Coming from a base of humility and adaptability one can easily see why CHINDIA will lead the world into the new economic system, a system where we wont need to worry about our coffee being too strong, too hot, or too slow.

So long as Australia can get the message and stop buying food, petrol, bread & alcohol from   Woolworths & Coles & we get rid of the insanity of international economic viability as thrust at us by Qantas’ Leprechaun CEO Alan Joyce.

Qantas by the way has a major shareholder in American Banker JP Morgan holding 25% of the shares.

Mean time the world is bankrupt, ask a Greek or an Italian for a loan, Germany & France have just jammed a paralysing credit bomb onto every Greek citizen to screw every last ounce of fish scale out of their economy, Italy and Spain next, Ireland well they “don’t know nothing” so long as the grog keeps flowing it would seem. They are dangerous on the grog, & worse when they are off it. Peculiar behaviour really, this one come out here to hide, almost like remittance men of yesteryear, prostitute themselves for big bucks and then go shack up with their greedy corporate mates at Qantas as we have just seen.

The model is so obvious, strip the people, fleece them, that’s why we have a SHEAR Market and I’m not a Kiwi screaming a Haka

Soon these corporate companies have finished gobbling up our productive sector, stolen the jewels & tiaras, leaving valueless crown frames behind, written off as tax losses in the scrap heap of accounting. Then these corporate marauders and CEO’s move off to circle the market for their next victim upon which to launch their destructive attacks.

The model goes on and around until the biggest corporate monsters of all the top end of the European Financial system starts to call in their debts by deliberately attacking the smaller nations, nothing new really, just that we can see it happening now, here in our time, in front of our eyes & sadly we are letting it happen. Much the same as letting a child fall into the back yard pool or walk in front of a speeding double bogie truck.

Yes we sacrifice the child (Greece) because these monsters of commerce are threatening us with war or a depression, just as they have done for many generations.

Closer to home then we need to consider the damage of Fracking & Coal mining on out natural water ways & the wondrous Great Barrier reef and FN Qld must not miss out.
Mean while Twiggy Forrest is accused of desecrating Kimberley sacred sights as they gouge ore and coal from the Kimberly’s to Gladstone whilst pretending to promote benefits for the Aboriginal communities.

This is  a really great world, unfortunately we have become utterly possessed by the allure of monetary recording which today has become absolute & total Taurus excrement (Bull crap).” Why  just look at the talk of Greece been given a “50% Haircut” whats that supposed to mean?
No matter how good our service is , no matter how about our production and safety records, or quality of production, no matter how many hours we put into our work unless the @#$% numbers add up according to the “present financial method of accounting ” we must go broke, sack people employ cheaper labour and add to the decay of Australian national safety standards which have kept this country at the international fore front for the past 100 years.
This is what Occupy Wall Street is about. The entire system is imploding as it inevitably must do when interest is charged on an economic vacuum of valueless numbers as is being exposed today. I dare say the French & Germans will be “eying off” which of the Greek Isles they can take possession of in the very near future. Italy may even decide to finally give Malta the boot.

Alternative we might make a story which would be equally as wise.
After collapsing in bad light last evening Australia is starting the day at 4 for 152. Lovely day here in Sydney, cool breeze from the Bondi end….not a large crowd .

Here comes ChIndia using  his long run in from the eastern boundary.

Pointing, standing at the wicket near naked, shivering slightly, looks strange, Oh! without pads, gloves, helmet or the essential padded box.

Pointing points…….ChIndia has shown great pace and direction on this tour.  Oh that was quick. Bowled Clean bowled Australia now 5 for 152.

“Urmm way Pointing stood out there this morning, half naked  makes one wonder, was he awake yet, seems he was not awake, maybe he was just sleep walking, very strange, peculiar actually.”
“What do you think Richieeee?

“Tony I honestly don’t know what I saw”

Love & Blessings for a sustainable future, we are going to need it.

As you might see  it’s all doing my head in.

Yours Faithfully
Rod McClure JP


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