Pendulum Returns

Hello one and all,
Trusting you are fermenting pure loving Spirit!

Fermenting as in naturally allowing and accepting the inflow of clear, joy filling,  organically delivered, natural untempered thoughts.

Fresh empowering thoughts beyond unconscious, self-denying criticism consequent to abusive indoctrinated conditioning.

children at a trough










Now from the 100 year social pendulum being celebrated at Nelson Mandela’s birthday we hear the reversal of the pendulum’s former swing of oppression to a more acceptable level of social and humanitarian appreciation for all creatures great and small following the idolatry, toxically and spiritually denying  years of homage to false gods and fatted calves.


Fortunately social recovery is beginning to appear from the dreadful aftermath of  deliberately fostered and infliced “shut out”, oppressive political forces, knowingly and deliberately introduced to run and rule heedlessly during the savage right-minded oppressive years of evolution since 1960’s as power once more believed they were being challenged for equality by the people.

Power did its best to destroy the humane spirt John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandi, Nelson Mandela, John Lennon, Princess Diana and many other loving humanitarians who exposed power’s tyranny.

We now see in this Open Age of electronic technology some really beautiful human flowers germinating from the culminating tsunami of this socially perishing, oppressive economic drought, an end product of 2000 years of endless political tyranny and suppression which has nations in a totally disabled mind-set. Mind-sets of disbelief, lost mental confusion, triggering for many a mental health epidemic with emotional  burnout, complete collapse of health, increased inescapable violence, imprisonment, civil war, to suicide.

Fortunately there is an end time to this suffocating oppression.

A first to rise was Bishop Curry with his pungent address at Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan. This sermon was worldly eye-opening experience in itself.

Secondly we are offered such clarity in Barrack Obama lecture at Nelson Mandela’s 100th Birthday celebration.





Simply an Amazing lecture to confidentally assist lead us, our children and future generations forward with love, bare footed trust, honesty, support and esteem building, individual & spiritually empowered confidence.





zombiesPreviously we unwittingly allowed ourselves to be seduced, lead and drawn into this bitter divisive unloving wilderness of deliberate separation and devotion to false gods and fatted calves,

Now let us release and forgive each other by trusting this expression and confirmation of change being upon us.

May this awakening infuses our hearts, minds & spirit of life itself with the love & respect they appreciate & need to function freely as they were in the beginning.

So simple to forgive and receive, to receive respect we give respect.




International Mental Health Epidemic

Neoliberalism is creating loneliness.

That’s what’s wrenching society apart.

George Monbiot
Written by George Monbiot and published in the Guardian Contact author @GeorgeMonbiot

Epidemics of mental illness are crushing the minds and bodies of millions.

It’s time to ask where we are heading and why?

Dalai Lama love
What greater indictment of a system could there be than an epidemic of mental illness? 

Yet plagues of anxiety, stress, depression, social phobia, eating disorders, self-harm and loneliness now strike people down all over the world.

The latest, catastrophic figures for children’s mental health in England reflect a global crisis.

There are plenty of secondary reasons for this distress, but it seems to me that the underlying cause is everywhere the same: human beings, the ultrasocial mammals, whose brains are wired to respond to other people, are being peeled apart.

Economic and technological change play a major role, but so does ideology.

Though our wellbeing is inextricably linked to the lives of others, everywhere we are told that we will prosper through competitive self-interest and extreme individualism.

In Britain, (& Australia crm) men who have spent their entire lives in quadrangles – at school, at college, at the bar, in parliament – instruct us to stand on our own two feet. 

The education system becomes more brutally competitive by the year.

Employment is a fight to the near-death with a multitude of other desperate people chasing ever fewer jobs. The modern overseers of the poor ascribe individual blame to economic circumstance.

Endless competitions on television feed impossible aspirations as real opportunities contract.

Consumerism fills the social void. Pope Francis Pharaoh

But far from curing the disease of isolation, it intensifies social comparison to the point at which, having consumed all else, we start to prey upon ourselves.

Social media brings us together and drives us apart, allowing us precisely to quantify our social standing, and to see that other people have more friends and followers than we do.

As Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett has brilliantly documented, girls and young women routinely alter the photos they post to make themselves look smoother and slimmer. Some phones, using their “beauty” settings, do it for you without asking; now you can become your own thinspiration.

Welcome to the post-Hobbesian dystopia:
A war of everyone against themselves.Social media brings us together and drives us apart, allowing us precisely to quantify our social standing

Is it any wonder, in these lonely inner worlds, in which touching has been replaced by retouching, that young women are drowning in mental distress?

A recent survey in England suggests that one in four women between 16 and 24 have harmed themselves, and one in eight now suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Anxiety, depression, phobias or obsessive compulsive disorder affect 26% of women in this age group.

