Nature has no symbiotic association with money or credit.

    “Natural Balance at the Green Zone of all Equators”.
To this pH-Duck everything of nature is as it should be, real. Anything that man interferes with or alters is no longer natural, this definitely and most especially relates to deliberate genetic manipulation and modification of all of natures species.
Each species has within it the natural genetic transference disposition and acceptance requirements and DNA to fertilise and regenerate the species. Certainly across time there maybe a natural cross fertilisation of and progressive evolution of specific characteristics of merging evolving species, after all this is within the natural capacity for the miracle of life which we consider has evolved to delivered man before he devolved into today’s walking talking numeric symbol of materialism. zombiesEach species has within it the natural genetic transference and acceptance of DNA to fertilise and regenerate the species. With time there maybe a natural cross fertilisation of and progressive evolution of specific characteristics of merging species, after all this is within the natural capacity for the miracle of life.
pH-Duck is a sensitive male human being who was raised principally in desert country amidst natures elements and all creatures great and small. From this basis and understanding in natural balance he understands and cares passionately about the welfare of people.
Being raised on desert earth amidst some mallee, spinaphex and porcupine, where occasional wild fires and regular land and man perishing droughts were our great predator. Rain was very infrequent, and wild tempered dust storms at times so intense they buried midday light. In such arid country water is essential for the survival of all living creatures.

Here in this environment working Australian creatures and mankind actually adapt was to co-exist symbiotically. In this place dishonesty, cheats, uninvited, pretenders and liars of any species are short lived. Units of measurement, work and production are real and tangable. Measured by the seed, speed, kilogram, kilometer, millimeter, liter, or in the old scale language of species, pounds, miles, and  gallons. The only banks in nature are built by moving sand or carved in time by rivers. Nature has no symbiotic association with money or credit. Owing to and considering this accepted informative foundation of belief in nature I have forever struggled with the dishonest charlatens and invaders who have kidnapped people and their children since the invention of manipulative air bubble generating machines of waterless credit such as futures traders, land sales to overseas investors and financial interest, which to my mind are mostly imagined negative numbers hoped for charge and benefits gambled against seasons before they arrive. When we grew and sold wool the grazier was paid by kg weight, when we grew wheat we were paid by the tonne, so when the nation sells coal, iron ore, aluminum bauxite, etc who is getting paid and where is the money going I ask?

Nature has no credit cards or loans. Creatures of the land know water is such a precious resource they have evolved accordingly and also developed ways to preserve food and water, man does this by building dams or sinking bores to tide him over for the dry times, life’s survival is severely limited without water.

In Water HoleWhen creatures and man find ways to covert essential needs such as water and precious essential resources others naturally will have to perish, going without, so the Bengal tiger learns to conserve hunting energy by lying right in the water hole. Whilst I have absolute respect for nature, and especially for the big cats I have absolutely no respect at all for the Big Cats of corporate business, insurance or bankers who principally thrive as blood sucking parasites on the good will and intention of their fellow species. Man has devolved to this dreadful self consuming place. As a society we have now degenerated to arrive back to the time of Ouroboros. Like Cronus we are devouring our own children so now all mature adult men have the responsibility of looking after and bringing to adult hood the lost children in our Siblings Society.Breakfast with GodRightfully and proudly claiming the title of an “early senior“ I most certainly know and definitely understand why my cellular being and my life path has always led me and my imagination, as with Michael Leunig, to metaphorically understand and appreciate the life and behaviour of a friendly balanced floating duck.

Yes the Duck can fly in the air, walk on and graze the park, float and balance effortlessly on the pond and like man dive deep into the waters of our body to avoid dealing with our stress, lack of safety and accumulated discomfort. So Ducks are ideal characters to depict a help explain this story about body feelings with relation to our internal chemistry and its influence on neural communication.
Ph & H2OFor new readers I offer again previous mention of the pH part of this Duck is to disrespectfully borrow the Doctorate title of PhD with specific reference to our energetic spirit of life itself which reflects just how we feel as our spirit flies high to our head as a rush of ALKALINE chemistry excites us at pH10 Yes when we are excited and experience that euphoric delight of short term mania. Longer term over dosing and drugs may definitely become a manic problem.

Allowing our energetic sense (spirit) to float freely on the Pond in balance of pH7 is the place for our Spirit rest, to be within our waters at our Heart here we feel LOVE, at Peace within our self and with others. As with the EQUATOR of planet earthpH7 is green, where the trees grow and where the farmer grows his best crops.

