Miraculous Birth and re Birth of Our Stars

When we are awake, that is, being really truly awakened to our life, the Self within or our consciousness which exploded to life at fertilisation of accumulated star dust from the universe of our parents and we are able to appreciate and actually be mindfully aware to sense the feeling of each life sustaining breath entering our lungs via our nostrils we are, in the moment, fully present.

In such instances discovering the “Self” is a momentary experience of self actualization as Abraham Maslow defined in his hierarchy of essential needs theory.

Working with healthy people Professor Maslow determined that these essential needs must be gratified, if not, these needs escalate, repeatedly returning for gratification with increased intensity. If gratification is still denied then the individual is considered to be in a state of deficit need. Starving, suffocating, terrified, alone, unloved, isolated, unwelcome, denied of creativity and self expression. Not well at all.
Simple evidence being the need for breath, or a trip for bathroom relief. The latter becomes really urgent once we have been potty trained and no longer restricted to nappies.


Upon delivery to the world the infant in being introduced to the external environment  begins to breathe, senses temperature and sound changes, notices light and soon sees the world as being “out there” where the Mother lives, holds, talks, smiles, feeds, nappy changes, clothes, bathes, and nurses it.

Looking out to Mummy

In this state the infant develops, totally devoid of any awareness to its own life within which is receiving and responding to these external inputs which are processed through the workings and opening of  stimulated passages and channels of the brain with one of the first destinations uploaded on the babies GPS is Home being the address of Mothers milk.

Feeling hungry or uncomfortable we might cry, seeking nourishment to be rewarded by being fed. If food or comfort is not provided the crying increases in volume and frequency. In situations of neglect the infant becomes conditioned to accept this painful  discomfort effectively desensitising the emotion to a virtual “numb” to be tolerated dead state. Here lies the potential foundation of that ever aware, highly vigilant sensitivity of trauma.  The despicable toxic never feeling worthy, deserving or being good enough, the sense of failure and hopelessness.

Never worthy of nourishment

Subsequently this sense of being unworthy of nourishment has the Ego takes it upon itself the gate keepers duty of drafting and rejecting any complimentary rewards or appreciative recognition because the natural sensation activated is in contradiction to the out ward self belief of the Ego which must rejects any worthy recognition. Instantly some perceived threat of punishment is activated by Ego, and with this trigger the self expectations of trouble, more pain, discomfort , loss, failure and continuing bad luck is ever active. Hence  we now understand that our fragile self esteem is indelibly scarred during infancy.

Dangers of discipline & Accumulated Energetic Denial

Most of the worlds governments, businesses and ignorant are Egotistically driven to remain at a materialistic trade war “out there” with each other, and over loyal soldiers and general “hand to mouth” punters. Fortunately there are encouraging signs through out the Welfare industry where the consequent damage of well intended, generationally transferred ignorance is now being exposed as increasing numbers of individuals are “breaking through” collapsing egotistically, and materially, due to the stresses and pressures inflicted by the materialistic world. So healthy “Break Throughs” are being recognised and treated respectfully by many employers, rather than being dismissed as failures previously considering to be weak, unable to handle the pace so to the ignorant, the wounded had nervous break downs.

Getting Over “Energetic Denial”

There is no such occurrence of a break down, what actually occurs is a break through of the Egos dictatorship over our Self and it is an entirely natural down loading of formally contained poisonous, fermented, toxic denied pain that explodes. Like erupting volcanoes or ancient ancestral nebula we contain the pressure of gas and bubbles as we make shining ego controlled opening and closure deals through out our life. Unwittingly trained out of our natural Self, like bonsai, culturally conditioned by strict discipline to “suck it up” or are told to “Get over it”, Get on with it”, “Stop whinging”. However when we are dropped or thrown into the wall by any shock our “container” ruptures with an explosive release of all that was previously painfully with held. Like the volcano or shattered star things might get a little messy for a few generations. Eventually the land and cosmos settle and recovers even though there may have been an accompanying universal tsunami.

In our every day work the distressed and troubled come seeking answers to their worries “Out There” only to go away with a whole new appreciation that they have always had the answer within, they simply did not know that Ego had rail roaded their life whilst they were looking into their Mothers smiling eyes. So this is why we understand the influence of love, touch and body nourishing Massage floating and Counselling therapy.


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