Whose on the Throne now?

Antique_Toilet Throne

A unit block demolition was in progress immediately next door to us in Glasgow Ave Bondi beach. There had been progressive stripping of the inner building with the rubbish piling high at the rear then early on a particular Saturday morning whilst in a vulnerable state with my pajamas around my ankles I felt the bowl shake beneath me, I checked consumption of yesterdays food and there was no memory of intake which may have caused such a violent tremor, next the tremor in my feet became apparent, relieved in more ways than intended when  I heard the rumbling of the excavator tracks as the machine headed in to do a 9/11 clean up.

After relocating my pajamas & in retrospect  I mention again the  ” 9/11 clean up” because  our little Grandson was also woken by this shuddering through out our unit and he came running for safe reassurance of his disturbing  new experience, so with the good intention of explaining & showing him the cause of the disturbance I lifted him to the sill if our kitchen window from where we looked immediately over this monstrous machine chewing its way through tangled pipes, sheets of iron and rubble.excavate8_s

It was right then in that moment  I realised that I had been severely traumatised by the entire 9/11 experience. Hence the discomfort experienced when in that former more cognitively relaxed state concentrating on bodily function when “on the throne”.

Psychologically the entire story of 9/11 was beyond my sense of comprehension. Inner knowing of my being obviously could not accept nor tolerate exposure to such hideous & wicked violence, violence which had relentlessly been visually & audibly sprayed and replayed across all avenues of media, achieving maximum imbedding repetitive exposure. Here as I held the little boy to the window I realised & became physically aware of this formerly imbedded trauma. In that connecting moment of realisation goose bumps flooded across my entire body and do again right now as I revisit that incredible moment looking out our kitchen window six years after 9/11 the psychological intensity & repetitive concentration of that trauma had resurfaced from my being, from way beyond daily awareness of my sense s which had been effectively lulled by the endless repetition. We had been repeatedly washed over, dulled & indoctrinated by fear which unknowingly had undermined my personal understanding of safety. I had been left unwittingly carrying the trauma & fear response to any threat at all what so ever.

Since 9/11 we have been drummed into believing that there were weapons of mass destruction WMD and evil terrorists on every door step, Black Hawk helicopters chaperoned Mrs Bush to lunch at Bondi Icebergs, whilst John Howard turned Sydney city into a Police compound in case someone stole his Drizabone. APEC-SUMMIT-AUSTRALIA-GROUP

A-Demagogue GW Bush

We want truth from our politicians. The former model & culture established by the reign of

Dick Cheney, George Bush

John Howard Peter Wreith

Was completely off the Radar, Criminal & Dishonest.

Now Tony Abbott with 16 former Howard cabinet members carries the flag & interest of powers who choose not to show their hand as has been the case exposed here  which 9/11 investigation aims to achieve.Today we have a similar sense of awareness to the deceit and dishonesty being played upon us and it is my belief that the continuing association of Tony Abbott with John Howard & the pugnacious culture they continue portray prevents our people from healing the continuing trauma & abuse as explained by the professional therapists in this documentary. In addition to the 9/11, we & thousands of innocent soldiers and their families have been exposed to grievous traumatic stress, the financial “crisis” with its meltdown is also filled with lies & deceit, further impaling innocent citizens with trauma & psychological suffering.

As a fellow Trauma Counsellor & Hakomi Graduate body sensitive psychotherapist I understand & encourage all to follow this lengthy revelation of how our society becomes divided, and psychologically wounded by what is obviously a major political cover up of sickening proportion. I would really like to hear all comments & will do my best to respond constructively to each view. Thank you. I do appreciate that this case may be debunked by many as a conspiracy confederate, even so I do wish to emphasis the closing material about how society was generally traumatized by the entire experience,  you take the throne and be the judge   9/11 investigation aims to achieve some sense of healing for all.


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