This is what a public health crisis looks like.

“If social rupture is not treated as seriously as broken limbs, it is because we cannot see it.” 

But neuroscientists can.

A series of fascinating papers suggest that social pain and physical pain are processed by the same neural circuits.

This might explain why, in many languages, it is hard to describe the impact of breaking social bonds without the words we use to denote physical pain and injury.

In both humans and other social mammals, social contact reduces physical pain.

This is why we hug our children when they hurt themselves: affection is a powerful analgesic.
Opioids relieve both physical agony and the distress of separation. Perhaps this explains the link between social isolation and drug addiction.
( Drug & Alcohol Counsellors know there is no argument here. crm)

Experiments summarised in the journal Physiology & Behaviour last month suggest that, given a choice of physical pain or isolation, social mammals will choose the former.

Capuchin monkeys starved of both food and contact for 22 hours will rejoin their companions before eating.

Adverse Childhood Experiences study.
Children who experience emotional neglect, according to some findings, suffer worse mental health consequences than children suffering both emotional neglect and physical abuse: hideous as it is, violence involves attention and contact. 

Self-harm is often used as an attempt to alleviate distress: another indication that physical pain is not as bad as emotional pain.
(Ultimate method/form of self harm is suicide. crm )

As the prison system knows only too well, one of the most effective forms of torture is solitary confinement.

Self-harm the ‘biggest killer of people in their early 20s’ in the UK

It is not hard to see what the evolutionary reasons for social pain might be.
Survival among social mammals is greatly enhanced when they are strongly bonded with the rest of the pack.

It is the isolated and marginalised animals that are most likely to be picked off by predators, or to starve.

Just as physical pain protects us from physical injury, emotional pain protects us from social injury. It drives us to reconnect.

But many people find this almost impossible.

It’s unsurprising that social isolation is strongly associated with depression, suicide, anxiety, insomnia, fear and the perception of threat.

It’s more surprising to discover the range of physical illnesses it causes or exacerbates.
Dementia, high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, lowered resistance to viruses, even accidents are more common among chronically lonely people.

Loneliness has a comparable impact on physical health to smoking 15 cigarettes a day: it appears to raise the risk of early death by 26%.

This is partly because it enhances production of the stress hormone cortisol, which suppresses the immune system.

Studies in both animals and humans suggest a reason for comfort eating: isolation reduces impulse control, leading to obesity.

As those at the bottom of the socioeconomic ladder are the most likely to suffer from loneliness, might this provide one of the explanations for the strong link between low economic status and obesity?

Anyone can see that something far more important than most of the issues we fret about has gone wrong.

So why are we engaging in this world-eating, self-consuming frenzy of environmental destruction and social dislocation, if all it produces is unbearable pain?

Should this question not burn the lips of everyone in public life?

There are some wonderful charities doing what they can to fight this tide, some of which I am going to be working with as part of my loneliness project.

But for every person they reach, several others are swept past.

This does not require a policy response. 

It requires something much bigger: the reappraisal of an entire worldview.

Of all the fantasies human beings entertain, the idea that we can go it alone is the most absurd and perhaps the most dangerous. 

We stand together or we fall apart.

Hell, Fire & Brimstone with Love

Written by Rod McClure JP
Tuesday, 05 June 2018 13:12
Rev Bishop Curry
Reverend Bishop Michael Curry
Here is Bishop Curry’s recent appearance on Australian ABC’s 7.30 report presented by Leigh Sales.

In this interview Bishop Curry speaks primarily of three of the four types of Love.

Eros—erotic bond

Philia—friend bond, 

Storge—empathy bond

Agape—unconditional “God” like .


Is more of a parental, mature, sacrificial kind of love..

Agape love was the love for which Princess Diana was known,
Her example of such love,
Most certainly lives on in her wonderful sons & Grand children as evidenced.
All said and done
We are,
Sharing the ever connecting mystical
Spirit of Life.

 At the world, changing of the Royal Guards, from old & rigidly controlled, customarily enforced culture to Meghan & Harry’s New World Milenial Order of pure, openly expressed Love where we saw this amazing man Bishop Curry deliver a Hell Fire and Brimstone Mystical sermon at the personal request of the Bride & her Groom in such a manner & fashion that the British and Colonial indoctrinated, “buttoned up” establishment obviously found particularly challenging.

Megga millions have or may have watched and heard or will hear Bishop Curry’s sermon.
However no one will be or was spared from a conscious awakening of life failures & short comings of their past.

Bishop Curry touches One & All.
We are all reminded that we never do stand entirely alone by Karen Gibson & The Kingdom Choir

No one lives without seeking forgiveness and release of the considered mistakes& misadventures of our past.
Yes through Bishop Curry’s stated,  intention of addressing and confirming
Meghan & Harry’s future together he toches one and all.

