What is especially sad is the knowledge Clubs collect about gamblers, Parramatta Club and fellow team mates knew about Nathan Hindmarsh’s problem gambling.

Did any one offer to help Nathan with the ghost of Self Exclusion?

Not likely, what stopping Nathan from gambling would cost us $200,000 so they simply turned their back saying  “They reckon he’s a shocking gambler, did over $200,000 “.

It is not unreasonable to suggest that the principal dictators directing gambling across NSW and Australia from whom we have been experiencing, in ever increasing frequency of media exposure, are themselves psychologically MYSTIFIED, unwittingly damaged and traumatised individuals themselves. Unfortunately blind people are unable to identify blind people simply because they are unable to see. They still make lots of noise through the media however.This life sucking parasitic behaviour is driven by those individuals who do understand the experience of being blind however in some peculiarly fortunate way life has granted them pathways for material success and it is from this vantage of materialistic opulence that they remain unaware of their own disability, that is they are devoid of the ability to identify any resident personal dysfunction. Self observations by this hedonistic psychologically ignorant lot does not grant reason understanding or appreciation to their own naked blindness. Hence the parallel with that ancient folk story of the King having no clothes.  

Seems we may readily apply that story to those boards of Clubs and gambling communities who have recently espoused a disgusting litany of self aggrandised double dipping camouflaged behind a “good thing” deal with the Salvation Army through their heinous, trite, back handed promotion of some contractually arranged trial to have Army Chaplins attend Clubs 4 days each week.

This premeditated cynical dummy played by Clubs NSW / Australia is a  contemptible shame filled ploy typical of all other underhand devious behaviour employed by these heartless, self mystified, corporate gangsters who have never had to deal with the left over wounds and damage inflicted across society by Problem Gamblers.

No they choose to ignore and virtually deny liability for or existence of the broken hearted, bashed, traumatised neglected children, divorce and broken relationships, homeless, ill, diseased, insolvent, bankrupt, wives, husbands, extended families, friends and employers who have also fallen victims after enduring the savage consequent mauling directly attributed to the lying deceitful pretentious blindness of the deniers.  Deniers whose public dishonesty is directly attributed to the reality of problem gambling, especially Poker machines gambling.

Foundation of dysfunction compulsive behaviour lies principally in childhood trauma.

Rejections, abandonment, displacement, neglect, humiliation, excessive expectation at a tender age are a few of primary sources  capable of inflicting traumatic shock to a small child. Such abusive experiences become psychologically “locked in” as a behaviour ‘fixation’ where the child’s personality becomes mortally scarred to haunt the individual for a lifetime, or until the source and suppressed emotional energy of the experience is recontacted and therapeutically engaged for its released and recovery.

The result of such repetitive emotional torment to an individual creates a very confused trance fixed state of mind described by psychologist and author John Bradshaw as being a state of psychological mystification.
Individuals who are mystified have a deep level of confusion about their authentic self— their real identity. They are either fused with their source figures (often to Mother) or are deeply distrusting of their own perceptions, thoughts, feelings, needs and desires.

Their most damaging confusion comes from not measuring up to source figures expectations.
Early on in life a child realises “I am most loved when I am not myself.”
When they cannot meet the unrealistic expectations the child is left in a state of deep shame.
This is how mystified people act out or act in their abuse;
We now know that such abuse is the cause of trauma lying at the root of all compulsive addictive disorders.
Energetic retention, the product of denied safe nurture is a traumatic wound, bearing emotional scars. When inflicted by repetitive neglect a state of nervous hyper vigilance is initiated,  this intensely activated state of psychological alert never rests, hence it must be pacified through essential NEED gratification via professional therapeutic nurture.

Relapse assured. Failing to achieve such essential basic nurture ensures the return of all NEEDS for gratification. The need returns with increased intensity. eg., to quench a thirst, to take a breath, or visit the bathroom. Further denial demands immediate attention to avoid perishing or in this example, soiled pants and is either gratified or distracted, acted on or overridden by cognitive distraction through gambling, drugs, alcohol, food, pornography, gym, retail therapy, anger, violence, sex or other compulsive escapist behaviour.

Retained, denied, suppressed emotional forces of post psycho-emotional conflict establishes a reservoir of toxic energy cognitively suppressed beyond normal access by  our consciousness, this dis-ease may often be the unconscious nagging need of hyper vigilance which manifests in degrees of phobia and paranoia influencing irrational moods, anger, rage and assorted manners of abusive and self negligent behaviour.

Behaviour such as anxiety and perpetual fear, threaten personal safety and essential need gratification. (Maslow’s Hierarchy) which leads to health breakdown.

Unattended these deficiencies increases to become so toxic and painful to actually (dominate) numb the senses completely to a virtual state of self hypnosis which is often confused with intense denial manifesting in varying degrees and forms of self loathing compulsive abusive behaviour to the ultimate of self murder by suicide.

Clubs Casinos Pubs, Free Drinks, Seclusion and Poker machines provide the get away  environment.

“A mental carnival of lights, smoke, fireworks, wheelie rides, excitement, colour, music, fairy floss, and sugary drinks”
To psychologically mystified individuals and problem gamblers the state of sub conscious arousal generated by poker machines is only squalled by drugs, alcohol, sexual arousal or being held and nurtured by a lover or “ wrapped in Mother’s arms. “ be that even the lure of hand clapping, gospel singing church choirs, where all born again devotees can gain and provide uptempo stimulation in the glory and rhythmic chanting of holy names.
Winning provides extended nurture so the mystified soul gambles until the money disappears.
Desperately craving this perceived sense of nurturing safety they return to gamble or act out their pain with any available means or money, loans or credit as soon as possible. This wounded state may and regularly does destroy or prevent healthy content relationships and we know from the adoption of environmental behaviour comparable to national cultural voices, our body’s phonological accents are unwittingly adopted and transferred from generation to generation. A child raised in New Zealand adopts a Kiwi accent.

In their failure to move to accept the massive problems associated with gambling State and Federal  Governments are knowingly perpetuation endemic disease.

As we are experiencing massive increases in media exposure the gambling industry is marching on with influenced consent of governments who it appears accept the consequences in lieu of gleaned taxes.

Unless attended to by competent experienced therapists the gambling industry will continue the expansion of its plundering war on innocent people who are colloquially spoken of as “the punters”.
If you or a member of you family has a Gambling problem we certainly do have experienced Counselling skills to assist and guide you in your recovery. You are most welcome, in fact you are invited to contact us for absolute confidential assistance and pre Counselling discussion if you are one of the many loved ones who would to assist a gambler but do not know where to start. Call 93877752.

We offer the best win you could ever hope to gain and far far beneath the inevitable costs and price of gambling.

Call 93877752 now for  Counselling.


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