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To PHDuck everything of nature is as it should be, real. Anything that man interferes with or alters is no longer natural, this definitely especially relates to deliberate genetically modified species intended for food consumption.

Each species has within it the natural genetic transference and acceptance of DNA to fertilise and regenerate the species. With time there maybe a natural cross fertilisation of and progressive evolution of specific characteristics of merging species, after all this is within the natural capacity for the miracle of life.

PHDuck is a very sensitive male human being who was raised principally in desert country amidst natures elements and all creatures great and small. From this basis and understanding in natural balance he understands and cares passionately about the welfare of people.

Being raised on desert earth amidst some mallee, spinaphex and porcupine, where occasional wild fires were a great predator, rain infrequent, and wild tempered dust storms at times so intense they buried day light, in such arid country water is essential for the survival of all living creatures. Here working Australian creatures and mankind actually exist. Dishonesty, cheats, uninvited, pretenders and liars of any species are short lived. Units of measurement, work and production are real. Measured by the seed, speed, kilogram, kilometer, millimeter, liter, or in the old scale of species, pounds, miles, and  gallons. The only banks in nature are built of moving sand or carved in time by rivers. Nature has no association with money or credit. Owing to this accepted foundation of belief in nature I have forever struggled with the liars and invaders who have kidnapped people and their  children since the invention of financial interest, which to my mind is a negative charge against seasons before they arrive. nature has no credit cards or loans. Creatures of the land know water is such a precious resource they have evolved accordingly and also developed ways to preserve food and water, man does this by building dams or sinking bores to tide him over for the dry times, life’s survival is severely limited without water.In Water Hole

When creatures find ways to covert water others naturally will have to go and perish without so the Bengal tiger learns to conserve energy by lying right in the water hole. Whilst I have absolute respect for nature, and especially for the big cats I have absolutely no respect at all for the Big Cats of corporate business or banks who live by being blood sucking parasites on the good will and intention of their fellow species. In this generation we have degenerated to definitely have arrived at this place. As a society we have now arrived to the time of Ouroboros.

Claiming the title of a senior I most certainly know & definitely understand from within to why my cellular being and life path has always led me to mythological follow the life and behaviour of a friendly floating duck.

Ph & H2O













For new readers I offer again previous mention of the PH part of this Duck is just to borrow the Doctorate title of PH to relate to our energetic spirit of life itself which reflects just how we feel as our spirit flies high to our head as a rush of ALKALINE chemistry when we are excited and experience that delight of short term mania. Longer term over dosing and drugs may definitely become a anic problem.

When our energetic sense (spirit) is floating freely on the Pond in balance of PH7 within our waters at our Heart we feel LOVE, at Peace within our self. The EQUATOR of planet earth is green.

When the going gets tough we begin to feel the load as the chemistry heads down south. Here we tend to hear the energy of aggravation, early “burn out” signals, which if not addressed become disease, colloquially express as being  “Pissed Off”, tired with the world and the work place around us as we head into the Acidic chemistry which ultimately leads to a debilitating state regularly treated by the academically qualified but worldly inexperienced “psycho Quack and medicine” as Depression for which, too often, they try to over ride by prescribing supposed Anti depressant medication whilst ignoring the environment which has led to the run down of health.LogoSmallerAdmittedly there are times when medication is valuable & even essential however, in our modern insatiable corporate driven world of ever increasing demand and monitored expectations for high performance from each individual’s life which is basically starving for simple essential needs of basic shelter, freedom from threat, and some love acceptance and sense of belonging as most people struggle for weekly or even daily survival, living like the animals in hand to mouth fashion whilst under the endless oppression and denial of essential gratification of human needs.

As body sensitive Hakomi Counsellors & Psychotherapists we take a holistic view to why our clients are struggling to understand why their life is so heavy and they feel so down, As skilled life and body sensitive therapists we can see why Floating back to the pond just happens naturally with recognition for self release from all the reeds and ties that bind us to that suffocating, breath taking sense of stifled freedom, depression, anger, sadness, mental confusion and associated anxiety.