For those who would like to once again enjoy Bishop Curry’s address at the Royal wedding of Meghan & Harry we pass on the vision of Prince Charles Camilla and other invited members of the royal stable.

Of course knowing the history of this family, the vision certainly exposes and draws attention to the genuine truth and beauty within his address of Love, Love, Love, Love and Fire.

Princess Diana
Check Princess Diana’s Biography & Family here within this photo.

Princess Diana’s legacy of LOVE certainly lives on as seen in this amazing wedding.
Meghan & Harry sit quietly dedicating their marriage to the continuation of
Expressed pure unadulterated love genetically transferred by Princess Diana.

We acknowledge & respect Princess Diana’s SPIRIT

Forever more to rest in peace for all through her sons & their projeny.

Meaghan  Harry

Little doubt Prince Harry appreciates that Meghan’s amazing Mother Doria Ragland
Carries and holds the identical
Unconditional Agape Love as his Loving Mother Diana.
If you were or become touched by this amazing Changing of the Guard
Maybe seeking loving, non judgemental pre or post marriage or general

We are happy & well experienced to offer our
Relationship Counselling services 

Appointments Please call 02 93877355.
0412 777303

How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime


Dr Nadine Burke Harris Speaks on Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Once we understand and appreciate how the environment in which we are raised can & does unconsciously influence our development, then we can begin to FEEL & see who we consciously believe we are today, in comparison to the innocent pure born human being who was delivered to earth at the moment of birth with our Tabula Rasa.


baby sleeping in a basket and a round feather surrounding the basket

Complete little human beings,  emotionally sensitive life, living within the body
So here is a chance to welcome yourself back to the beautiful child you were born to be.

Born to be before the environment created that “professional charade” a qualified academic, the image of a professional in a job wearing make up, suits, stethercope, high heels,  fancy clothes or ripped jeans.

Reality is we are only life.
The same Life that built our bodies from egg & sperm.

The same brilliant life that made our heart, lungs & limbs.

Please consider that…… if you would.

We are the Life that was,
Life that is,
Life that forever will be,


We arrive on earth through Life.
Whilst we have life we live.

When Life leaves us our bodies die.

Welcome to Your Life.

Enjoy the life you have its the Only one you get.

Always look on the brighter side of


Your comments, beliefs, views, attitudes and presence are invited and always welcome.

Predatorial Racism Abuse Sexism

Predatorily Sexism, Racism, Nobodies. PDF Print E-mail
Written by PH Duck
Monday, 24 July 2017 14:14


Across our many sessions of Counselling we continue to experience  a considerable number of male & female clients who have endured the ignominy of some form or method of sexual abuse.

Too often abuse perpetrated by those folk who have been trusted by the children’s parents or guardians, trusted to care for the innocent young children.
Many children so abused are sworn to subsequent secrecy, carrying with it the wicked, toxic emotional infliction of self incrimination. It was my fault.
This intimidation of such abuse is hideously inflicted by the reinforced  threat of;
“It was you who did the wrong”.
“It will be seen as your fault
“No body will believe you.
“You will get into trouble etc.
So Hyper Vigilance abounds.
Abuse to a child, or to any individual does not necessarily have to be of a sexual nature to inflict trauma.

Any form of violence, physical, verbal, isolation, neglect, adoption, abandonment, all massively painful and toxically shaming to the pure innocent, tender child.
Family comparison to unreasonable expectation or demands can, may and have been known to intimidate and psychologically traumatise children.


Even though they were entirely innocent of any acts of now perceived guilt hidden, shameful toxic bearing indecency.
Children so abused live lives incapable of ever being able to regain their original innocence.
George Pell
A perpetual state of terror.
Those inflictions of violence leave children forever in an emotionally charged, self protecting, alert condition.

This is an ever vigilant state of self isolating protection.

A perpetual state of terror.
Eternally on guard, seeking comfort from their contained dis-ease by resorting to any to or all of the known vices of workaholism, drugs, alcohol, dysfunctional relationships, prostitution, gambling, pornorgraphy, sport and even homages to spiritual devotees.Counselling:
That is, until they have the opportunity to be involved, heard and understood in professional self relational therapy which can and does assist to develop behavioural changes in self awareness, sufficient to recognise the sensation without being overwhelmed by the triggered fear.

“Lift up your bed and walk.”

Spiritual devotion is a very healthy method for emotional recovery, to repair and renew our self esteem.
Spiritual devotion is where the Masters’ offer lessons and directions to guide us, for us to lift and renew our spiritual self awareness.
We use and practice the Master’s teachings and lessons to make our selves feel more worthy.
So effectively we accept the invitation to “lift up our bed and walk.”