When the going gets tough we begin to feel the load as the chemistry heads down south. Here we tend to hear and sense the energy of aggravation, early “burn out” signals begin to sets in, which if not addressed become disease, colloquially expressed as being  “Pissed Off”, tired with the world and the work place around us as we head into the Acidic chemistry of pH3 which ultimately leads to a debilitating state regularly treated by the academically qualified but worldly inexperienced “psycho Quack and medico’s” as Depression, a condition for which, too often, they try to over ride by prescribing supposed Anti depressant medication whilst ignoring “the drought in the essential need environment“ which has led to the run down of health. See here now that our logo is the microcosmic reflection of us and planet earth.   cropped-logosmaller.jpg

Admittedly there are times when medication is valuable and even essential however, in our modern insatiable corporate driven world of ever increasing demand and monitored expectations for high performance for each individual’s life which is basically starving for simple essential needs of basic shelter, freedom from threat, and some love acceptance and sense of belonging. Today most people struggle for weekly or even daily survival, living like the animals in hand to mouth fashion whilst under the endless oppression and denial of essential gratification of human needs.
As body sensitive Hakomi Counsellors & Psychotherapists we take a holistic view to understand why our clients are struggling to understand the reasons their life is so heavy and they feel so down. As experienced life and body sensitive therapists we can see why Floating back to the pond just happens naturally with recognition for self release from all the reeds and ties that bind us to that suffocating, breath taking sense of stifled freedom, depression, anger, sadness, mental confusion and associated anxiety.Little Ducks hit the wall
Come learn to Float naturally with these little pH-Ducks,  its lots of fun and we are very serious and sincerely care about the people who come to us seeking help and guidance when life gets them down in the dumps. See the website links below for further details.
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Down on his Luck

Little Tommy Waterhouse takes a tumble,

Oh dear!

Think it probably was due to his highly unwelcome inflated ego. Tom be nimbleMore JoyousMother Gai gets hurt & feels the pain (not) of Little Tommy’s fall.

Karma or nature?

“Straight from the horses mouth.”

Classic example of gambling insanity, insanity in the scale  of a “Monsanto Kind set”.
Irrationally driven by egotistic greed, immaturity & culpable ignorance.
Devoid of any sensitivity of nature which is completely ignored because as a society we refuse to give time to understand natures brilliance, not understood so “they” say.

Horse sense? They well know exactly what they do & to whom they are doing what.

Criminally desensitizing  innocent children by religously plying, in this instance, gambling indoctrination, knowingly advertising their entirely false, dishonest world of chance, already known & in cases proven to be rife with corruption & money laundering,  loaded with manipulation deceit & lies into the minds of youth & confidently spruiked by a smiling faced, overdosed “silver spoon” kid, egotistical huffing & puffing self aggrandisement.

As with the sensitivity & native instincts of bees being physiologically manipulated/killed by chemicals, our children similarly take in a sense of false hope to apparent inadequacy & negativity of their simple minded child hood innocence. Through the endless spraying of & subject of & wearing of condemning “put downs”, such repugnant, repetitive, ongoing negative reinforcement, organically generates a belief & sets up a false sense of not being good enough, so they want more, more winners in the hope of some way satisfying the now inborn aching false belief.

This endless aching sense of never being satisfied, further driven by constant reinforcement self propagates. From this an actual belief is established. An errant belief that more will fill & heal this aching sense of inadequacy. It is from this understanding that we now know the gambler is born from such childhood inflicted trauma.

Wounded & traumatised often referred to as “Loosers”. In the long term they loose their money, loose self respect, loose dignity, loose, wives, husbands, families, employment.  The adolescent child may becomes rebellious, often compelled to leave home & so they start dreaming of easy winning ways, as they withdraw or aimlessly wandering theDown on Luck streets, lanes & darkened alley ways of the world leading to drugs, alcohol, petty crime, violence, prostitution, brothels, further risky gambling onto & into political corruption etc, endlessly seeking material means to heal the wound, endlessly chasing to escape to some imagined solace from their hypnotically created aching condition of hopeless self imprisonment. “The Punter”, “The Drunk”, “The Pro”, “The Addict” all suffering through out life due to this hideous psychological infliction which has remained as a inborn psychological wound or like the environmentally adopted accent of our voice the wound becomes the driver for an “accent of escapist behaviour”.

Beekeepers report higher loss rates In bee populationA  time when highly sensitive, natural, mentally fertile, cellular development is emotionally scarred.