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Predatorial Racism Abuse Sexism

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Written by PH Duck
Monday, 24 July 2017 14:14


Across our many sessions of Counselling we continue to experience  a considerable number of male & female clients who have endured the ignominy of some form or method of sexual abuse.

Too often abuse perpetrated by those folk who have been trusted by the children’s parents or guardians, trusted to care for the innocent young children.
Many children so abused are sworn to subsequent secrecy, carrying with it the wicked, toxic emotional infliction of self incrimination. It was my fault.
This intimidation of such abuse is hideously inflicted by the reinforced  threat of;
“It was you who did the wrong”.
“It will be seen as your fault
“No body will believe you.
“You will get into trouble etc.
So Hyper Vigilance abounds.
Abuse to a child, or to any individual does not necessarily have to be of a sexual nature to inflict trauma.

Any form of violence, physical, verbal, isolation, neglect, adoption, abandonment, all massively painful and toxically shaming to the pure innocent, tender child.
Family comparison to unreasonable expectation or demands can, may and have been known to intimidate and psychologically traumatise children.


Even though they were entirely innocent of any acts of now perceived guilt hidden, shameful toxic bearing indecency.
Children so abused live lives incapable of ever being able to regain their original innocence.
George Pell
A perpetual state of terror.
Those inflictions of violence leave children forever in an emotionally charged, self protecting, alert condition.

This is an ever vigilant state of self isolating protection.

A perpetual state of terror.
Eternally on guard, seeking comfort from their contained dis-ease by resorting to any to or all of the known vices of workaholism, drugs, alcohol, dysfunctional relationships, prostitution, gambling, pornorgraphy, sport and even homages to spiritual devotees.Counselling:
That is, until they have the opportunity to be involved, heard and understood in professional self relational therapy which can and does assist to develop behavioural changes in self awareness, sufficient to recognise the sensation without being overwhelmed by the triggered fear.

“Lift up your bed and walk.”

Spiritual devotion is a very healthy method for emotional recovery, to repair and renew our self esteem.
Spiritual devotion is where the Masters’ offer lessons and directions to guide us, for us to lift and renew our spiritual self awareness.
We use and practice the Master’s teachings and lessons to make our selves feel more worthy.
So effectively we accept the invitation to “lift up our bed and walk.”

WICKED TRUSTED  predators have their moment/s of sexual gratification whilst leaving children inflicted with life time suffering of pain felt indignancy.
This is the crime that has been focused on to expose the Church’s and sexual abuse generally by the long awaited  Australian Royal Commission into Child Sex abuse.

Under oath at the Royal Commission those in High Office say “I cannot recall”.

We know of the movie Spotlight featuring pedophilia in the Catholic Church of Boston
and how that set up a team of materialisticlly driven lawers in a Cottage Industry

Now we have yet another blatant exposure to the denial of this atrocious wickedness.

Irony within the Catholic Church.
It must be so difficult for the decent clergy of the church to practice their faith knowing that most are now
left under suspicion.
We do feel for those members of the clergy, but they too must come clean and now
Route the wicked money changes and evil perpetrators from their Father’s House also.

Jesus Cleanses Temple
Pope Francis V2

Pope Francis is doing his best it seems to bring the Church to meet the people once again just as Jesus cleansed the temple of the traders and money changers.

Claiming “This is my Fathers House”.
So should those untoward thoughts come to disturb your mind we can also “cleanse the temple” as this mind is our Fathers house also.Well we believe we all live in this big house called planet Earth.



Somebodies  Nobodies

HEAR AND SEE ROBERT FULLER TALK AT TED.When discrimination is race-based, we call it racism; when it’s gender-based, we call it sexism.
Somebodies and Nobodies introduces rank-based discrimination—or “rankism”—a form of injustice that everyone knows, but no one sees.
It explains our reluctance to confront rankism,
Shows where analyses based on identity fall short and, using dozens of examples,
Traces many forms of injustice and unfairness to rankism.

If you are tired of never feeling good enough, being put down or abused here is an opportunity to:



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