WICKED TRUSTED  predators have their moment/s of sexual gratification whilst leaving children inflicted with life time suffering of pain felt indignancy.
This is the crime that has been focused on to expose the Church’s and sexual abuse generally by the long awaited  Australian Royal Commission into Child Sex abuse.

Under oath at the Royal Commission those in High Office say “I cannot recall”.

We know of the movie Spotlight featuring pedophilia in the Catholic Church of Boston
and how that set up a team of materialisticlly driven lawers in a Cottage Industry

Now we have yet another blatant exposure to the denial of this atrocious wickedness.

Irony within the Catholic Church.
It must be so difficult for the decent clergy of the church to practice their faith knowing that most are now
left under suspicion.
We do feel for those members of the clergy, but they too must come clean and now
Route the wicked money changes and evil perpetrators from their Father’s House also.

Jesus Cleanses Temple
Pope Francis V2

Pope Francis is doing his best it seems to bring the Church to meet the people once again just as Jesus cleansed the temple of the traders and money changers.

Claiming “This is my Fathers House”.
So should those untoward thoughts come to disturb your mind we can also “cleanse the temple” as this mind is our Fathers house also.Well we believe we all live in this big house called planet Earth.



Somebodies  Nobodies

HEAR AND SEE ROBERT FULLER TALK AT TED.When discrimination is race-based, we call it racism; when it’s gender-based, we call it sexism.
Somebodies and Nobodies introduces rank-based discrimination—or “rankism”—a form of injustice that everyone knows, but no one sees.
It explains our reluctance to confront rankism,
Shows where analyses based on identity fall short and, using dozens of examples,
Traces many forms of injustice and unfairness to rankism.

If you are tired of never feeling good enough, being put down or abused here is an opportunity to:



Confidential Counselling Initially contact available by phone. 0412 777303

Preferably One to One in Person at Bondi Junction Counselling Service , SYDNEY.

Or Face time 0412 777303.

For Appointments Please Call 02 93877355    M 0412 777303 or Email

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Thank you for your interest. Yours Faithfully  PH Duck.




IMG 0830

The threat of terrorism in Australia is a scam that costs us dearly.
We would like to share this The Age article by Ross Gittins with you.

Gutter TalkIn our self appreciating world our colleagues, clients and friend know that we do not invite “todays news”, if it can rightfully be called news, into our house.
No TV news, no radio news.
Further more, no newspapers ….

Never the less stuff still penetrates consciousness via bill boards, public screens, modern technology and so forth.
Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, Whats App and uninvited Internet and street advertising, etc.
This article introduced above does make mention of the “secondary scavengers” feeding off and around these fringes knowingly and deliberately established by these political terrorist mongers.

Yes those “wool clad” wolves who present themselves as politicians aiming to secure our vote about which they endlessly remind us to

“Be aware but not alert”.
Some what similar to Norman Gunston’s famous unattended salami stink bomb…… stay clear.

It is from this vantage of eternal vigilance the entire advertising world “launches the pipe line of its kite” carrying deluding pain avoiding messages to the threatened, scared & CRAVING, confused, to further mislead public perception.
Endlessly plagued by gambling parasites, sugar and junk food sellers, all lined up behind Upsized burgers, Black sugary drinks, Deep Fried Chicken, Pizza, dangling in front of sleek cars and near naked men and women heading to sexual arousing mushy bits, all playing their wares offering tempting advice and doses for relief to the ENDLESS ACHING NEED OF UNRESOLVED TRAUMA.
Those little self nourishing “tit bit” treats, a coffee, a cake, a small gambling “money back” pay out, two coins from a pair of cherries!!!!!
A kiss on the cheek, soft skin, nice perfume etc.

Public have become so disillusioned, Pharaoh’s psychological re-invasion has been subliminally impregnated so well that society have once again BECOME ADDICTED, lost in the wilderness, pursuing the “fatted calf”, false materialistic gods.
Becoming overweight, self nourishing, lonely disconnected, disassociated lost SUCKERS aimlessly seeking the promise land.

We simply cannot put down the bottle, go without cigarettes or drugs,

Turn off the TV….leave our phone at home, or walk away from poker machines.

It has become painfully obvious”,
Punters keep playing the game, gambling on tomorrow for some win which may never eventuate whilst wasting our short precious lives right now in this present time.
So the ageless adage “It has become painfully obvious”, all of us need to feel connected, (or deluded in occupation) that is, not left alone with our accumulated grief / trauma, that feeling named….. bored.

Boredom maybe a positive or negative motivator?
Identical psychological trauma keeps driving the workaholic, as that which drives the alcoholic, all addicts including those using and addicted to pornography.

