What effect does fear have upon these traumatised children?

Children learn from the mirror of  their immediate social environment. So what can we expect of children if they watch the TV news or the commercial trash used to prostitute commercial advertising.

Such modeling establishes life long behavioural habits which the individual accepts as normal responses to specific stimuli.

Voice accent is a classic example of this truth. An adopted Australian child raised in a New Zealand family home adopts the accent of the Kiwi. Similarly with all national accents and the accepted “Normal” customs.

All other “accents of behaviour” are also adopted by the child to the unfortunate degree that a girl raised in a home of domestic violence may become so conditioned and used to moderating her behaviour to suit her Father’s demands, violence, drunkenness, gambling & abuse that she becomes conditioned to accept and feel some what comfortable around that model of dysfunctional behaviour to such degree that these women often find themselves choosing a husband prone to having similar violent aggressive, abusive behaviour as did their Father, and his Father before him and so the continual perpetration of violence continues.

A recent TV beer commercial showed the generational transference of such unintentional behaviour where a Father asks his son to “go and get ya old man another beer please” and in quick succession we see the son then asking his own son to “go and get ya old man another beer please”, demonstrating this transference of social customs.

Yes similarly childhood fears may often be carried along into adult life until they are addressed through behaviour identifying therapy which normally presents for attention with some form of emotional collapse at the perceived life numbing, and disintegrating failure of a marriage, personal, business or relationship collapse or repetitive collapses.

Folks, women and men fortunate and wise enough to seek Counselling and psychotherapy with an experienced practitioner do find great personal release and relief when these former ill founded bonds of social conditioning are consciously realised, dealt with, cut, released, replaced to then be experientially sensed with the empowering realisation of new responses to old systemically established habitual ways .

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