Problem Gambling– “Never feeling good enough”

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gambling-alcoholAs recognised Gambling Counsellors we were asked by the Clinical Support Officer from the Multicultural Problem Gambling Service for NSW at Parramatta to complete a survey which that organisation had prepared seeking further interest in servicing problem gamblers.

Now after too many years listening to the deceit and “blah blah” of those benefiting from within and also surrounding the fringes of this insidious form of entertainment I (Rod) decided to add my comments to return with the survey, so I wrote: I must say that after being around gambling and particularly problem gambling clients for the past 15 years I see virtually no progress to this very sad social indictment being knowingly and deliberately thrust into and upon the community by the evil perpetrators of abuse veiled beneath and behind entertainment.

The gambling and alcohol lobby are culpable organisations festered with slothful individuals who benefit with massive financial rewards from the flesh and blood of wounded and traumatised individuals who are seldom if ever given the necessary therapy to attend to the inborn psychological turmoil from which the poor souls find refuge in alcohol and gambling.

Of the two vices GAMBLING is the most wicked and destructive avenue because it is condoned as acceptable by governments who have themselves become dependent upon the taxes there to be gleaned. A gambler may spend all day and night at their vice and walk out into the street “appearing ” to be sober.

Therefore if your organisation intends to be serious about the problem of gambling in society I am very interested, but I am not the least bit interested in being involved in a pretentious operation which gives license to continue with the overall social blight of gambling.

For a moment consider the tobacco industries influence in sport, when evidence of smoking damaging health was proven, we had tobacco companies pumping sport eg The Winfield Cup in rugby league. With the outing of tobacco we saw the same criminal minds and desperate organisations capture the joy of youthful exuberance with alcohol, through the addictive patronage of the Toohey’s Cup for under 21s, and Carlton United as major sponsors of rugby’s Queensland Reds and promoting Bundaburg Rum as “the spirit of rugby league”.

Now in 2011 we cannot attend or view a game of football without being bombarded with prices from the board, how to lay a bet, on line, over the phone, or by text from your mobile. Bet Now stadiums, club sponsorship and latest prices have actually become part of the callers “fillers” for which we presume there would be “cash for comment” back handers paid to some willing behind the scenes hand a la the Jones-Laws sagas which led to significant fines being issued by the Federal Court for repetitive breeches of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992. (Post date Ray Warren has since declared the announcement was an advertisement & instruction had come from “Up Top”, without nominating if Up Top was the TV channel or National Rugby League or the Gambling promoter.)

Needless to say the jargon within the blurb was certainly following the deceitful lines which were later exposed as part of the Clubs campaign.

Todd Carney Outstanding talent.

So you will see from my comments I am incensed by the pretense of our law makers, politician, police, and sports corporate executives who choose to close their eyes to the real problems within our society, For them to then denigrate and destroy the occasional “starring” or identified individual such as Sonny Bill Williams, Willie Mason, Andrew Johns, Bret Stewart, Benji Marshall, Todd Carney, former SAS officer Michael Fox and a host of other well known sporting individuals through out the world including Tiger Woods is more evil than any behaviour mis demeanor.

Deliberate wickedness, dishonesty on behalf of the “minders” of society is unconscionable, culpable and derelict behaviour of the first order and simply must stop. Whilst these named sporting champions are concentrating their attention on their sport or talent they are empowered, not at all aware or conscious of any psychological disturbance, however when the games is over they sense an EMPTY NEED (unidentified psychological disturbance to be filled) so they obsessively distract themselves through avoidance activities such as golf, alcohol, drugs, gamble, live racing, fancy cars, TV, computer games, face book, twitter, internet pornography and sex too.

Whilst mentally occupied by such “pleasures” they/we avoid sensing the burning emptiness within.

Hence many of these highly competitive, starring individuals can never get enough of their medicine to adequately satisfy that endless aching need. Maybe because that sense leaves them somehow “never feeling good enough”, which lies deep within the unconscious of the psyche. This unconscious founding, is an unidentified psychological “hitch hiker” which evolves to become an “accent of behaviour”, established within the being of the individual an immediate consequence of child hood wounding absorbed into schemas survival patterns as a consequence from multiple avenues of early life insecurity.

This insecurity maybe transferred and established in the womb, in premature or difficult birth, from instinctual maternal separation, domestic or school yard intimidation, bullying, abuse, abandonment, exposure to or sensing violence, or emotional neglect. Vigilant awareness born from this sense of stress, or possible failure becomes a powerful motivator.

Natural talent driven by the sense of avoiding this dis-ease (sense of stress) and through concentrating on their preferred sports that most champions rise to the height of sporting brilliance during their early adult years.

Devoid of mature adult mentors & exposed to easy reward of generous money and media over exposure these champions occasionally run amuck only to then be torn apart by the ever willing moguls of media who feed this negativity into the community.

Such Dis-ease (negative inborn stress) ultimately becomes disease, so society in ignorance labels these individuals as champions or drug addicts, gamblers, alcoholics or sex addicts depending on the media blaze of the day. Repeat offenders will be found cast out, filling the prison the hospital or cemeteries for those wounded champions prematurely left behind by this derelict society to just lie in the gutter. As we see in todays society with politicians directing the highly publicised, intermittent foray into “cleaning up the crosses” of wounded souls, arresting violent drunken louts yet they are forever doing nothing to actually address or counsel the child born trauma of these intoxicated wasted individuals.

Q. Does the law have sufficient care and courage to rein in the zealots of alcohol and purveying gambling casino culture?

A. Not likely too much money at stake there. This certainly does pose a question for political consideration:
If one cannot safely operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol reading in excess of .05% alcohol then why would that responsibility not also apply to decisions about responsible gambling.

By turning a blind eye to the alcohol and gambling lobby it is obvious that politicians choose to ignore the gangsters and so just as the legend of yore taught us, the King still has has no clothes and the band plays Waltz in Matilda as the wounded soldiers and champions returned from war. We build more hospitals, we build more jails, but we do absolutely nothing sincere about the TOXIC UNSUSTAINABLE psychological pollution of endless alcohol and gambling outlets destroying our society.

Michael_FoxNo wonder veteran SAS Dad Michael Fox, recently had the courage to climb the harbour bridge because he wanted an opportunity to be heard and expose the fools of bureaucracy and their choking law. He obviously is a champion.
Yes and like saviors before Michael the mob wants to lynch him for his effort.

If you would like to speak with me I would be happy to meet you and offer constructive avenues and Counselling to recovery.
At Bondi Junction Counselling Service we believe that:



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