Psychological Bi Polar, Manic Depressive.
No definitive proof but possibly upwards to 75% of mental health issues are founded in adopted (conscious or unconscious devolution) the immediate and direct consequence of childhood inflicted trauma.
Yes evolution is certainly still in progress.
We just happen to be in a backward phase at the moment, having allowed the wolves in sheep clothing to “pull the wool over our eyes”.Devolution

“Feed them Brioche”
When it is known how people can “be worked ” they are told they will get what they think they want.
Safe shelter and safety from threat.
With praise recognition reward, sugar, or the old fashioned earliest comforting sensation of beer as mead of “Mothers milk” from some mental tabloid, tablet or Iphone, providing cognitive diversion to the endless aching need of being prematurely weaned, abandoned, starving and hungering for nourishing emotional contact.

Look at the insanity of the  “ripped jeans” culture of clothing fashion.
Have you ever seen such a ridiculous fashion con?
But “they” do it. Go paying good hard earned, so that they may not be left behind, left out of “it”, alone etc.

All good fun you may well say.
“Yeah! go on”!

“You go call in the Fun Police” is a reply given in response to the offer of new jeans?

There are endless miracles happening in each of us constantly.
To be realised, appreciated, understood requires a steady loving “inner view” to develop some.
We are only life.
After all is said & done we are life … this moment.
Life given to us at the instance of conception.
My best regards as always.
PH Duck

Another ….Life accommodating a body, for the time….. being human.

Mental Health Counselling.



Repeated calls for essential, identified & known long term social benefit through the provision of additional Mental Health Counselling have constantly & deliberately being ignored by the State & Federal governments of all persuasions.
Seems governments are happy with hospitals, prisons, & juvenile detention centers fully occupied to over full, so the point where dangerous detainees are bailed.

Maybe this is a way they can justify their existence, Ministries & of course salaries & over generous Superannuation perks & continuing retirement business connections.
This situation has been deteriorating for years generally as sugar, alcohol & gambling Mafia have provide more alluring & persuasive benefits where we build casinos on public land whilst the poor live on sugared up drinks  & cheap processed take away to advance national obesity as we try in general ignorance to distract ourselves from residual, unaddressed childhood trauma.

Now fermenting from beneath the outpouring of worldly accolades we see & identify justifiable criticism to the tragic Sydney siege with suggestions that the situation may possibly have been “blown” because Prime Minister Abbott refused or was ‘supposedly advised” not to speak with the deranged, cornered, desperate gunman.

Half Mast Canberra
I do understand & would like to respect his office of Prime Minister however
when the entire matter was captured & continues to be run for all its worth by the very same man & his media entourage as they cynically attempt to prop up an equally deranged ideological mob of fundamentally set minds, who supposedly are keeping us safe from such politically motivated terrorism by “stopping the boats” whilst simultaneously overlooking & apparently condoning torturous investigations in detention and incarcerating children against official United Nations sanction for refugees, we need to ask for & are entitled to better results.

“Be assured people, Yes people need to be reassured” so we are repeatedly informed, that whilst ever there is political advantage to be gleaned there will be an in depth inquiry to get to the bottom of this matter to ensure it never occurs again.
So we are repeatedly advised. “That we need to know & learn how to protect ourselves from these wicked people.”

Considering, now in hindsight, that the nations emotions for many people had already been accessed, aroused & elevated immediately following the tragic & unquestionable shock & media reinforced empowerment of Philip Hughes’ death. A shock which rightfully ensured postponement of a test match for Philip’s funeral, team building, holding, support & statements galore held many in a suspended, heightened & disturbed state of their being.
From the depth of our national pride our spirit had been awakened by such a shock. An accident virtually beyond belief.

Then with our emotional magazines filled with national pride & burdened grief the team went on to win the Adelaide test against horrendous odds.

Regular honour & individual tributes were paid by the players (& the media) reconnection to the incredible spiritual aroused presence of their departed 408 team mate.
We all cried together releasing amazing joy, delight. Shared laughter with tears of sorrow giving relief from that withheld contained pain filled place of denied sadness.Hat on a Bat
Reinforced by confirmation the world over showed us all that we had been deeply influenced by the “Hat on a Bat” outside our front door in absolute respect & acknowledgment for the fallen one Philip Hughes.
The media persisted in highlighting access to the freely offered, available & touching emotional penetration & in this situation it all seemed so acceptable.
Acceptable until the Martin Place siege erupted & the Prime Minister jumped on the band wagon & continues to drive it whilst ever his horses can gallop rough shod across our land where “shit happens too”.
Big Wreath

Evidence to support this situation is seen before our very eyes with the ever expanding non political wreath of spiritual connected remorse & expressed solace to be found by laying flowers & messages to acknowledge the loss of innocence Australia once knew & shared at the city’s heart in Martin Place, on internet sites, social media & distant spontaneous shrines across the land.

