Ah Ha! of course, how true, how perfect?

“Hello you beautiful Souls”.

Here I am at it again, had to have a break in my studies, does your head in being a latter life science academic… hope you enjoy this little piece of real magic delivered freely and with love rising out from the creative ether’s of the cosmos this morning whilst chatting with an Angel.

Food for thought:
As you may have heard (and may have even been contemplating yourself) I’ve been stressing in recent years about the tide of discontent and outright “male humping ignorance” being manifested over earth and society and especially the ugly misunderstood rising tender hairs and “Human Canaries” of youth Occupy Wall St., chirping warily through out the world signifying an eminent social transition.

Earth has quaked, oceans risen over lands, wild fires and floods cities reduced to rubble, dictators have been over thrown, bankers robbing people and fellow bankers, mortgage foreclosures, corporate eves dropping and media giants lying, cheating, fiddling, tapping privacy, governments raising taxes amidst conspiratorial leaks with “austerity” measures being forced down the throats and over families and nations over committed by debt, struggling governments, businesses, mortgage holders, the pensioners, lame, weak, unemployed and helpless whilst the CEO of Australia’s premier national airline Qantas sacks 100s whilst he Rupert and his sons pays themselves $millions. Urmmmm?

Pope Benedict XVI rises today continuing his and Germany’s call for a new world order as Islam progressively moves into claim Libya, runs down peaceful Coptic in Egypt   and shoots to kill in West Papua etc….….. war goes on in Afghanistan to sustain whats left of our defending alleys economy.

So with all of the above festering in mind I had an interesting discussion this morning with one of our amazing healing therapists who confidently and gently put my world straight in an amazing and absolutely realistic explosion of organic consciousness.

Ah Ha! of course, how true, how perfect?

In this discussion with the Angel healer I just mentioned my confusion about the massive accumulation with a apparent quickening of financial and materialistic tension now built up and actually manifesting within mankind, anger, abuse, violence, road rage, unsustainable insane consumerism, gluttony and destruction of today incessant materialistic demands tearing into our earth all progressively driving all forms of investment gambling, fashion, beauty, body image, criticism, commercials etc increasing noticeably gaining pace daily over these more recent years.

The wise woman healer in calm nonchalant confidence offered, “It’s all been in preparation for 2012 when there will be a major cosmic event which will be released with a cleansing change over the corresponding next 5 years as we cycle on to usher in a new era of cosmic expansion inviting creative fertilisation of new ideas for new growth.


A mindful moment, then the flash of realisation, “Ah Ha! of course, how true, how perfect?”.

“It is as if Mother Earth herself is preparing for this period”.“Exactly”, she replied.

“All normal organic womanly consciousness”.


PS.       Don’t you just love Mother love.

Too often we forget to trust the extent of our Mother’s love and surrender beneath the pale insignificance of our ego.

What is more, as much as we may not like it our Mother always                                      did have the first and last say.

Oh! I’m so so sorry Mother.


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