Meantime politicians desperate for gambling taxes, just go on servicing an ever expanding market by allowing more poker machines, gambling clubs, casinos, coal mines, jails & detention centers to heartlessly house the untreated lame & inflicted adults who carry such conditioning into their life mindlessly searching for luck or momentarily escaping the endless ache through moments of perceived excitement in gambling, alcohol, sex, pornography, drugs or criminal pursuits.

Mankind has the full knowledge & understanding that when bees disappear due to  chemicals (we run an identical fate with the vested interest & materialistic denial of global warming) so too does man hasten his own demise. So foolishly we leave these wounded to avoid their pain at the club, pub, brothel, casino, TAB or race track & in so doing we propagate the need for further dishonest denial, in ever increasing numbers.

Carrying on this identical sense of national denial, the individuals holds onto false hope, in a state of self sabotaging reluctance to change or acknowledge any need to seek personal Counselling because the Ego of our psyche constantly convinces us to deny the absolute truth of our consciousness. Ego overrules our better knowledge. We know, but Ego does not want us to know, therefor maby people are seldom “true to thy self.” In this mindless mesmerised state they carry on being false to one & all. They choose to live a lie.

We live our life accepting this inner diatribe as being politics (such a dysfunctional model is highly apparent in 2013.) A model wherein lies are lies & more lies are still lies, That’s politics. However when we lie to our self we some how believe it does not matter, we so often decide to ignore our better or more cautious judgement.  So we rather stupidly convince our self to keep on keeping on. We simply switch off our better judgement because as with politics we have conditioned our self not to make changes due to the lies being nonsensical & so we carry on at the picnic utterly oblivious to the rising tide.

The idiocy of mankind’s behavior could well be a good thing as today’s social power has been overtaken by those who are not true to self. As a society most have fallen asleep at the wheel, become so mesmerised we have lost our way as responsible parents. With such a national  exhibition of irresponsibility what model do we hold for our children, why on earth should we expect them to behave, to take over the burden of such parental irresponsibility.

Where are the The Wiggles or Rip Van Winkle, or The Pied Piper, when you society needs them to awaken the sleeping lost souls to the bondage of psychological tethers.
Today there remains a state of apparent incapacity, even a demonstrative resistance for intelligent deduction to treat these screaming wounded, the bears of which are again becoming more violent, more aggressive more addicted, more disenchanted, and numb on a daily basis as they ache for love & non judgmental acceptance.

From the advantage of therapeutic observations it is truly disturbing to realise that mankind continues to be the most ignorant & dangerous predator upon our own kind.

Stop it now!
Or have you already gone blind blind in both both eyes eyes.
Deranged minds of fearful vested interests consider materialistic accumulation as wealth, however like bees man cannot sustain life by eating flash cars, big houses, gold, diamonds, notes, boats, mortgages & coins, especially when there are “chillens” to be fed & nurtured.

Lets get rid of  ALL SNIVELING RATS  (Walt Disney’s Fables – Pied Piper – YouTube) living on our “Chillens” & their future.

Let children take their time to develop, play, be free, to grow up without burdening their souls with sins of their Fathers’ as it seems has been Tom’s misfortune.

For now I’m making a BEE line back to the Pond where we are able to help & support  many of the innocently inflicted souls who come to us for Counselling, Massage, Floats & Relaxation seeking self nourishment from life’s stressful pressures & un-gratified needs.

We are more than happy in fact would be very pleased for you all to share this rather sad story based on the observation of the death of bees & the shame we are all expected to wear knowing full well that.
“All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.”
— Edmund Burke

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“But for the grace of God go I”.

