We wrote to the Honorable New South Wales Ministers Duncan Gay & Adrian Piccoli in hope that their influence may be persuaded  to take positive action when it comes to the continuing, unwelcome expansion of socially erosive, deliberately explicit & sexually suggestive advertising that is festering our streets, roads, high ways, railways, & state transport buses.

As a Counsellor In a recent conversation with a bus operator I was told he just ignores these ads., “That stuff is for the weak minded, who can be influenced by any advertising for alcohol, sex, or gambling, its everywhere” he scoffed in a rather dismissive manner.

However in another Counselling situation that I was called in to support a bus operator refused to drive buses depicting such advertisements & was effectively forced to resign supposedly because of the revenue gleaned from advertising.

If this type of advertising is primarily aimed at & intended for  “the for the weak minded, who can be influenced by any advertising for alcohol, sex, or gambling, the surely the state government does carry a duty of care with the responsibility to over see the weak, wounded & humble from the deliberate, insidious subliminal psychological penetration used in this mode of advertising to grab attention & arouse avoidant temptations to gamble, get sex, suck on alcohol, chocolate bars or cigarettes as a consequence of these manipulative, intellectual perpetrators within the advertising world.

To this end I offer here this photo taken of the side of STA bus 1317 carrying the advertisement for the low grade movie Vampire Academy exaggerating the words “They suck at school” which to my mind is deliberately  sexually demeaning women, children, the education system & society in general. The other side of this grab is in the multi million dollar promotion theme for this movie.
We do not need this type of sleazy advertising parading our cities on government buses, or for that matter being peddled by the government.
We need to start some where & getting this trash off government buses is a great place to start.

There are numerous other sexually explicit demeaning advertisements exaggerating, exposing, parading women & occasionally the man lump in Budgie Smugglers, in alluring modes & expressions to surreptitiously promote, the mouthing of alcohol, ice cream, chocolate bars etc., used in like manner to carry brand names of numerous other products triggered by such sexually evocative allure.

If this order of double entendre advertising was removed from the market it will not be missed by the public & we might be able to enjoy more mentally stimulating, humorous, uplifting, educational creativity.

Carrying of non demeaning, non sexual, advertising for education, services, health, sport, events, food, etc., within reason is tolerable however we must draw a line to what is acceptable to turn the behaviour of this immature sibling society back towards adulthood.

Ministers at our age we are all well versed with the inevitability of gradualism so we would be very pleased to assist in any way possible to address this wanton under hand progressive erosion of respect & civil decency within our society.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Looking forward to other views about this advertising litter which continues to pollute our bodies, minds, souls & national spirit of respect & decency for the young developing minds of our children.

Back to our Pond now so click on the Little Ducks & see what Floats from beneath the waters of consciousness.



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