Stunned Mulett

Continuing with the positive we all appreciate recognition and congratulate those within the community who have found the courage to admit that they also have experienced the trapped mental illusion generated by hoping to win on poker machines.

As more brave individuals come forward from behind that toxic sense of shame and embarrassment you will most certainly find the most amazing personal sense of healing and release from self imprisonment as you step out and away from that smelly dark cloud for your being to become enlightened, similarly for those who release themselves from the habitual whore of nicotine and drugs.

I was a smoker until one day when I sat next to a really beautiful Sydney TV news reader, she was glamorous intelligent young woman, certainly butter would not melt in her mouth. Being polite I asked if she minded if I smoked, I was stunned like a mullet when she replied, “Not at all Rod, so long as you don’t mind if I fart.”

I thank her sincerely for the lesson as I now carry the same attitude towards poker machines and their purveyors.

With community support we will most definitely begin to actually reconnect as caring civilised people and reclaim the clubs from the “operational Bandits” and recover, for the mutual sharing of all the wonderful services and collective benefits once provided right across the nation, in so doing re-employ the thousands whose human services have been surrendered to socially destructive poker machines.

Whilst ever we carry any addiction we will never have a free mind and there is no more appreciative people than those who have been saved from Problem gambling.

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