“Lead us not into temptation & deliver us from evil”

“I’m free he is obviously interested. Yes its safe to share his warm invitation and return his smile.”

Moment  now set to claim attention for virtually any movie, let alone this James Bond 007 thriller of the Casino and clubs with a priest under a temptress’s sultry observation.

Set here in the foundation of the entire story from this clandestine introduction where the unmarried lonely priest is sucked in by the warmth generosity and sexual allure of the temptress Mammon. In this congeal meeting of primal natural desire ultimately driven by a marriage by the passionate desire of life to survive at all cost.

So it has been for the champion of Youth off the street’s Father Chris Riley, modern day “Jesus man” for homeless, deserted, abandoned, scarred and wounded young fellers. Young boys doing it tough and hanging around the streets serving apprenticeships for the sleazy world of crime and corruption. “Street Boyz” setting out from the schools and  university of idle time,  unintentionally peer enthused thrill seekers, petty thieves for latter day graduation through the juvenile crime courts, detention centers onto prison for their masters graduation and entry into the under world of organised crime, corruption and the ever alluring temptress of wealth in her many disguises. These Boyz learn street speak in parrot fashion repetitious, rote, where expressions such as “It wont work it will hurt” are invented.

Unfortunately instead of claiming his work as being one of the rooms of his Father’s house and setting about kicking over a few tables and slashing a few ears from the money changers hanging and congregating in the many rooms of modern day churches, Clubs Pubs and Casinos The good Father Riley has been conned, seduced “007 style” by none other than the light flashing, scale twittering, mind capturing illusion of these sordid loose legged poker machine prostitutes, modern day electronic still life moles of the mob. Evermore lazily driven and whipped by this insidious pack of low life pimps and hangers on who lurk like mangy hounds in the shadows of the streets soliciting business and taking their soiled commission as money changes hand. Casinos, clubs and pubs, have fallen to become licensed houses of poker machine prostitution. Some non gambling members do attend for social convenience whilst the problem gamblers are intentionally, yes intentionally left to these soul captivating endless sources of material gain for the fat cats hiding income behind the annual reports.

Some managers even play the role of respectable executives behind the desk as CEO’s or Board members,  corporate directors up to in reported cases, the highest politicians as has been recently revealed. These manipulative, pretentious thieves and lairs know no bounds. In life’s time their character and crimes are vigorously denied, covered by political spin only to become revealed, uncovered when they are dead and buried. Such is the degree of moral corruption protected in today’s criminally intoxicated society of law and disorder. Crime revealed from their grave even though their corruption was hosed down but a failed legal system corrupted by litigation and back handed benefits has invited the crooks to the party.

The only ingredient for evil to prevail is for honest men to do nothing said Edmund Burke so when honest men such as Wilkie or Xenethon, or Windsor or Oakeshott or Brown and many other decent politicians stand their ground and expose corruption they immediately become the focus of scorn and derision from those who see their ill gotten gains challenged.

Father Riley here is your opportunity to get out of their clutches before they completely malign your character, and they will if they feel the need to do so. This ilk will turn on, mame or even destroy their own, they have no compunction when they believe or when such action is ordered necessary. To this end I distinctly remember my Grand Fathers protective instructions handed down to our family  “those who sleep with dogs get mange and fleas”. Certainly you have proved yourself too decent a man, as street wise you be maybe it seems you may have under estimated the callous gall and determination the gambling and alcohol lobby carry through their tool at Clubs Australia and their associated vested interests to take such an unfair advantage of your obviously worthwhile tireless effort.

Vested interests acting with similarly characteristics to low life pedophiles and perpetrators of violence ON THE STREETS, these stand over merchants of evil who are too often prepared to force their wives, daughters, sons, mothers, sisters and desperate drug addicted wounded lovers and little children into the streets to find means to gamble, trade flesh and deal with life’s sordid wounds in vain pursuits to avoid emotional the toxic wounds of emotional childhood trauma.

Oh! Father Riley please understand my heart is with you and your work, however we assure you there is no shame in an honest confession. Seems  that wicked “Old serpent” has snuck up/down your skirt. It would be a shocking realisation to discover that Club’s Australia have spun your trust to manipulate you in this manner, revealing their premeditated seductive inner leg, or wallet rubbing your ego with a wink and a nudge to be nothing more than a shekeled kiss of poisoned silver to grease your palm.

Claiming that Senators Wilkie( Xenophon and Co )  are dictating to government is a very unfortunate attitude which once more is “parrot fashion” trite argument from the Clubs Will Hurt Wont work spiel.

Politically, the alternate facts may be to consider that for the first time, possibly since Federation that the people, the voters, have actually been able to elect a sensitive balanced truly democratic government for the people, where the power lobbies of mining, alcohol, gambling, big money and powerful unions have been called to fair order.

Ample evidenced is provided in this instance by the sheer intensity and financial force of $20 million, by the Clubs Australia campaign,  with, we add unlimited contributions from a rather quiet James Packer.

Clubs campaign of vitriolic lies, fudged questionable accounting,  deliberate misinformation, innuendo and accusations from the clubs brings a revelation that becomes quite a shock for these vested interests of crime and gambling to attempt to create an indefensible case. In short the fallacy and contradiction of their argument reveals their senseless by finding they now have to play fair, their bare hide and corruption is exposed. Until now this extremely powerful money driven lobby has divide the community between your states of Heaven and Hell,  rich cheats and innocent lost poor. They have in fact been the ones dictating to Canberra and state parliaments. All political avenues need reformation and review when it comes to the insidious invasive psychological and social damage infiltrating our world through gambling and media promotion generally.

Father Riley the Clubs Australia  has snuck under your habit  attempting and at this time succeeding to manipulate your best intentions, Boys off and on the street well know what is meant by being trapped in the Christmas hold when some one has has a hand full of nuts, not a comfortable feeling at all when those nuts happen to be vitally connected to you personally to ensure the survival of man kind. The hooded ones come from behind, from the dark side Father.

So Father we all have sinned and made mistakes, what goes round comes round and hence our call for your withdrawal and recall from the Clubs Australia campaign with their 2 million fliers, sent out as “Christmas Hold” cards at your expense. The vile degree of absolute corruption these vested interests are prepared to employ has no bounds Father and as you only too well know most of your Boys off the Streets are the innocent and unfortunate beneficiaries of Ignatius Loyola prediction of “give me a boy to the age of seven (007) and I shall cut you the man.”  Ultimately leading to a degenerative society where the Blind lead the Blind.

In this instance there are many hands reaching out to offer you support to break free of the Christmas Hold Anthony Ball through his thuggery and calculated manipulation and expense  you have had placed upon and over your great efforts.

So forgive me Father I too have sinned and openly confess to be guilty from time to time of throwing stones but in this instance I know from pain felt experience and many many donated  hours of love and Counselling that Poker Machines are without doubt the most wicked and psychologically intrusive tools ever allowed to rob man of his kindness.

We enjoy clubs for benefits of community congregation and that is exactly why and how they were established until sloth,  laziness and changing times took away the intimacy of community care, the very essence and focus of your charity.

Father don’t loose sight and be blinded by those who think they are having A Ball.

Bondi Junction Counselling Counselling Brochure

Clubs Australia Patrons and Cheer leaders of Gaming and Racing having

A Ball. or would that be Two

Rod McClure JP Confidential Counsellor; Bondi Junction Counselling Service 93877752.


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