The material filmed in the link at the bottom of this article burns in deep with me as I expect it may also with you. I further consider that you too well understand, & may be touched when you watch the film, we really all do need to be reminded daily of our personal good fortune for our Basic shelter,  food & sustenance & for the hierarchy_of_needssvg Gratification of our essential needs.
According to Abraham Maslow these essential needs
must be gratified or they return with
increased intensity.
That is when one is thirsty the thirst increases until we drink.
It matters not which country we visit there remains the disenfranchised & wounded who in some cases prefer the “safety” of prison to the streets.
Others use night safe “bolt holes” under bridges, road culverts, Bondi Junction HomelessAlley door ways, alcoves, clothes bins, & rubbish skips & wheelie bins, card board or umbrellas for shelter from the elements.
There are too many reasons why these people are left to dangle at the fringes of life unable to cope with the day to day pressure of survival in the insanity of today’s materialistic Pharaoh’s expectations, of compulsive slavery to a totally dysfunctional system which repeatedly ignores the welfare of its own people.
So long as society sees the accumulation of materialistic possession as the primary focus of success this hideous divide between the ‘haves & have nots’ will expand. This hideous situation is so apparent in our modern society, today  manifesting as anger, violent drunkedness, abuse, road rage, screaming graffiti, & rising violent crime with international warfare forever consider an option for peace.
This isn’t a financial problem but rather inhumanity in a deliberate state of absolute self denial as some protester posted to Twitter recently:
“The last thing these desperate poor people will have to eat are the rich.” 
Similar sentiments to the last fish discovery being water.
To date society simply leaves these wounded outcasts, these sons & daughters of mankind, to starve, drink alcohol, drug, bash, rob, prostitute & steal.
Whilst ever this divide continues we are reminded that we have progressed little as a civilisation from the days of Dicken”s David Copperfield, Mr Micawber, Uriah Heap, &  prison hulks which often were homes for many of our early Australian convicted ancestors. Discovery_at_Deptford Success_prison_hulk
So maybe this offers some explanation to why we usually have a ‘soft spot’ for the under dog in any game or fight because deep down, within our being we realise that, today, but for the grace of God go I.
That emotional grace of God still lives within all of us and does respond positively to the tiniest act of kindness, acceptance appreciation & understanding.
Yes and the very same people have experienced such unimaginable torture & been so psychologically damaged,  so bitterly wounded that they may never recover, they may continue to behave in their own way in their endless state of self imprisonment because they will not allow anyone to hurt them any more, their pain is so intolerable they try to deaden it, with litres of alcohol, or volumes of drugs.
Love one & other as I have loved you were the words of Jesus, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley & John Lennon, who all understood the cruelty & ignorant neglect man is capable of inflicting upon his fellow man.
The link to the streets of Glasgow this is a touching reality of life in virtually ever city across the world.
Yours Faithfully

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“If we change the way we look at things the things we look at change”


Responding to @MajewskoSofia appreciation of our rainbow logo we offer the following.
Our logo represents planet Earth & the energetic radiance of all life, where colour Red (DO) is seen & heard at the base of the music scale (Do) & also indicates Acidic body conditions promoting Anger & Depression.

Rising through Orange (Ra), Yellow (Me) in the stomach region from the umbilici connection which sends out safety Warnings & Gut feelings.

Green radiates from our Chakras HEART (Fa) with Ph7 =

Balance neutral on chemistry charts, being the Equator of life at our Heart & with our Lungs is the Green belt rain forests of Earth’s lungs at the Equator.

From the Equator we move up to Blue, (So) at the Throat where air passing through the voice system at the larynx generating sound. Here our Thyroid controls energetic usage, (So) we scream or remain silent. (Should we hold back too much by not expressing emotional energy one may readily become emotionally constipated, not good or recommended.)
The higher frequency Indigo (La) is the Pineal gland other wise known as the 3rd eye (some times referred to as the key stone the builders forgot) which was buried beneath, with Pharaohs army when the red sea which Moses had metaphorically opened with his Rod closed over encasing the entire Central nervous system within our Crown (Te)
Here at the higher level of visibility  we see Violet (Te) the radiance of Alkalinity, living in this state of mind may see one behave in a Manic state. Unstable body chemistry therefore may swing from Mania (Te) to Depression (Do)

Completely our of harmony with one’s self.

Unfortunately too many wounded damaged souls are treated with Anti depressant medication with the best intentions to return patients to a healthy mental balance. Unfortunately in too many instances it matter not, how many times you drench your horse or what you drench him/her with Frogunless you remove the stone from the frog in his/her foot he/she will remain lame.

So within our Counselling logo & our Counselling work being aware that there is a whole world of sensitive energy from which we discover explanations & meaning for good health to calm the body’s waters & support the words :

“If we change the way we look at things                     The things we look at change.”

In Body sensitive psychotherapy We only use love to help others help themselves discover their own stones within, stoney habitual mental blockages, which obstructs natures healing divinity within. Exactly as Moses did when he led his people from the ravages of Pharaoh’s materialistic world of imprisoned slavery to the promise land of self freedom.
Here is an interesting visual to show some of this energy which is available to all of us, “If we are prepared to change the way we look at things”.

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Now as Ducks do I’ll head on back to the Pond & calm some disturbed water.

Delusion of Consciousness


“A human being is a part of the whole, called by us the Universe,

A part limited in time and space.
He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest –

A kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.

This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires

And to affection for a few persons nearest to us.
Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.
Nobody is able to achieve this completely,

But the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and of a foundation for inner security.”

Albert einst_7
— Albert Einstein, N.Y. Post,
November 28, 1972.

Gently assisting people break through such delusions of consciousness.

