“If we change the way we look at things the things we look at change”


Responding to @MajewskoSofia appreciation of our rainbow logo we offer the following.
Our logo represents planet Earth & the energetic radiance of all life, where colour Red (DO) is seen & heard at the base of the music scale (Do) & also indicates Acidic body conditions promoting Anger & Depression.

Rising through Orange (Ra), Yellow (Me) in the stomach region from the umbilici connection which sends out safety Warnings & Gut feelings.

Green radiates from our Chakras HEART (Fa) with Ph7 =

Balance neutral on chemistry charts, being the Equator of life at our Heart & with our Lungs is the Green belt rain forests of Earth’s lungs at the Equator.

From the Equator we move up to Blue, (So) at the Throat where air passing through the voice system at the larynx generating sound. Here our Thyroid controls energetic usage, (So) we scream or remain silent. (Should we hold back too much by not expressing emotional energy one may readily become emotionally constipated, not good or recommended.)
The higher frequency Indigo (La) is the Pineal gland other wise known as the 3rd eye (some times referred to as the key stone the builders forgot) which was buried beneath, with Pharaohs army when the red sea which Moses had metaphorically opened with his Rod closed over encasing the entire Central nervous system within our Crown (Te)
Here at the higher level of visibility  we see Violet (Te) the radiance of Alkalinity, living in this state of mind may see one behave in a Manic state. Unstable body chemistry therefore may swing from Mania (Te) to Depression (Do)

Completely our of harmony with one’s self.

Unfortunately too many wounded damaged souls are treated with Anti depressant medication with the best intentions to return patients to a healthy mental balance. Unfortunately in too many instances it matter not, how many times you drench your horse or what you drench him/her with Frogunless you remove the stone from the frog in his/her foot he/she will remain lame.

So within our Counselling logo & our Counselling work being aware that there is a whole world of sensitive energy from which we discover explanations & meaning for good health to calm the body’s waters & support the words :

“If we change the way we look at things                     The things we look at change.”

In Body sensitive psychotherapy We only use love to help others help themselves discover their own stones within, stoney habitual mental blockages, which obstructs natures healing divinity within. Exactly as Moses did when he led his people from the ravages of Pharaoh’s materialistic world of imprisoned slavery to the promise land of self freedom.
Here is an interesting visual to show some of this energy which is available to all of us, “If we are prepared to change the way we look at things”.

For Counselling call 02 93877752 or Mob 0412 777303 Email Rod or Carol  bjcounselling@massagefloat.com.au

Now as Ducks do I’ll head on back to the Pond & calm some disturbed water.


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