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The threat of terrorism in Australia is a scam that costs us dearly.
We would like to share this The Age article by Ross Gittins with you.

Gutter TalkIn our self appreciating world our colleagues, clients and friend know that we do not invite “todays news”, if it can rightfully be called news, into our house.
No TV news, no radio news.
Further more, no newspapers ….

Never the less stuff still penetrates consciousness via bill boards, public screens, modern technology and so forth.
Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, Whats App and uninvited Internet and street advertising, etc.
This article introduced above does make mention of the “secondary scavengers” feeding off and around these fringes knowingly and deliberately established by these political terrorist mongers.

Yes those “wool clad” wolves who present themselves as politicians aiming to secure our vote about which they endlessly remind us to

“Be aware but not alert”.
Some what similar to Norman Gunston’s famous unattended salami stink bomb…… stay clear.

It is from this vantage of eternal vigilance the entire advertising world “launches the pipe line of its kite” carrying deluding pain avoiding messages to the threatened, scared & CRAVING, confused, to further mislead public perception.
Endlessly plagued by gambling parasites, sugar and junk food sellers, all lined up behind Upsized burgers, Black sugary drinks, Deep Fried Chicken, Pizza, dangling in front of sleek cars and near naked men and women heading to sexual arousing mushy bits, all playing their wares offering tempting advice and doses for relief to the ENDLESS ACHING NEED OF UNRESOLVED TRAUMA.
Those little self nourishing “tit bit” treats, a coffee, a cake, a small gambling “money back” pay out, two coins from a pair of cherries!!!!!
A kiss on the cheek, soft skin, nice perfume etc.

Public have become so disillusioned, Pharaoh’s psychological re-invasion has been subliminally impregnated so well that society have once again BECOME ADDICTED, lost in the wilderness, pursuing the “fatted calf”, false materialistic gods.
Becoming overweight, self nourishing, lonely disconnected, disassociated lost SUCKERS aimlessly seeking the promise land.

We simply cannot put down the bottle, go without cigarettes or drugs,

Turn off the TV….leave our phone at home, or walk away from poker machines.

It has become painfully obvious”,
Punters keep playing the game, gambling on tomorrow for some win which may never eventuate whilst wasting our short precious lives right now in this present time.
So the ageless adage “It has become painfully obvious”, all of us need to feel connected, (or deluded in occupation) that is, not left alone with our accumulated grief / trauma, that feeling named….. bored.

Boredom maybe a positive or negative motivator?
Identical psychological trauma keeps driving the workaholic, as that which drives the alcoholic, all addicts including those using and addicted to pornography.

Psychological Bi Polar, Manic Depressive.
No definitive proof but possibly upwards to 75% of mental health issues are founded in adopted (conscious or unconscious devolution) the immediate and direct consequence of childhood inflicted trauma.
Yes evolution is certainly still in progress.
We just happen to be in a backward phase at the moment, having allowed the wolves in sheep clothing to “pull the wool over our eyes”.Devolution

“Feed them Brioche”
When it is known how people can “be worked ” they are told they will get what they think they want.
Safe shelter and safety from threat.
With praise recognition reward, sugar, or the old fashioned earliest comforting sensation of beer as mead of “Mothers milk” from some mental tabloid, tablet or Iphone, providing cognitive diversion to the endless aching need of being prematurely weaned, abandoned, starving and hungering for nourishing emotional contact.

Look at the insanity of the  “ripped jeans” culture of clothing fashion.
Have you ever seen such a ridiculous fashion con?
But “they” do it. Go paying good hard earned, so that they may not be left behind, left out of “it”, alone etc.

All good fun you may well say.
“Yeah! go on”!

“You go call in the Fun Police” is a reply given in response to the offer of new jeans?

There are endless miracles happening in each of us constantly.
To be realised, appreciated, understood requires a steady loving “inner view” to develop some.
We are only life.
After all is said & done we are life … this moment.
Life given to us at the instance of conception.
My best regards as always.
PH Duck

Another ….Life accommodating a body, for the time….. being human.


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