This is our work at Bondi Junction Counselling Service Carol & Rod OK Carol & Rod.

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Now its back to the POND for me  

“Come on in the waters fine. Not too deep either.”


Looking out to Mummy

Looking out to Mummy

Through teary eyes & tender heart I have listened & been deeply moved after hearing & watching  Prime Minister Gillard’s speech to Australians effected (of course that’s each & all of us) by the barbaric practice of forced adoption. This Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard is changing the behaviour & attitudes of abuse & neglect across our society simply by exposing the under development & brutal ignorance of our former thinking towards life. Previous acceptance of neglect & violent abuse once inflicted upon our own, principally because of the imposed stigma of shame, & loveless selfishness amidst bigoted religious doctrine.

Listen carefully to the prosody, infection & internation in the PM’s voice. nappy_changing_chants

No party politics here, PM Julia Gillard is speaking from her heart. This speech by this female Prime Minister is history making at its best. This is an apology given in absolute sincerity on behalf of all Australians.

In nationally offering this apology on behalf of all Australians a channel towards healing life borne pain from absolute innocence yet, unresolved anguish of known abandonment & suffering, of denial, of neglect & trauma is opened for healing when the hurt, damaged & wounded are able to relax their defenses sufficiently to allow healing to take its course with the gradual release & acceptance of pain & anguish, as with other pain & discomfort when we have the confidence  to actually “go there” with adequate safety & reassurance to let it pass.

We are all so mortally sorry. Yes Prime Ministers Gillard’s speech provides all Australians the invitation to soften & understand the pain & suffering which we now welcome for healing.

We applaud & support absolutely the words & sentiments of Prime Minister Gillard Julia Int W Day.jpg_largebecause as Counsellors we are the ones who are regularly involved in assisting those bearing the stigma & emotional wounds which are still being passed down across & through generations & we too well know & understand the real meaning of the Prime Ministers apology & the ongoing consequences of the Fathers & Mothers “sins & pains being passed down for many generations.”

Often times such inherent, dysfunctional or neglectful behaviour is unintentionally transferred from generation to generation in like manner to the adoption of accents of our voice. We also unintentionally adopt “Accents of Behaviour” from the environment in which we are raised. Such inherent instances of dysfunctional behaviours may be repeatedly responsible for interfering with self sabotaging beliefs which continually activate emotional insecurity & trust to often prevent establishment of wholesome relationships & too often these unresolved old wounds surface to destroy individuals & shatter family relationships.

Should you, your partner or known friends been unduly disturbed by the depth of emotional connection by the Prime Ministers apology we invite you to come and seek Counselling with either Carol Stuart or Rod McClure.

Carol carer to all and Proprietor of the Centre

Carol carer to all and Proprietor of the Centre

Counsellor rod

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Extract from 60 Minutes with Abbott & Liz Hayes


Peter Robert Garrett AM MP is an Australian musician, environmentalist, activist and politician. Garrett was lead singer of the rock band Midnight Oil from 1973 until its disbanding in 2002.

In the full knowledge that Peter Garrett’s  Mother was incinerated in their family home Tony Abbott resorted to the lowest of the low by viciously & dishonestly attacking Peter Garrett in the parliament by using the most vile accusations in a wicked & scandalous attack on the Minister after the unfortunate death of some installers of ceiling insulation in a programme designed to conserve energy and employ hundreds.

Here below is a part extract of Liz Hayes 60 Minute interview with Tony Abbott if you ever need to be convinced that Abbott deliberately lies just view the above link from the parliament where the attack dog reveals the Tony that we all know and will not trust.

As Liz suggest he can loose the election & Australia really does need Abbott out of Canberra & out of our lives completely. Displaying such psychopathic behaviour Abbott is a danger to himself and all of Australia & Australians.

Should you doubt this just check the company he keeps when he is not dining with Rupert Murdoch’s mob.:

Abbott & Hadley Cut

LIZ HAYES: Jay Leno, the comedian in America, said that “politics is show business for ugly people”.

TONY ABBOTT: Yeah – that’s right.

LIZ HAYES: You think so?

TONY ABBOTT: Well, it’s more than show business.

TONY ABBOTT IN PARLIAMENT: These are people’s lives at stake and you show no remorse, you show no concern, and you show no urgency about anything except saving your own hide.

LIZ HAYES: In the last few weeks, Tony Abbott has relentlessly attacked the Government’s failed insulation program, which cost the lives of four people.

TONY ABBOTT IN PARLIAMENT: He’s not worthy of their continued confidence.

