Little children expose clone of the age.

Possible explanation commenting on the above article:

As a practicing Trauma Counsellor in Sydney I am exposed daily to the type of incidents you write of & like Sally I must agree about the level of violence & abuse being inflicted upon innocent members of the work force. 
It is my firm belief that our society has experienced continuing abuse for ever and especially in politics over the past 30 odd years A generation or two no less.  In 1985 there developed a distinct power struggle within the minds of conservative politicians between “Wet” (socially conscious) & “Dry” (hard line materialists) factions with the Drys taking out the cup. 
Ultimately this competitive belief of winner takes all has become imbedded into the psyche of the die hard “knock em down drag em out” Dry culture which we have seen portrayed & played by the federal opposition with their relentless campaign to destroy the Prime Minister, the same campaign was used by John Howard’s deliberate undermining of then Prime minister Paul Keating. Even though Keating did his best to counter the attack the attack took hold in the minds of the public. So believing in this method this ugly negative berating of or by the highest public office for 30 odd years which has also included the 9/11 trauma inflicting publicity, being delivered into a dishonest “War on Terror ” (hideously sentiments later captured & reinforced by the Bali bombing)  a campaign driven by WMDs & daily updates of bloodshed of women & children, smashed home, hospitals & schools, leading on through a Sydney lock down with Black Hawk helicopter monitors over the sky & hair triggered telescopic assins on every roof top for the visit of our good friend & war mate American President Bush. Guantanamo Bay, & Martin Bryant rab a muck in the Broad Arrow cafe at Port Arthur, leading to the surrender of guns, which was a good thing at the time about which  Barry O’Farrell seems to have forgotten. etc etc.

Then we were given amongst other things a GST which spiked prices across the board as the gougers took their dip before we ran into insane & now paralyzing property price & rental escalations threatening our basic shelter, as credit flowed in tsunami proportions ultimately leaving the global financial crisis across the world.
As hard as we may try none of us were able to feel safe living under this constant barrage of highly publicised threats. Boom & bust.

With benefit of this hindsight we now see how society as a whole has been brutally traumatised, neglected by this narcissistic culture of domination. There has been no true, honest, genuine  leadership, no true statesmen just social domination. Immigration threats are turned into & promoted as wicked people, Illegal immigrants who throw their children into the sea. How disgusting was that? Absolutely revolting & knowingly driven to media to win election.

So any elevation by any strong socially focused woman to this dry culture is threatened & so she must be put down, destroyed, vilified, condemned at all cost. As seen through Queensland, NSW, & Federal politics all over.

Basically this attitude has applied to women forever.
 Yes there is no doubt that society is definitely experiencing the surfacing consequences today of wicked deliberate  psychologically wounding, it is from this unseen endless aching wound that violence & abuse erupts.

Errant behaviour essentially seeking healing on a national scale.

”Come on give it your best shot” attitude “I can take heaps of your shit, I don’t give a fuck what you think of me”, admirably demonstrated by the leader of the federal opposition who told Tony Windsor 
”That he would do anything to get the job”.

Our society so desperately needs the healing arms of an understanding, compassionate, confident, leader a Nelson Mandela, an Abraham Lincoln to release the people from this psychologically inflicted slavery. Society needs a leader who has courage & character, a leader who will recognise the desperation of survival which is unconsciously presenting its symptoms, now so apparent as deranged mental illness, unacceptable threatening social conduct.

Our laconic laissez-faire Aussie culture has been mortally divided by materialism of Dry economics the inevitable end product of “take over” domination with entire annihilation of the individual’s proprietary consciousness.
 Kill or be killed.

So sad when love conquers all and gentle touch can heal.

Now we are presented with the “Dry’s” charade, the presentation of a gentle leader of the opposition seeking plenary indulgence in confession & soft photos in the pre school sand pit without his Red, White or Yellow HAT this time. This toxic LOTO is prepared to do anything, ANYTHING he said,  “to get the job”.
This culture of abuse comes naturally to him, unfortunately he knows no better, he is a clone of the age, he must not be given the right to continue this deliberate infliction of egotistical abuse upon our nations innocent children.
Notice in this vid that the children are not taking any notice of this silly man’s stunt.

Little children are born innocent & are very wise as seen here.

Sand Pit KidsTony Abbott wears a rainbow hair net as part of an organ donation campaign.Here is toxic LOTO prepared to do anything, ANYTHING he said,  “to get the job”.


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