Who Me? Prince Laugh A-Lot ?

Many may be surprised that some times I may just wonder.

Yes I do stop some times and wonder …….

Yes I can stop and just wonder……
Yes I just wonder what kind of woman would send such material to this well mannered, well adjusted, polite, generous, sober, non smoking, fit, cuddly, intelligent, decent, loving conversant, person as myself.

I sure hope its one with a sense of humour other wise blokes look to still be in really deep “Edgar Britt”. Especially this bloke, if there is a defecit in the humour pantry……….but so what these are just pot holes sent to test us in the corrugated road of life, some times we also wonder just how deep these so called pot holes can be. But good old Aussie blokes can take heaps or else go to the footy or the pub.

 Fortunately as a trained therapist

I do understand that these pain releasing angry responses…and other behaviours,  are founded in denied pain felt instances of child hood and life delivered trauma of neglect, abuse, disappointment, separation, ,over disciplined, parental expectation, under or over indulged attention and generally inept parental and religious conditioning, of the time, now releasing  previously conditioned and  formerly contained pain to consciousness. This discomfort is then expressed in any barrage of vernacular spite, be they in cartoon form, or real life intense explosions, I know this as a really decent sensitive well attuned Aussie bloke, has absolutely NOTHING to do with either of my short comings. Short comings I must add which are small moments, innocently spoken or inarticulately expressed which unintentionally trigger and release these verbose broad sides from deep seated toxic wounds.

I am available for discussion with Everybody else after 4.00 pm daily better make that After 2.00 on Friday!! (Got the chook raffle)

Realistically the Centre for Massage & Floating is open 9.00 am till 9.00 pm seven days a week

Call 93877752 for Counselling 

Massage & Floats  93877355

Now I recommend a long look in a mirror (4u2c) for you to see  what laughter looks like, …..stir the old oxytocin along, move some blood around. Get into the feeling.

Weekend is closer by the day.

Bless you all and keep you safe happy and laughing.

Love through the pen/keyboard of PHDuck

Sharing some E card cartoons.


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