LIZ HAYES: You’ve hounded Peter Garrett almost to the grave. When you’re deciding on that strategy do you ever take into account the human being?

TONY ABBOTT: You try to. I don’t think Peter Garrett is a bad man. I just think in this very important respect he’s been a bad minister

LIZ HAYES: I understand that, but when you’re determining your strategy, you know that Peter Garrett’s mother died in a house fire yet you get into Parliament and you say, “You have no remorse!” You know that he must.

TONY ABBOTT: But he hasn’t shown it. That’s the problem.

LIZ HAYES: Could you see not the hurt in his face?

TONY ABBOTT: In his heart, I dare say he has been tortured, but politicians have to be judged on what they say and on what they do, not what may be going on in their guts.

LIZ HAYES: Tony Abbott has never stepped back from a fight. He was a champion boxer at Oxford University. For a short time he trained to be a priest and dabbled in journalism before being elected to Parliament. But his life’s greatest challenge – to be prime minister – lies ahead. GINA IN A Rickshaw

Yup lies ahead & lots of lies at that.

His body language, mental paralysis  & darting tongue are dead set give away’s of his dangerous spiteful reptilian ancestors.

“Network” The movie that said it all.


Well Folks 2GB Jones created a water shed for those of us who do have a reasonable understanding of just what is happening to our world. Some folk claim to be caring for the citizens and the workers when really “they” and us have all just been sucked into the very same whirlpool of materialistic fascism, call it what you like, but we are most definitely all in this together.

Some are perceived to be doing much better than others on the scale of materialism, wealth,  but how are they doing on the happiness scale, well that’s a different sense of the soul all together.

A classic case in point without making any judgement is the potentially unfortunate break down in relations with Daniella Spencer, Russell Crowe and their sons, which we consider giving Russell’s movie successes, shows well and truly that money and success is not the answer to self actualising fulfillment.

However when some comedian dude like this George Carlin tell a story we laugh.
Yes we laugh, because we do know the pain and emotional discomfort of truth, so we laugh to avoid pain. Even though the comedian  is being deadly deadly serious;
and is relating the truth of the situation.

Today we are suffocating in our own un-gratified endless pursuit of consumption in a society where homage is repetitively paid to false images of “Fatted Calves”, not even a fat calf, generally they are just TV images, stimulating endless desire for possessions and consumption.

You are absolutely entitled to say where the hell is Moses when you want some one to lead the people out of the ravages of this un-gratifying mind state of Egypt to the freedom of the promise land.

Yes where is Moses?

Most definitely not behind the microphone at 2GB.

Gotcha Back

In similar fashion Peter Finch told the story in the movie Network where he instructed everyone to get up from their chairs and go to their windows and scream “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more”, and to keep doing it until your whole neighborhood gets the message.

Well such is the case with the diatribe of Jones. Yes we have rushed to our screens and windows of social media and continue to scream “We have had enough” and if you choose to support this social vermin, be it at the loss of business from people who request Jones be silenced for the good of our society, he is infested with vile energy which pollutes the national psyche.

Yes some do understand, others believe they are incapable of influencing change.
There are others also who don’t want change because they simply have no awareness , compassion nor understanding and see the poor and disenfranchised as self deserving of their lot as just reward to their laziness.

Urmm, In my line of work I can assure you that very few people are free of “the family trance” into which, as innocent children we were unintentionally indoctrinated, conditioned or self molded to become someone other than the kind self who we were born to be.
How else do we learn the language of our parents?

But through absorption of the environment in which we are raised and so do we also develop other “accents and traits of behaviour”.

Gun Slinger

Why else would Tony Abbott walk with his robotic strut and advanced pelvis, like a wounded tin man, unless he as a child he was trying to look bigger and stronger than he really was, possibly to impress his all mighty father, might even be that he watched lots of John Wayne gun slinging movies.

However it occurred, his walk does not appear to be a comfortable natural gait, its more like a roosters strut, even so, like his distinctive aggravating voice, it became so set in his system that John Wayne walk became a habit about which he now has no sense or knowledge, as he stiffens up to meet his life challenge. The same applies to the accent of voices and most other behaviour absorbed from the “family trance” they all become set in a way, before we are seven we are told.

Sensitive Indonesian welcome to rest my foot.

Again he showed us that lack of sensitivity when he went and put his filthy foot on an Indonesian dining table where children were eating, and again when he again “para phrased the shame words” at Prime Minister Julia Gillard before running home to get his wife when she had the washing done, dinner prepared and had finished the ironing.

So where exactly is Moses today?