Regrettably there was no accident to the Martin Place tragedy.
We all knew it was brewing, it was simply a matter of when & where. Stirred & generated into reality by political preparation, hence the cynical “go getting” media presence mentioned.

Please do not think for one minute that I do not respect all those involved in rescuing the hostages, they are brave & heroic as are all the military personnel who are sent to risk their lives overseas. I sincerely do respect & I thank them & their accepted call to duty for our country.

I admit & own my own upset, my pain & my egotistical anger.
Here I am making this call to high light the need for additional awareness of the desperate need & untold social benefit available for support about all forms of stress, worry & unresolved troubles available through professional Counselling.
Our gradual eroded loss of innocence has been percolating from deep within us all as our wonderful land & our people have been ravaged by an increasing, progressive lack of respect for earth and all creatures including their fellow men as we have been psychologically dragged by advertising & corporate sponsorship principally by alcohol & gambling. Those that know me understand that like most Aussies I enjoy a beer or even two so I don’t come here as a wowser.

Those known to be peddling fundamental ideology of materialistic ignorance, for excessive individual greed, power and unconscionable material gluttony in Murdoch styled media manipulated minds need to be exposed as to what they do to our naive innocent children & people generally with & through the powerful influence of media.

These perpetrators are immature, under developed, deranged, narcissistic psychopaths who pay homage to the lifeless spirit of their corporate $$.

These recent tragedies have shown that the peoples spirit cannot be purchased, or tricked & is not for sale to “snake oil selling politicians” or media barons of any persuasion.
Deep within the heart of heats people feel know, recognise and appreciate love.

Ducklings in Cup

Counsellors & Psychotherapists
Bondi Junction Counselling Service.

Nature has no symbiotic association with money or credit.

    “Natural Balance at the Green Zone of all Equators”.
To this pH-Duck everything of nature is as it should be, real. Anything that man interferes with or alters is no longer natural, this definitely and most especially relates to deliberate genetic manipulation and modification of all of natures species.
Each species has within it the natural genetic transference disposition and acceptance requirements and DNA to fertilise and regenerate the species. Certainly across time there maybe a natural cross fertilisation of and progressive evolution of specific characteristics of merging evolving species, after all this is within the natural capacity for the miracle of life which we consider has evolved to delivered man before he devolved into today’s walking talking numeric symbol of materialism. zombiesEach species has within it the natural genetic transference and acceptance of DNA to fertilise and regenerate the species. With time there maybe a natural cross fertilisation of and progressive evolution of specific characteristics of merging species, after all this is within the natural capacity for the miracle of life.
pH-Duck is a sensitive male human being who was raised principally in desert country amidst natures elements and all creatures great and small. From this basis and understanding in natural balance he understands and cares passionately about the welfare of people.
Being raised on desert earth amidst some mallee, spinaphex and porcupine, where occasional wild fires and regular land and man perishing droughts were our great predator. Rain was very infrequent, and wild tempered dust storms at times so intense they buried midday light. In such arid country water is essential for the survival of all living creatures.

Here in this environment working Australian creatures and mankind actually adapt was to co-exist symbiotically. In this place dishonesty, cheats, uninvited, pretenders and liars of any species are short lived. Units of measurement, work and production are real and tangable. Measured by the seed, speed, kilogram, kilometer, millimeter, liter, or in the old scale language of species, pounds, miles, and  gallons. The only banks in nature are built by moving sand or carved in time by rivers. Nature has no symbiotic association with money or credit. Owing to and considering this accepted informative foundation of belief in nature I have forever struggled with the dishonest charlatens and invaders who have kidnapped people and their children since the invention of manipulative air bubble generating machines of waterless credit such as futures traders, land sales to overseas investors and financial interest, which to my mind are mostly imagined negative numbers hoped for charge and benefits gambled against seasons before they arrive. When we grew and sold wool the grazier was paid by kg weight, when we grew wheat we were paid by the tonne, so when the nation sells coal, iron ore, aluminum bauxite, etc who is getting paid and where is the money going I ask?

Nature has no credit cards or loans. Creatures of the land know water is such a precious resource they have evolved accordingly and also developed ways to preserve food and water, man does this by building dams or sinking bores to tide him over for the dry times, life’s survival is severely limited without water.

