding, love kindness, compassion for our fellow man & human kind.

You get this? If you need help to free yourself from this insanity Counselling is a way.

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I vehemently rebuke  Rupert Murdoch’s media invasion into Australia politics & his insatiable appetite for power because, like Wendi Dent,  most of us plainly see the personal disconnection & incapacity he carries for humanity, therefore I continue to hold & express that view on the national forum.

Even so, I am genuinely sorry to hear that Rupert Murdoch’s relationship & marriage with Wendi has failed. Rupert & WendiHowever that division speaks volumes for his absolute & to some, insane desire to gain personal acceptance. Acceptance to recover from the pain of rejection he experienced in childhood. Rupert like Abbott & many others does not understand nor are they cognisant to the establishment & foundations to our “Accents of Behaviour”. (crm)

Rupert truly believes in his own sense of invulnerability.

Well as this Divorce demonstrates he is highly vulnerable. Even so I doubt if he would be prepared to undergo Counselling or Psychotherapy to recognise this unconscious infliction of never being satisfied leaving him with an insatiable, inward bound, endless aching need.

Here below follows a Twitter posted today to Mr Murdoch after he announced yet another relationship breakdown & divorce from wife three Wendi. Of course this is Rupert & Wendi’s private life, however being consistent with my public criticism of Rupert Murdoch’s & his IPA cronies, with his free market ideology I believe his attitude in politics is symbolic to his emotional incapacity to maintain a relationship.

For Rupert it is his way or the high way, divide & rule, & do not ever let the truth get in the way of a good story.

After all we are people first. Living creatures people with life & feelings who care for each other so in fairness to the criticism I have written about Rupert Murdoch I offer here the foundations & justification for that  same criticism.

Julia Int W Day.jpg_largeConsistent with my criticism about the sinister abuse & degenerate language driven at & about our Prime Minister Julia Gillard I believe we have very good humane & moral grounds  to expect better treatment & respect for women & especially respect for the position of our national Prime Minister. Prime Minister Gillard is a living intelligent woman, not a piece of dead flesh, road kill, to be dragged through  slanderous political sewers from the gutter fed mouths of a pack of mongrels parading as would be international representatives.

THE TWITTER: To @rupertmurdoch
Yet another separation  suggest you may both continue to carry unresolved burden to your relationships. Respectfully may I suggest our answer always lies within us.
No external conquest, neither material, or personal, no ideological possession or obsession will ever permanently gratify the endless aching, heart scarred, childhood need to be loved.
Sure, when you are financially successful you can cut & sack when ever it suits, however the emotional damage spoils across many generations as we have been fore warned. So children & Grand children are emotionally impacted now.

Any perceived criticism or sense of rejection from stimulus any where in the world may activate this ugly, unwelcome charge, sensed as a toxic objectionable discomfort, when we touch into emotional pollution contained within a scarred heart.
So painful is “IT”, so toxic is “IT” we avoid dealing with ‘IT” by shooting, dismissing & burning the loving messenger.
Unfortunately we drop the teachers who try to penetrate that scarred heart by give nothing more than relational love & beautiful innocent children.
Zany Hollywood with the super rich is full of actors & actresses with aching lonely hearts who constantly use & often loose their relationships. Some die from taking on various “drugs of avoidance” including ‘workaholism’ which could well apply now, to mask their wounded hearts, mostly founded in childhood trauma.

It’s not our fault that we cannot feel this love if we have never truly known the bond of emotional connection. The experienced pain & anguish & fear of rejection often motivates the champion, but only for a few seasons.
Always only remaining as temporarily avoidance to satisfy our ego.

Sir it is never too late to heal an aching heart. Hopefully there maybe some comfort here & wishing you all the best with new found freedom from your endless aching need.