Indigenous Childrens Literacy

Hello, to all you lucky readers whose eyes and minds may come in contact with this message in support of indigenous literacy. How lucky are we to have been given the opportunity to read and write?

I am writing to you because we face a huge problem and I need your help today.

Did you know 4 out of 5 Indigenous Australian kids in remote communities can’t read at the minimum standard?

That’s only 1 in 5 kids who are gaining one of the most important keys to a satisfying and successful life – the ability to read.

This shocking statistic is why I’m taking part in the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation’s Wall of Hands Indigenous Literacy Appeal.
The Appeal comes to an end on January 31, 2012 and I’m asking you to sponsor my personal wall to help more kids read. Simply click on the link below to show your support:
(If the link above does not work click here and simply search for me in the sponsor section)

Unfortunately, regular schooling isn’t always enough for Indigenous children in remote communities. Many have hearing difficulties and for most English is a second language. The ALNF is working with Indigenous communities and schools around Australia to overcome these hurdles. Their specialised programs are making a real difference for hundreds of children.

But they need a hand to reach even more kids.

By sponsoring my wall, you’ll be helping the ALNF extend the reach of their award-winning literacy programs. If we reach the appeal target of $300,000 they’ll be able to open a literacy program in two new remote communities.

So please join me in raising a hand for Indigenous literacy to help the many kids that so desperately need our support.

Thank you very much

Blessings as always


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