Clubs & Pubs intentionally placing profits way before patrons.

Through many years of  Counselling the people so pathetically referred to as “those who unfortunately fall through the cracks” (families, wives, widows, children, friends, fellow employees, employers, Grand parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, executors to family estates, innocent gullible people, businesses galore) & having represented many of these destroyed and damaged individuals through the law & bankruptcy courts, & police investigations, does tend to have a massive influence on workers in the welfare and gambling Counselling fields.

In supporting poker machine reform we also hope to soften the hardest hearts whilst doing our utmost to educate the naive & innocent who continue to be deliberately misled by the black handed self interested gambling purveyors. Indirectly they play equal to drive by gangsters, throwing lies to the media as they pass. Compulsive gambling is an insidious yet brilliantly disguised form of mental health intrinsically connected to compulsive obsessive behaviour undertaken to avoid some unrecognized underlying psychological disturbance.
By way of  example the normal process of digestion continues within us unnoticed, however in body sensitive psychotherapy as against CBT we are able to evoke the sense of conscious awareness to the underlying emotional disturbance, the gut feeling, forever present yet previously, unintentionally denied unintentionally lost, like the seed beneath the winter snow.

Compulsive/problem/pathological gambling must be accepted as an overall social responsibility on the increase & not left to the thieves, liars & low life vested interest of club CEO’ & their over paid executives, Casino junkies & associated “hangers on” who attempt to dominate the discussion whilst deliberately blackmailing selected electorate with ill gotten gambling gains from their lobbying “slush fund”. Mind you those of us who are supporting Wilkie, Tim Costello and co are doing so completely voluntarily because we know and have experienced the lies & deceit of these mobsters first hand.
Consider for a moment just how simply ridiculous it is for clubs to suggest that the existing “Self exclusion” policy might in ones wildest most grandiose imagination manage to cover every gambling venue within 10 ks of the average residence or work place. I worked exclusively with a gambling Counselling organisation for several years and we know for a fact that self exclusion is nothing more than a Cookoo bird making noise for Clubs & pubs whilst they expect others to nourish & support family fledglings of compulsive /problem gamblers.

We need to support decent men of courage and vision such as Andrew Wilkie, Rev. Tim Costello,  Tom Cummings and all with the commitment of character to “out” these miserable deceitful men and women who refuse to acknowledge the reality of the problem.
We need to break this fermenting rot, open & expose poker machine gambling as the societal curse it has been for years, whilst never forgetting or forgiving the onerous culpability of progressive governments who have cowered from the challenge and responsibility of governing for all instead they cowardly back away from the power of corruption well know and exposed since the days of NSW Premier Bob Askin who publically swore in his days that there were no illegal Casinos operating in Sydney when the 7.30 TV report had filmed roulette tables being delivered into The 33 Club & others where many of us had been guest just the evening before as part of a “Bucks” party. One can only imagine that little has changed when it is so obvious that poker machine corruption remains alive and too well in 2012, why else would this mob of supposed “law abiding stand over merchants” inflict such tactics  driven by a Casino slush fund of some $20 million lazy dollars. (lazy dollars because they just Wont work, to use a clubs expression.) On legitimately elected democratically politicians.

Plenty of cover up in this little baby which has grown to a monster in disguise,  constantly extending its voracious greed to infest the minds of the nation and particularly our children with unmitigated sports advertising promoted by media generated “stars” of sport. These unfortunate contract bound stars and modern day sports gladiators anre strung along on a string in much the same manner as promotions from around and surrounding the grounds and air waves. Where we are told orders come from “Up Top“.

Personally I believe Ray Warren, the son of a country policeman is a decent man who knows only too well the insidious dangers of excessive gambling and the damage such behaviour may bring. “Rabs” like the rest of us says he has a mortgage and needs to kick a few more goals before he hangs up his boots.

In modern day TV covered events such toxic desensitizing unwelcome advertising invasions of our psyche MUST be removed from all broadcasting, from all venues and all sporting apparel, including Centre Bet stadium right next to the Penrith Casino
where Phil Gould, who does know plenty about football,  is to manage and orchestrate a complete resurrection of the club in training of hundreds and probably thousands of young men to play football and we imagine they will probably unintentionally learn to gamble their salaries back into the dear old club near by which will no doubt provide many of them with employment opportunities and potential stardom.
Go Phil “milk the cow” while you can, you know too well that such dishonesty towards gambling  ultimately will not work and it will hurt as karma has the amazing ability of returning to its source.

Roman soldiers throwing dice for the garments of Christ

Admittedly gambling has been with man for eons, so it is fool hardy to suggest, argue or even consider eliminating this adrenaline generator or for that matter detract from the thrill of a win. However, what we do argue for is the responsible administration & supervision of poker machine gambling for the protection of those (40%) who have been so wounded and traumaticised in early life that they need the constant emotional stimulation which a poker machines has knowingly been designed to provide, through sound, images, colour, drinks, privacy, safety and the overall hope that the misguided erotic arousal will lead to the ultimate win often found in sexual gratification, which generally returns in the immediate future as enough is seldom if ever enough.

The productivity  commission was established by the Federal government to investigate the gambling conduct within venues and take submission to the legitimasy of complaints with relation to gambling. Obviously the conduct, incomes and behaviour of major benefactors has been exposed so this maybe why they are complaining with such venom because the Clubs & hotels have been exposed  for what they have become by  actually abandoning their community and their members for the benefit of easy money for their management regime.

Country clubs & pubs will always remain prime benefactors of their community because there is genuine social community spirit and connection in those areas where as most city pubs & clubs lost their way to slothful lazy dishonest CEO’s and their affiliated  managers simply chasing easy gained lazy dollars and intentionally placing profits before patrons.


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