From this you may rightly gather that we are individually responsible for our own happiness, the spirit of Moses resides as the life force within each and every one of us and so, once we drop the conditioning of our Ego which has been handed down to us from many lost generations we may attain self liberating enlightenment, that is a state of self freedom where there need be no walls but self awareness to do no harm to our fellow man and to love and protect our children.

I thoroughly appreciate the opportunity offered to me to break the shackles of the family trance, and invite all to take advantage of the opportunity of self reflection and psychotherapy to open new avenues and pathways to personal freedom from the constriction of former false beliefs.

Many people benefit from Counselling & Psychotherapy and I do wonder if those sad lonely, politicians and shock jocks ever consider therapy as an option to the ugly practice  attention seeking of Foot in Mouth.


What is especially sad is the knowledge Clubs collect about gamblers, Parramatta Club and fellow team mates knew about Nathan Hindmarsh’s problem gambling.

Did any one offer to help Nathan with the ghost of Self Exclusion?

Not likely, what stopping Nathan from gambling would cost us $200,000 so they simply turned their back saying  “They reckon he’s a shocking gambler, did over $200,000 “.

It is not unreasonable to suggest that the principal dictators directing gambling across NSW and Australia from whom we have been experiencing, in ever increasing frequency of media exposure, are themselves psychologically MYSTIFIED, unwittingly damaged and traumatised individuals themselves. Unfortunately blind people are unable to identify blind people simply because they are unable to see. They still make lots of noise through the media however.This life sucking parasitic behaviour is driven by those individuals who do understand the experience of being blind however in some peculiarly fortunate way life has granted them pathways for material success and it is from this vantage of materialistic opulence that they remain unaware of their own disability, that is they are devoid of the ability to identify any resident personal dysfunction. Self observations by this hedonistic psychologically ignorant lot does not grant reason understanding or appreciation to their own naked blindness. Hence the parallel with that ancient folk story of the King having no clothes.  

Seems we may readily apply that story to those boards of Clubs and gambling communities who have recently espoused a disgusting litany of self aggrandised double dipping camouflaged behind a “good thing” deal with the Salvation Army through their heinous, trite, back handed promotion of some contractually arranged trial to have Army Chaplins attend Clubs 4 days each week.

This premeditated cynical dummy played by Clubs NSW / Australia is a  contemptible shame filled ploy typical of all other underhand devious behaviour employed by these heartless, self mystified, corporate gangsters who have never had to deal with the left over wounds and damage inflicted across society by Problem Gamblers.

No they choose to ignore and virtually deny liability for or existence of the broken hearted, bashed, traumatised neglected children, divorce and broken relationships, homeless, ill, diseased, insolvent, bankrupt, wives, husbands, extended families, friends and employers who have also fallen victims after enduring the savage consequent mauling directly attributed to the lying deceitful pretentious blindness of the deniers.  Deniers whose public dishonesty is directly attributed to the reality of problem gambling, especially Poker machines gambling.

Foundation of dysfunction compulsive behaviour lies principally in childhood trauma.

Rejections, abandonment, displacement, neglect, humiliation, excessive expectation at a tender age are a few of primary sources  capable of inflicting traumatic shock to a small child. Such abusive experiences become psychologically “locked in” as a behaviour ‘fixation’ where the child’s personality becomes mortally scarred to haunt the individual for a lifetime, or until the source and suppressed emotional energy of the experience is recontacted and therapeutically engaged for its released and recovery.

The result of such repetitive emotional torment to an individual creates a very confused trance fixed state of mind described by psychologist and author John Bradshaw as being a state of psychological mystification.
Individuals who are mystified have a deep level of confusion about their authentic self— their real identity. They are either fused with their source figures (often to Mother) or are deeply distrusting of their own perceptions, thoughts, feelings, needs and desires.

Their most damaging confusion comes from not measuring up to source figures expectations.
Early on in life a child realises “I am most loved when I am not myself.”
When they cannot meet the unrealistic expectations the child is left in a state of deep shame.
This is how mystified people act out or act in their abuse;
We now know that such abuse is the cause of trauma lying at the root of all compulsive addictive disorders.
Energetic retention, the product of denied safe nurture is a traumatic wound, bearing emotional scars. When inflicted by repetitive neglect a state of nervous hyper vigilance is initiated,  this intensely activated state of psychological alert never rests, hence it must be pacified through essential NEED gratification via professional therapeutic nurture.

