Pained Face of Shamed little boy

Here is another piece of work from the Good Men Project about Raising Boys with shame which I basically feel I understand, so I on posted and liked it to Facebook.

My interest is in an  ongoing study that I am calling “Accents of behaviour” or how we unwittingly adopt and develop our individual responding behaviours to stifle the internal discomfort (internal response) generated by those influencing development of our formative baby years. More of the “what we see and hear is what we become” theme in accord with the “Little pigs have big ears” .

In the miracle of life we are give complete self knowledge at conception,  fortunately our bodies knew and still know how to develop us in the womb placing all the organs, skeletal structure and essential bodily functions according to natures design for in our case humans. Like respiration and digestion the miraculous process to exchange waste and exchange gas for new fuel also came with conception, as did our cardio vascular, nervous, visual, audio, sensory systems all introduced in perfect working order according to the DNA blue print contained within the merging of egg and sperm.

Universe of Fertilisation

Instinctively we also knew how to tolerate the discomfort of hold our breath and we played games as to how long we could go without a new breath.  Our keepers who tired of nappy changing, also encouraged and potty trained us to respond to the sensations experienced by bowel and bladder, Yes in doing so they also trained us to hold onto and actually congratulated us for holding onto our wee and poo. With that subtle conditioning the psyche  or maybe the ego adopted the identical hold back accent of behaviour to emotional discomfort which we held back and contained as good behaviour.

Of course we were congratulated with much delight and enthusiasm when we did so and the attention received was so welcome because it meant the minders were free from nappy washing and ontowards the end of sleep disruption and night changes. So in hind sight we now understand why our parents and minders were so thrilled when we loaded the potty. To support this sad reality of potty training Vs emotional recognition and release training I recommend this link .

As you will see this page is all about adult learning so they can learn not to fill their pants when they become overloaded, yes constipated by emotional stress. How could they know too few children had minders who understood and were sufficiently self actualised to have ever been trained as children to deal with and understand emotional distress. What is more alarming is if these folk had not been potty trained we would have some pretty toxic offices, board rooms and footpaths with the ever increased performance demands, expectations and levels of psychological stress corporate management in the hands of technology and illusory finance is bringing upon us in this never ending acceleration of the universe.
So you now see that our inborn, intuitive creativity also bought with it the inner wisdom tools for the retention and burying of toxic waste.

Yes we buried the atomic toxic waste from our own personal nuclear reactor.

Awakening to this renewed self awareness comes the ever welcome, exciting sense of actual contact with our real self. The ONE who has always been there, waiting to be loved, honoured and understood, free from Ego, self actualisation requires recognition and understanding that the Ego is the devil’s clutch.

When we find our habitually conditioned egotistical deniers, the habitual indoctrination, which intercepts emotional stimuli by stepping forward to fight off more discomfort we are been given an opportunity to free ourselves from the prison of our own ego powered insanity to once again return to the life we have always been since the moment of fertilisation. That moment when divine consciousness set off our DNA to become our heart soul legs, arms and being.

Every occasion of therapy provides me with an opportunity to recognise my own issues, as we work together I need to be sure that what I feel is actually the response of my client and that I am not being influenced by my own unresolved trauma so I sincerely thank you all for the honour of helping me love and understand myself and see how to cool the steaming hot, toxic rocks I previously have unwittingly allowed and held within my psyche. Now revealed like the sunken hulks lying on the dry sea bed of what was once the 4th larges body of water on earth before mans intervention with the natural flow of the arterial rivers turned this inland ocean into a dried out desert.

We understand that a change of attitude is returning water to this inland sea in much the same way that Therapy may return health to a being whilst ever there is life.

Come and treat your self, let us assist your recovery of yourself invigorating energy and self appreciation with nourishing treatments of  Therapeutic Floats and Massages, Acupuncture, Avaryvedic medical assessment  or a totally confidential Counselling session.

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