Duck’s Mother knows Honesty to be the Best Policy

Letter to Catherine Deveny

Good on you Catherine, thank you for sharing the load to assist in advising the public about problem gamblers.
We have never intended to interfere with the nations perceived right to gamble, nor have we intended to attack poker machines or the Clubs Pubs or Casinos per se.
Our sole focus has and remains on guarding those parties who are labeled as “Problem Gamblers”. Those people who actually end up loosing all self esteem, every valuable thing about them selves and anyone from whom they can glean gambling funds. Destroying relationships and innocent children as they progressively spiral into lying, cheating, stealing, violence, robbery, self abusive prostitution, and ultimately goal or   suicidal desperation.
Obviously the $40 million Piggy Bank fight back fund backed by Clubs, Pubs, Woolworth  & the Casinos to prevent the provision of protection for problem gamblers is evidence that direction from within those organisations is prepared to continue to scrape flesh from the bones of traumatised population who make up problem gamblers.
Problem gamblers are unconsciously driven by  an “accent of behaviour” established through multiple aspects of childhood trauma and abuse, then repetitiously  reinforced by life’s set backs and losses.
Some rich and famous individuals are similarly traumatised obsessed individuals are motivated and able to use that driven aspect to achieve success. Others of course have inherited wealth along with transferred behaviour of their forefathers and they shall unwittingly pass on the same behaviour to their children even though through and over the sense of guilt, shame and denial for many who do know better.
Some remain oblivious, knowing no better, their “bad habits” are osmotically inherited along with their money like their voice accent……..entirely without realisation,  they simply accept the language they talk not realising from whence it came, likewise the traits and bad habits are passed from generation to generation.
We are doing our very best to educate society to this realisation, problem gamblers feel no pain whilst gambling, the rest of life carries a unidentified disturbing and distressing undercurrent and so they compulsive tread water in a “zoned  out” state whilst gambling.
We are not separate from each other, however we do tend to separate and alienate the wounded and prefer to avoid exposing them so we hold them in their ignorance, yes hold them behind the stage or around the back of the shed, out of the public eyes where we can shamelessly milk them dry.

In an absurd discussion you will see here just how influential the Gambling lobby are when they line up aspiring Prime Minister (not that its that hard to get him to stand and cackle before any TV exposure) to crow their catch cry whilst he dishonestly plugs on about an already disprove vested interest Norwegian report into gambling.

Rod McClure JP Gambling Counsellor Bondi Junction Service Sydney.


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