Looking out to Mummy

Looking out to Mummy

Through teary eyes & tender heart I have listened & been deeply moved after hearing & watching  Prime Minister Gillard’s speech to Australians effected (of course that’s each & all of us) by the barbaric practice of forced adoption. This Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard is changing the behaviour & attitudes of abuse & neglect across our society simply by exposing the under development & brutal ignorance of our former thinking towards life. Previous acceptance of neglect & violent abuse once inflicted upon our own, principally because of the imposed stigma of shame, & loveless selfishness amidst bigoted religious doctrine.

Listen carefully to the prosody, infection & internation in the PM’s voice. nappy_changing_chants

No party politics here, PM Julia Gillard is speaking from her heart. This speech by this female Prime Minister is history making at its best. This is an apology given in absolute sincerity on behalf of all Australians.

In nationally offering this apology on behalf of all Australians a channel towards healing life borne pain from absolute innocence yet, unresolved anguish of known abandonment & suffering, of denial, of neglect & trauma is opened for healing when the hurt, damaged & wounded are able to relax their defenses sufficiently to allow healing to take its course with the gradual release & acceptance of pain & anguish, as with other pain & discomfort when we have the confidence  to actually “go there” with adequate safety & reassurance to let it pass.

We are all so mortally sorry. Yes Prime Ministers Gillard’s speech provides all Australians the invitation to soften & understand the pain & suffering which we now welcome for healing.

We applaud & support absolutely the words & sentiments of Prime Minister Gillard Julia Int W Day.jpg_largebecause as Counsellors we are the ones who are regularly involved in assisting those bearing the stigma & emotional wounds which are still being passed down across & through generations & we too well know & understand the real meaning of the Prime Ministers apology & the ongoing consequences of the Fathers & Mothers “sins & pains being passed down for many generations.”

Often times such inherent, dysfunctional or neglectful behaviour is unintentionally transferred from generation to generation in like manner to the adoption of accents of our voice. We also unintentionally adopt “Accents of Behaviour” from the environment in which we are raised. Such inherent instances of dysfunctional behaviours may be repeatedly responsible for interfering with self sabotaging beliefs which continually activate emotional insecurity & trust to often prevent establishment of wholesome relationships & too often these unresolved old wounds surface to destroy individuals & shatter family relationships.

Should you, your partner or known friends been unduly disturbed by the depth of emotional connection by the Prime Ministers apology we invite you to come and seek Counselling with either Carol Stuart or Rod McClure.

Carol carer to all and Proprietor of the Centre

Carol carer to all and Proprietor of the Centre

Counsellor rod

At Bondi Junction Counselling Service.    

L1 Royal Arcade 175-181 Oxford Street (Mall)

Phone 02 93877752 or email


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