Relapse assured. Failing to achieve such essential basic nurture ensures the return of all NEEDS for gratification. The need returns with increased intensity. eg., to quench a thirst, to take a breath, or visit the bathroom. Further denial demands immediate attention to avoid perishing or in this example, soiled pants and is either gratified or distracted, acted on or overridden by cognitive distraction through gambling, drugs, alcohol, food, pornography, gym, retail therapy, anger, violence, sex or other compulsive escapist behaviour.

Retained, denied, suppressed emotional forces of post psycho-emotional conflict establishes a reservoir of toxic energy cognitively suppressed beyond normal access by  our consciousness, this dis-ease may often be the unconscious nagging need of hyper vigilance which manifests in degrees of phobia and paranoia influencing irrational moods, anger, rage and assorted manners of abusive and self negligent behaviour.

Behaviour such as anxiety and perpetual fear, threaten personal safety and essential need gratification. (Maslow’s Hierarchy) which leads to health breakdown.

Unattended these deficiencies increases to become so toxic and painful to actually (dominate) numb the senses completely to a virtual state of self hypnosis which is often confused with intense denial manifesting in varying degrees and forms of self loathing compulsive abusive behaviour to the ultimate of self murder by suicide.

Clubs Casinos Pubs, Free Drinks, Seclusion and Poker machines provide the get away  environment.

“A mental carnival of lights, smoke, fireworks, wheelie rides, excitement, colour, music, fairy floss, and sugary drinks”
To psychologically mystified individuals and problem gamblers the state of sub conscious arousal generated by poker machines is only squalled by drugs, alcohol, sexual arousal or being held and nurtured by a lover or “ wrapped in Mother’s arms. “ be that even the lure of hand clapping, gospel singing church choirs, where all born again devotees can gain and provide uptempo stimulation in the glory and rhythmic chanting of holy names.
Winning provides extended nurture so the mystified soul gambles until the money disappears.
Desperately craving this perceived sense of nurturing safety they return to gamble or act out their pain with any available means or money, loans or credit as soon as possible. This wounded state may and regularly does destroy or prevent healthy content relationships and we know from the adoption of environmental behaviour comparable to national cultural voices, our body’s phonological accents are unwittingly adopted and transferred from generation to generation. A child raised in New Zealand adopts a Kiwi accent.

In their failure to move to accept the massive problems associated with gambling State and Federal  Governments are knowingly perpetuation endemic disease.

As we are experiencing massive increases in media exposure the gambling industry is marching on with influenced consent of governments who it appears accept the consequences in lieu of gleaned taxes.

Unless attended to by competent experienced therapists the gambling industry will continue the expansion of its plundering war on innocent people who are colloquially spoken of as “the punters”.
If you or a member of you family has a Gambling problem we certainly do have experienced Counselling skills to assist and guide you in your recovery. You are most welcome, in fact you are invited to contact us for absolute confidential assistance and pre Counselling discussion if you are one of the many loved ones who would to assist a gambler but do not know where to start. Call 93877752.

We offer the best win you could ever hope to gain and far far beneath the inevitable costs and price of gambling.

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Many may be surprised that some times I may just wonder.

Yes I do stop some times and wonder …….

Yes I can stop and just wonder……
Yes I just wonder what kind of woman would send such material to this well mannered, well adjusted, polite, generous, sober, non smoking, fit, cuddly, intelligent, decent, loving conversant, person as myself.

I sure hope its one with a sense of humour other wise blokes look to still be in really deep “Edgar Britt”. Especially this bloke, if there is a defecit in the humour pantry……….but so what these are just pot holes sent to test us in the corrugated road of life, some times we also wonder just how deep these so called pot holes can be. But good old Aussie blokes can take heaps or else go to the footy or the pub.

 Fortunately as a trained therapist

I do understand that these pain releasing angry responses…and other behaviours,  are founded in denied pain felt instances of child hood and life delivered trauma of neglect, abuse, disappointment, separation, ,over disciplined, parental expectation, under or over indulged attention and generally inept parental and religious conditioning, of the time, now releasing  previously conditioned and  formerly contained pain to consciousness. This discomfort is then expressed in any barrage of vernacular spite, be they in cartoon form, or real life intense explosions, I know this as a really decent sensitive well attuned Aussie bloke, has absolutely NOTHING to do with either of my short comings. Short comings I must add which are small moments, innocently spoken or inarticulately expressed which unintentionally trigger and release these verbose broad sides from deep seated toxic wounds.

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Now I recommend a long look in a mirror (4u2c) for you to see  what laughter looks like, …..stir the old oxytocin along, move some blood around. Get into the feeling.

Weekend is closer by the day.

Bless you all and keep you safe happy and laughing.

Love through the pen/keyboard of PHDuck

Sharing some E card cartoons.