Gambling makes Problem Gamblers Gamble More

Having been a Counsellor now for many years and a Gambling Counsellor for over 10 years involved directly with the worst possible scenarios due primarily to poker machine gambling I am delighted to support the proposed legislation being presented by Tasmanian Independent Andrew Wilkie and the Federal government to address the hideous previously hidden and denied issue of the mere existence of Problem Gambling.  Yes there has been pretension industry recognition of the problem but never has there been any truly sincere effort made to address a major social oversight. When the football season became flooded with sneaky “Wont work Will Hurt” advertorials I knew then we had to “up the anty” because as Ray Warren informed us all the message for him to read on grand final day came from “Up Top”.

Deserved congratulate to Keith Williams of Ballina for his public stand in the interest of two  young boys of his community who are innocent victims of their Father’s addiction, a probable avoidance consequence of some life trauma/s of his own, the toxic energy of which is normally unconsciously buried in pain felt denial from childhood.
Counsellor confidentiality precludes me as author from detailed revelations, suffice to say I have been exposed to too many families, relations, individuals and employers traumatised and wounded by poker machine problem gamblers some of whom have taken their own lives, been imprisoned, made homeless, before the courts for embezzlement, or theft and bankruptcy. Relationships destroyed by violent assault, leaving behind destroyed partners and broken families.
Our society deserves protection and education to the hideous dangers within problem gambling the true facts of which are being dishonestly denied, manipulated and deliberately orchestrated by vested interests within upper management where the real beneficiaries live by and on this deceitful compassionless dishonesty with their personal benefits and incomes derived principally from problem gamblers.
Anthony Ball spokesman for Clubs Australia’s recent SBS TV admission that problem gamblers do exist exposes the degree fervor and determination of the industries resistance to the entire matter.

It would be out of the question to consider that Australians will ever give up gambling and it needs to be appreciated that sole point of the argument has been to protect Problem Gamblers from endlessly chasing their losses. We aim to educate and seek the support of the broader community to the health issues beneath compulsive addictive behaviour which until now has been denied by the principal beneficiaries of the gambling industries, that is those knowingly living from the income derived through the losses of problem gamblers.


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