Occupy Wall St “Canaries in the Mine.”

As I read the market from the comfortable state of no debt I see lots of uncertainty bringing lots of opportunity, lots of risk for lots of adventurous wild “cow boys” and gamblers to ride the Aussie stock market as it ducks dives and gyrates, most will loose their hat, get smashed into the rails and become in firmed with broken bones. The odd one will make his time and win the cow girl as he limps on home in his F100 with a hangover.

Mean time the employed media “spinners”, focused on their own “hot dogs and fairy floss” (al la Alan Jones) are not reporting that side show alley ( Mr & Mrs with the children or the struggling single Mother) has a diminishing presence in the thinning crowd as more home owners and renters through out Australia and especially in the USA end up with “underwater loans”, that is their loans are greater than the value of their properties.  http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/10/19/uk-eurozone-idUKTRE79I0J920111019
Unless a 5 year moratorium is initiated very soon, with dramatic debt write off for these drowning home owners and debt burdened businesses, the property market and hence the international economy will not recover, that’s a depressing situation, however this is a much better solution than the normal correction employed by the market of bringing the world to war or starvation as they have done with previous depressions.
Depressions have disastrous and lasting social impact but carry with them a generational dominating principles for re- establishing “austerity measures”.

The Greeks populous are correct in their judgment about the “world market” where the rich  through their infliction of austerity measures over the peoples hard won liberation, get richer. This form of materialistic domination empowers resistance, resistance leads to fighting and the Occupy Wall street demonstrators across the world are our “canaries in the coal mine”. This situation is an international crisis and the “underwater loans” euphemism is used to disguise a sea of debt once again bring to our attention that “the last thing the fish discovers is the water.”

Debt write off does not hurt those with affordable loans or those who have held their cash, even though many will cry foul, their asset will remain in “real estate” existence, cash at hand will be rewarded with greater purchasing value, banks will reward cash with better returns. Unlike the trillion dollar losses suffered by the Superannuated whose savings have already poured down the gurgling black hole and into some bank director or CEOs prize water front home or yacht or casino which maybe held through a trust in his wife’s or mistress’s maiden name.

When you have cash you don’t need to wait in the auto teller queue.

Is this all SPIN or IS there some truth in disguise, what really is the colour of your money, is there any money at all?

Today 23.10.11. here is Australia we read http://huff.to/nEWk8x

NSW State Premier Barry O’Farrell establishes festering resistance with this insane attempt to control peace with Police domination. http://bit.ly/nbYEkj

History repeats itself and Gandhi’s brilliance is too easily dismissed by fear, ignorance, political ego and greed. Just ask Gaddafi    Mr Premier.

Blessings One and All.


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