In Water HoleWhen creatures and man find ways to covert essential needs such as water and precious essential resources others naturally will have to perish, going without, so the Bengal tiger learns to conserve hunting energy by lying right in the water hole. Whilst I have absolute respect for nature, and especially for the big cats I have absolutely no respect at all for the Big Cats of corporate business, insurance or bankers who principally thrive as blood sucking parasites on the good will and intention of their fellow species. Man has devolved to this dreadful self consuming place. As a society we have now degenerated to arrive back to the time of Ouroboros. Like Cronus we are devouring our own children so now all mature adult men have the responsibility of looking after and bringing to adult hood the lost children in our Siblings Society.Breakfast with GodRightfully and proudly claiming the title of an “early senior“ I most certainly know and definitely understand why my cellular being and my life path has always led me and my imagination, as with Michael Leunig, to metaphorically understand and appreciate the life and behaviour of a friendly balanced floating duck.

Yes the Duck can fly in the air, walk on and graze the park, float and balance effortlessly on the pond and like man dive deep into the waters of our body to avoid dealing with our stress, lack of safety and accumulated discomfort. So Ducks are ideal characters to depict a help explain this story about body feelings with relation to our internal chemistry and its influence on neural communication.
Ph & H2OFor new readers I offer again previous mention of the pH part of this Duck is to disrespectfully borrow the Doctorate title of PhD with specific reference to our energetic spirit of life itself which reflects just how we feel as our spirit flies high to our head as a rush of ALKALINE chemistry excites us at pH10 Yes when we are excited and experience that euphoric delight of short term mania. Longer term over dosing and drugs may definitely become a manic problem.

Allowing our energetic sense (spirit) to float freely on the Pond in balance of pH7 is the place for our Spirit rest, to be within our waters at our Heart here we feel LOVE, at Peace within our self and with others. As with the EQUATOR of planet earthpH7 is green, where the trees grow and where the farmer grows his best crops.

When the going gets tough we begin to feel the load as the chemistry heads down south. Here we tend to hear and sense the energy of aggravation, early “burn out” signals begin to sets in, which if not addressed become disease, colloquially expressed as being  “Pissed Off”, tired with the world and the work place around us as we head into the Acidic chemistry of pH3 which ultimately leads to a debilitating state regularly treated by the academically qualified but worldly inexperienced “psycho Quack and medico’s” as Depression, a condition for which, too often, they try to over ride by prescribing supposed Anti depressant medication whilst ignoring “the drought in the essential need environment“ which has led to the run down of health. See here now that our logo is the microcosmic reflection of us and planet earth.   cropped-logosmaller.jpg

Admittedly there are times when medication is valuable and even essential however, in our modern insatiable corporate driven world of ever increasing demand and monitored expectations for high performance for each individual’s life which is basically starving for simple essential needs of basic shelter, freedom from threat, and some love acceptance and sense of belonging. Today most people struggle for weekly or even daily survival, living like the animals in hand to mouth fashion whilst under the endless oppression and denial of essential gratification of human needs.
As body sensitive Hakomi Counsellors & Psychotherapists we take a holistic view to understand why our clients are struggling to understand the reasons their life is so heavy and they feel so down. As experienced life and body sensitive therapists we can see why Floating back to the pond just happens naturally with recognition for self release from all the reeds and ties that bind us to that suffocating, breath taking sense of stifled freedom, depression, anger, sadness, mental confusion and associated anxiety.Little Ducks hit the wall
Come learn to Float naturally with these little pH-Ducks,  its lots of fun and we are very serious and sincerely care about the people who come to us seeking help and guidance when life gets them down in the dumps. See the website links below for further details.
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How do you know you’re a narcissist ?


Narcissism is broadly defined as an exaggerated, yet fragile self-concept of one’s importance and influence. Most of the work on narcissism to date has explored the negative implications of the phenomenon for individual-level functioning and leadership. However, prior research also indicates that many chief executive officers who are perceived as narcissistic lead highly successful companies.
How might this be so?
ImageOur world is progressively suffocating, now being led by undeveloped siblings, a flock oft highly pretentious corporate individuals, they are the ultimate nightmare as parents & guardians, now totally out of touch, following the unintentional conditioning away from natural psychological & environmental cognitive evolution by the insanity of endless growth & fierce corporate competition over the past 60 years as electronic technology has moved faster than the overall capacity of fellow man ability to maintain cognitive growth.Families have broken down, single & shattered families pretend to play “happy families” but the children know, kids cannot be fooled they take everything on board & learn just what they need to do to stay safe, so we conform, after all this is how we learn to speak the language of that which we are exposed, whilst absorbing all the other forms of modeled behaviour.

In like manner as a society we have been progressively led to ravenous competition, by advertising played through & feeding into the electronic media, carried into ever home & school by commercial television which thrives on leading its way up the market by indoctrinating the populous to believe in self nourishment avoidance by adorning themselves with endless quantities of “silk, gold, trinkets” magic forms of sugar & emotional numbing electronic gadgets which directly intercept the senses, poker machines, mobile phones, & Facebook &  Twitter etc.

