“Network” The movie that said it all.

Well Folks 2GB Jones created a water shed for those of us who do have a reasonable understanding of just what is happening to our world. Some folk claim to be caring for the citizens and the workers when really “they” and us have all just been sucked into the very same whirlpool of materialistic fascism, call it what you like, but we are most definitely all in this together.

Some are perceived to be doing much better than others on the scale of materialism, wealth,  but how are they doing on the happiness scale, well that’s a different sense of the soul all together.

A classic case in point without making any judgement is the potentially unfortunate break down in relations with Daniella Spencer, Russell Crowe and their sons, which we consider giving Russell’s movie successes, shows well and truly that money and success is not the answer to self actualising fulfillment.

However when some comedian dude like this George Carlin tell a story we laugh.
Yes we laugh, because we do know the pain and emotional discomfort of truth, so we laugh to avoid pain. Even though the comedian  is being deadly deadly serious;
and is relating the truth of the situation.

Today we are suffocating in our own un-gratified endless pursuit of consumption in a society where homage is repetitively paid to false images of “Fatted Calves”, not even a fat calf, generally they are just TV images, stimulating endless desire for possessions and consumption.

You are absolutely entitled to say where the hell is Moses when you want some one to lead the people out of the ravages of this un-gratifying mind state of Egypt to the freedom of the promise land.

Yes where is Moses?

Most definitely not behind the microphone at 2GB.

Gotcha Back

In similar fashion Peter Finch told the story in the movie Network where he instructed everyone to get up from their chairs and go to their windows and scream “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more”, and to keep doing it until your whole neighborhood gets the message.

Well such is the case with the diatribe of Jones. Yes we have rushed to our screens and windows of social media and continue to scream “We have had enough” and if you choose to support this social vermin, be it at the loss of business from people who request Jones be silenced for the good of our society, he is infested with vile energy which pollutes the national psyche.

Yes some do understand, others believe they are incapable of influencing change.
There are others also who don’t want change because they simply have no awareness , compassion nor understanding and see the poor and disenfranchised as self deserving of their lot as just reward to their laziness.

Urmm, In my line of work I can assure you that very few people are free of “the family trance” into which, as innocent children we were unintentionally indoctrinated, conditioned or self molded to become someone other than the kind self who we were born to be.
How else do we learn the language of our parents?

But through absorption of the environment in which we are raised and so do we also develop other “accents and traits of behaviour”.

Gun Slinger

Why else would Tony Abbott walk with his robotic strut and advanced pelvis, like a wounded tin man, unless he as a child he was trying to look bigger and stronger than he really was, possibly to impress his all mighty father, might even be that he watched lots of John Wayne gun slinging movies.

However it occurred, his walk does not appear to be a comfortable natural gait, its more like a roosters strut, even so, like his distinctive aggravating voice, it became so set in his system that John Wayne walk became a habit about which he now has no sense or knowledge, as he stiffens up to meet his life challenge. The same applies to the accent of voices and most other behaviour absorbed from the “family trance” they all become set in a way, before we are seven we are told.

Sensitive Indonesian welcome to rest my foot.

Again he showed us that lack of sensitivity when he went and put his filthy foot on an Indonesian dining table where children were eating, and again when he again “para phrased the shame words” at Prime Minister Julia Gillard before running home to get his wife when she had the washing done, dinner prepared and had finished the ironing.

So where exactly is Moses today?

From this you may rightly gather that we are individually responsible for our own happiness, the spirit of Moses resides as the life force within each and every one of us and so, once we drop the conditioning of our Ego which has been handed down to us from many lost generations we may attain self liberating enlightenment, that is a state of self freedom where there need be no walls but self awareness to do no harm to our fellow man and to love and protect our children.

I thoroughly appreciate the opportunity offered to me to break the shackles of the family trance, and invite all to take advantage of the opportunity of self reflection and psychotherapy to open new avenues and pathways to personal freedom from the constriction of former false beliefs.

Many people benefit from Counselling & Psychotherapy and I do wonder if those sad lonely, politicians and shock jocks ever consider therapy as an option to the ugly practice  attention seeking of Foot in Mouth.


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