Such homage of false idolatry to these images progressive leads to cognitive & social devolution with ever increasing degrees of psychopathic insanity as a consequence of endlessly chasing the psychological sense of ravenous inadequacy, obesity &  the dis-ease of attempted self nourishment through Insatiable compulsive occupation.

These people have been inflicted with the burden of never feeling they are sufficient, never perfect enough. Simply never enough.

They are incapable of playing the parent role. Their children become chess pieces in a high stakes game. They don’t give a damn about how their small child is responding to them as long as the parent is in complete control of them.
Some of these sociopaths discard and ignore their children, sending them off to full time nannies, boarding schools and military schools as early as possible.
They want nothing to do with children other than using them to build up their image of a great Father. In some cases these sociopaths choose a favored child that is groomed to become a part of his echo of perfection and power—this child becomes a strong source of narcissistic supply.
The sociopath has huge bragging rights about the high achieving child he has created.
Children who are not chosen for these special roles are thrown away, psychologically imprisoned, treated with extreme cruelty. If his children are not performing at the level he insists. Some sociopath parents abandon the entire family and re-constitute themselves with a new adoring spouse who has no clue about this form of psychopathology. See Australian Story A Complicated Life: Kerry Packer – Pt 2 where Kerry’s Father was seen to be cruel, abusive, bad tempered, yet Kerry thought he only got what he deserved as he struggled for his Fathers approval until his own death.
Dr Frank Yeomans a leading US expert on Narcissistic Personality Disorder pointed out that we commonly think narcissists are egotistical and stuck up, basically that they are nasty people. And it is true that narcissists can be entitled, arrogant, condescending, devaluing, often exploitative and sadistic.
So, according to Dr. Yeomans there’s more to narcissism than just being plain nasty.
There is a profound underlying problem that causes severe difficulties.
How do you know you’re a narcissist?
“If you feel empty and like you’re never good enough, and your social relationships turn sour periodically, and you can’t develop true intimacy.” answers Dr. Yeomans.

 ImageSimilarly our tender young “Duckling Selves” floating on life’s pond where we might be all ‘Chirpy & Smiling’ up top, whilst being super busy maintaining inner sense of balance with plenty happening in the waters of our body beneath the “feathers” & our protective human safety rail of psychological armour.
Sounds like a good time to seek Counselling treatment and deal with what’s underneath.

Always welcome & safe with us.

Listen,…….. Hear Neil Diamond Here….  “Be”        ( Skip the Advertising )

Noli_me_tangere “Do Not Touch Me”

A rather interesting post board is running on LinkedIn about the issue of “hugging” clients to which I have added my two bobs worth.


There is absolutely no question that “therapeutic touch” or “big touch as in a hug” does carry with it the propensity for reassuring support, however the best intention of the therapist in relenting to give a client a hug is fraught with immense danger so absolutely no touch is acceptable under any circumstances in Counselling therapy.

It is understood that there will be many body sensitive therapists who will challenge this “no touch” dictum as being extreme, however should they continue to ignore this warning they shall be doing so at their own risk, as the day will come when suggestion is made of touch being inappropriate, regardless of how well intended the therapist was in the delivery of their professional duty.   As the following Linkedin discussion will reveal there are varied opinions around this particular aspect of our Counselling work.

Here below follows my comment on the LinkedIn site:  Is it ok to hug a client at the end of a session?

I have been following this topic closely & see and understand the comments clearly, what is more, I believe that touch can certainly contribute to healing, however as a practicing professional therapists I declare that I shall never touch my clients, it is simply too dangerous & as much as we may want to show our empathic understanding with a gentle touch, that may well be a demonstration of our own need which simply must be contained.
This is my second post on this topic, & after some really heavy Supervision on this matter I state here emphatically that hugging is most definitely OUT, along with any inkling to touch our clients.

Whilst some clients may actually seek physical contact after therapy having “warmed” to a healed sense of awareness, the Counsellor’s professional contract with the client is for psychological therapy on deeper unseen levels of our being and so effectiveness to this element of our work maybe seriously & permanently jeopardized by crossing or merging the etheric boundary. Furthermore we never know at that time just how this client may or may not react regardless of our best assumptions, even more the case they may or may not reach full recovery, or relapse, so we as therapists whilst remaining in the mindful state of loving presence must also maintain a slightly aloof self state from complete connection.

Where as, when clients contract to have acupuncture, massage or such similar hands on medical & physical treatments we enter an entirely different contract to work with infinite levels & layers of physical stress & tension held within the conditioned body. Even so when the treatment is complete the original aloof distance between client & therapist must be immediately & professionally reestablished to effect closure for that session.

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